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 Geoffrey felt that his mind was in a mess, and he could not understand what was going on. Only after a while did he think back to how calm Zhao Fu had been this whole time, not caring about the Dark Demon world's invasion at all. He could finally take a guess as to what was happening.

Zhao Fu had the ability to go between worlds, so he had definitely made some kind of deal with the Dark Demon race. They had put on a show together, with the Dark Demon people pretending to invade; the rest of them had all been fooled.

When he thought of this, Geoffrey felt his heart take a heavy blow. His worries had been completely been for nought, and he was completely speechless as to Great Qin's methods. In the future, he just wanted to stay within the Church and expand the Church.

Of course, now that the Church had joined Great Qin, Great Qin was in control of everything. Just like the Hundred Schools of Thought, the ideologies that were beneficial would be promoted, and the clashes between them would cause them to continuously improve.

However, at the core, they had to love the nation, or else Great Qin would not allow things that did not benefit it to exist.

A few days later, Great Qin had taken complete control over the Northern Continent and had set up a defensive line. No one could escape from the Northern Continent now; those who were still here either died or submitted to Great Qin. There was no option of neutrality.

Following this, news spread of Great Qin and the Dark Demon world signing a ten year peace treaty. The human world once again welcomed in a time of peace, and the crisis was resolved.

The ordinary people were all quite happy about this because they no longer had to fear the Dark Demon race invading. They were now safe, which made them quite happy. Now that the crisis with the Fish Scale world and Dark Demon world had been resolved, they were no longer at risk of being invaded by the worlds next to them.

Now, the only thing that they had to worry about was that the Eastern Archipelagos would have to face the previous world. However, that was something that would only happen after the Heavenly Domain Boundary completely disappeared.

The two remaining Continents felt quite surprised; they had never thought that Great Qin would be able to resolve the Dark Demon world's invasion so easily. They wondered just what kind of deal they had struck for the Dark Demon world to have invaded and then retreated so easily.

Some people suspected that there was a conspiracy afoot, saying that there was some kind of deal between Great Qin and the Dark Demon race. They claimed that the Heavenly Domain Boundary had been opened up by Great Qin, allowing the Dark Demon race to attack and for Great Qin to take over the Northern Continent.

Otherwise, there would be no way to explain this - how could Great Qin have dealt with the Dark Demon race so easily? The mastermind behind all of this must have been Great Qin. Now that Great Qin had taken over the Northern Continent, it was evident how great its ambition was. Many people demanded to take back the Northern Continent.

Great Qin had not fully cleared out the Northern Continent yet, so people still had a chance. Otherwise, after Great Qin completely stabilized the Northern Continent, they would not have any chances anymore. When that time came, Great Qin would have conquered three Continents, one of them being the Midland Continent, which was the largest. Those three Continents' area vastly surpassed what they had, and when the time came, Great Qin's strength would be something that the remaining two Continents could not defend against.

As such, the two other Continents launched a few attacks to probe out the Northern Continent. However, Zhao Fu did not seem to mind, and he used the Northern Continent's existing defenses, which had originally been prepared for Great Qin. All of the attackers were blocked outside while Great Qin quickly digested the Northern Continent.

Seeing that they could not accomplish anything, those people naturally left. However, they also launched probing attacks towards the Midland Continent and the Southern Continent. However, they suffered great losses and could only retreat in the end.

Now, their expressions were all quite unsightly. They human world no longer had any strength to defend against Great Qin. Great Qin already had the strength to unify an entire world, and the remaining two Continents did not have the power to change this. They could only struggle as they barely held on.

The Dark Demon world was quite surprised about this as well. They had been waiting for a big battle between both sides so that they could reap the benefits at the end, but they had never expected them to stop fighting and sign a treaty.

They had waited for quite a long time, and this was not what they wanted to see. They had no idea what that mysterious organisation was thinking; how could they have signed a peace treaty so easily? Moreover, it was one that lasted for ten years; this made them feel quite disappointed.

However, some people started to wonder if Great Qin was so incredibly terrifying to the point that even the mysterious organisation felt a bit fearful. Otherwise, why would they compromise so easily and sign a ten year peace treaty?

They did not know about the situation in the human world, and they had no way of going there for now. Their interest in the human world did not decrease. As such, they decided to spend a few spies to see if they could obtain any information about the human world.

It was Zhao Fu who had spread information about the treaty, and of course, it was fake. Zhao Fu had just casually made up an excuse for how the crisis had been resolved. He had never thought that everyone else would think the way they were.

He absolutely could not reveal the connection between the Night Dynasty and Great Qin right now because the consequences would be dire. The Dark Demon world's remaining three Continents would no longer fear the mysterious organization and would directly attack.

On the other hand, the human world would also take this opportunity to attack Great Qin. If Great Qin was attacked by both of these sides, especially the Dark Demon world, Zhao Fu would feel quite worried.

Luckily he had signed a Contract with the Fish Scale world. Otherwise, if the Dark Demon world attacked, the human world and Fish Scale world would also attack. With Great Qin's current condition, it would be quite difficult to defend against the three sides.

Before he unified the human world, he could not reveal the connection between Great Qin and the Night Dynasty. Now that they had just devoured an entire Continent, the first thing to do was to keep a low-profile to avoid any unnecessary trouble and quickly develop.

Now, it was time for something exciting, which was calculating their gains. Great Qin had conquered the entire Northern Continent and barely suffered any losses.

The Night Dynasty had suffered some losses, as they had directly fought against the Northern Continent's forces. Because the Northern Continent had prepared many things to counter Demons, it was impossible for the Night Dynasty not to suffer some losses.

However, Zhao Fu had given the Night Dynasty a large amount of money and other resources to pacify them. After all, no one would be satisfied after having sustained so many losses for nothing, and there would be suspicions.

Great Qin had obtained 20,000 Cities and eight billion people in total. After devouring such a large piece of meat, Great Qin was incredibly full.

If they could digest the Northern Continent, Great Qin's strength would rise to a whole new level. There would only be two Continents left, and Great Qin would be able to unify the human world. The entire world would belong to Great Qin, and Zhao Fu would be the human world's only 'Emperor.'

When that time came, Great Qin would become a Level 1 Dukedom. With that sort of strength, it would have no problem protecting itself within the Ancient Stem Domain and would not have to worry about the threats outside of the Legacy Lands.

Of course, the prerequisite was that they did not offend anyone who could not be offend, such as higher-beings, Royal Kingdoms, and Empires. Great Qin could not afford to offend such powerful existences.