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 Zhao Fu did not plan to bring back all of these people and Cities to Great Qin, and he instead kept them at the Northern Continent. On one hand, they could defend and manage the Northern Continent, and on the other hand, Great Qin would be able to quickly send reinforcements to the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent if necessary.

After dealing with the Northern Continent, Great Qin once again sank into a time of peace, and the world became calm again. Now, as long as Great Qin did not make any trouble, the world would continue on like this.

Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin, and Li Si told Zhao Fu that it was time to confer titles on more Concubines. They had brought back 18,000 women with Phoenix Qi from the Northern Continent, and they were from all sorts of races. The Northern Continent had been colonized quite early on, and there were not many indigenous people remaining.

In the recent centuries, all sorts of people had moved there, making it quite prosperous. The Heaven Awaken World and inherited this trait, so people of all sorts of races were spawned there.

Zhao Fu had never expected them to bring back so many women, and he was quite shocked at this figure. He asked, "Do all of those women really have Phoenix Qi?"

Li Si gave a mysterious smile before replying, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. They all have Phoenix Qi. The Northern Continent is where Fate has been gathering in recent times, and its geography and culture are quite special, which is why there are so many people.

"Most of the women within the harem are of Asian descent. However, Your Majesty is going to be the ruler of the world, so Your Majesty naturally cannot only have Asian women in the harem. Otherwise, the people will think that Your Majesty despises westerners and is biased towards Asians, resulting in conflict among the people.

"As such, this subordinate ordered for all women with Phoenix Qi to be brought back. There are all sorts of them, and they come from all walks of life. They can fulfil any of Your Majesty's desires. This subordinate has also been researching into modern culture and have prepared some clothes as well as..."

Before Li Si could finish, Zhao Fu cut him off because he was simply doing too much, making all sorts of preparations. Zhao Fu felt quite embarrassed, and he felt that he was not that licentious.

Li Si smiled as he replied, "Your Majesty is not licentious but romantic. As an Emperor, particularly of an entire world, it is only natural to be like this. This subordinate feels that Your Majesty has held back too much and does not have enough Concubines."

After hearing this, Zhao Fu somewhat wanted to hit Li Si. However, given how loyal and dedicated Li Si was, he went against it.

"Write the Imperial Edicts for Us; We will not be going and will leave you in charge of this. In the future, there's no need to bring women with not much Phoenix Qi back to Great Qin. Just let them go," Zhao Fu said.

Li Si felt quite startled and had never expected Zhao Fu to say this. He thought about it before saying, "Your Majesty, Great Qin needs Phoenix Qi, and Phoenix Qi can give Great Qin various benefits. It can cause Great Qin's Fate to grow and become more refined.

"Even though many of them cannot provide much Phoenix Qi, gathered together, it is still quite a lot. Moreover, for those women to join Great Qin's harem, it is their fortune. Great Qin can give them various benefits, and most of them came voluntarily.

"To be able to enter Great Qin's harem and serve Your Majesty is something that countless women can only dream of. Ordinary women do not have any Phoenix Qi, so they have no hope of entering Great Qin's harem."

Zhao Fu did not know how to reply, so he could only say, "We understand, but there are simply too many of them. If it continues like this, Our harem will have too many people."

Seeing that Zhao Fu had made up his mind, Li Si did not keep going. In actuality, he wanted to make the harem many times bigger, but since the Emperor did not want to do this, he naturally did not keep on pushing in order to not enrage him.

Li Si nodded, showing that he understood, and he smiled as he handed over Imperial Edicts. Zhao Fu took out the Great Qin Seal and stamped them, causing them to receive the recognition of Great Qin's Fate.

Following this, Li Si took the Imperial Edicts and left, while Zhao Fu remained within the hall and read through various memorials to understand what was happening in different places.

The human world was dozens of times bigger than in the real world, and even though Great Qin had not yet unified the entire world, it occupied three Continents. This was already many times bigger than the original earth, and there were millions of memorials submitted every day.

It was impossible for Zhao Fu to read through all of them, so all of the memorials actually delivered to Zhao Fu were about important matters while the less important ones were handled by Ministers.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out as an enormous pillar of light shot up into the sky, smashing into it. An aura spread out from the top of the pillar, forming a golden layer of clouds, and the entire world seemed to be dyed gold.

"Skreeee!!" A massive Phoenix's cry sounded out as the Emperor Phoenix Statue turned into a golden phoenix and flew in the sky, elegantly circling around the pillar a few times and giving off a golden light. It looked incredibly beautiful as it entered the top of the pillar.


Another explosion rang out as a massive aura spread out from the sky. Boundless golden light pierced through the clouds, covering all of Great Qin's territory, and the heavens and earth seemed to tremble.

Countless black traces of Fate floated out as some of it dissipated, but the remainder became even purer and contained a trace of gold.

Because Great Qin had only just conquered the Northern Continent, the Fate from there was not very stable and roiled like a violent ocean. However, as the golden light shined on it, the ocean of Fate gradually calmed down.

In the Northern Continent, the unrest and terror of Great Qin's new residents gradually calmed under the effects of the golden light.

As the golden light shined on all of Great Qin's residents, everyone felt a feeling of warmth from within their bodies, making them feel quite comfortable. Some sicknesses and pains slowly healed, and everyone felt their strength increase.

These abnormal signs caused changes in the heavens and earth, and the people in the other Continents saw a golden sun rise up from the Midland Continent, giving off a brilliant golden light.

The women who had been made Concubines were covered with a golden glow, and a powerful energy seemed to enter their bodies, causing them to gradually go through changes. Their skin became whiter and softer, and they began to look younger and filled with life.

Zhao Fu looked at the golden phoenix in the sky, which was now 6,000 or so meters wide. It gave off a piercing golden light, making it look like a sun.

At the same time, Zhao Fu felt a massive amount of power flow into his body. The phoenix crystal within his body absorbed that power and continuously grew larger. Zhao Fu also felt his body go through changes; his constitution, strength, and mind were all enhanced.

Within his body, the golden dragon laughed as it said, "Congratulations, your Emperor Phoenix Statue can be counted as half a Clan Armament now. Because it is quite special, it will be even more powerful than ordinary Clan Armaments."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and realized that Li Si had just gone and conferred titles on all of the women, resulting in these abnormal signs.

After hearing the golden dragon's explanation and seeing the Emperor Phoenix Statue's evolution, Zhao Fu naturally felt quite happy.