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 As the City Lords lost their power and the soldiers lost their Light-attribute power, the entire Northern Continent faction took a heavy blow. They had been at a disadvantage from the start, and the number of injuries and casualties continuously increased. The soldiers' morale plummeted, while the Night Dynasty unleashed even more ferocious attacks. It looked like the Northern Continent faction would soon collapse.

Just what was going on? Why were there no reinforcements at all? Could it be that those people were just going to watch on as the Northern Continent was destroyed? At this moment of crisis, was Great Qin not willing to help? Did none of them understand that the Dark Demon world invading was not good for anyone?

A cry suddenly sounded out, making everything clear, "Great Qin is attacking our army from behind, and countless regions have already been conquered by Great Qin. The Northern Continent is in chaos, and countless people have started to run already."

After hearing this, everyone felt a chill within their hearts. They were desperately defending against the Dark Demon people on the frontlines, but they had never thought that someone would stab them from behind. What's more, this was not any ordinary faction but the most terrifying faction in the world, the Great Qin Empire.

Around 80% of their soldiers were gathered at the frontlines, and most of them had died already; the back of their army was unable to defend against Great Qin at all.

Great Qin was acting incredibly shamelessly and despicably, and everyone understood that the Northern Continent would most likely be doomed.

They were already losing against the Dark Demon people, and now Great Qin had stabbed them in the back, causing them to become much weaker. They were unable to defend at all, and if they stayed here, they would all be wiped out.

"Run!!" Without Geoffrey having to give the order, the various leaders took their people and started to retreat. At that moment, the Northern Continent army collapsed, and countless people ran back in terror, while the Night Dynasty gave the order to give chase.

Great Qin surged like a black flood from behind, inundating region after region without any obstruction.


Great Qin's Cavalrymen clad in black armor easily took down City after City and always shouted out, "Those who surrender will be spared!"

Following this, a group would split off and kill those who were escaping or resisting, causing blood to splatter everywhere. The scene was incredibly chaotic, and pained cries and howls continuously sounded out.

Most people in the Northern Continent were westerners, and there were some indigenous people as well. The indigenous people did not resist much, but others resisted greatly, especially those who prized their freedom greatly.

One of the Cities that Great Qin's army attacked was filled with such people. They were quite adverse to a feudalistic centralization of power, and they barely had any Dynasty Legatees. They were all self-governing factions. Facing Great Qin, a Kingdom that centralized power at the top, their resistance was incredibly intense.

In this city, a group of big men swung large sabers, axes, and spears as they rushed out half-naked. They looked quite scary as they were bigger than ordinary Asians. The leader shouted, "Piss off back to where you came from!"

Following this, he led the rest of the group as he roared and charged over.

Great Qin's soldiers were expressionless, and the captain of the team did not say anything. He started to charge, spurring his warhorse on and turning into a black blur as he rushed forwards. The other Cavalrymen also charged, and in a single bout, they left corpses all over the ground.

"Kill! His Majesty orders that all who escape and resist are to be killed," the Captain ordered as he continued to speed forwards. The other Cavalrymen followed behind him, darting through the streets and swinging their weapons, killing those who did not surrender.

The Cavalrymen charged first, breaking the spirits of the enemy and causing the City to fall into chaos. The Infantrymen then followed, killing those who did not surrender in an orderly manner.

The Shieldbearers worked together to force a few thousand resistors into a corner, after which the Archers shot at them. Those people had nowhere to run and could only try to break through, but they were blocked by Great Qin's Shieldbearers.

In the end, they were either shot to death or slashed to death, leaving behind a pile of corpses.

After killing these people, Great Qin's soldiers continued to attack those who remained, whether they were male or female, young or old. The stench of blood filled the entire City, and everyone sank into terror. The cold slaughter caused their bodies to feel icy, and they could not help but tremble.

In the face of such a bloody slaughter, no one cared about their freedom or rights anymore; the most important thing was to just live. More people started to kneel on the ground, not daring to say anything or do anything.

It was difficult to imagine in such a chaotic world that westerners would kneel at the feet of Asians, looking incredibly terrified and not daring to resist.

After this, the surrendered people were brought to the center of the City. A young man wearing a Mage's robe gave a faint smile as he walked about. He pointed at a slim and tall young woman with snow-white skin and flaxen-colored hair before saying, "She has a decent amount of Phoenix Qi; bring her to His Majesty."

Great Qin spoke Chinese and most westerners spoke English, so they naturally could not understand this.

A few soldiers immediately walked into the crowd and dragged that woman out, and she had no idea what was going on.

She had decent looks, so she was worried that the soldiers would try to force themselves on her. As such, she immediately started struggling and cried out, "Help! Please spare me, I'm still a virgin; Great Qin shouldn't treat captives like this."

The other captives also thought that the soldiers wanted to violate the woman, as that was quite common in wars, whether it was in the real world or the Heaven Awaken World. In fact, some of these captives had themselves done this kind of thing when attacking other factions.

During peaceful times, beautiful women were treated as princesses and would be given anything they wanted. They lived carefree and luxurious lives, and this was all because of their beauty. However, their beauty was now their downfall.

Following this, the young man pointed out a few people who had used mud to cover up their looks, and they were also dragged out.

Those women could not help but cry, and the others could only lower their heads. They were furious but did not dare to say anything because they were afraid of the weapons in Great Qin's soldiers' hands. Those weapons were now stained with blood, which slowly dripped down.

They could not even keep themselves safe, so they had no way of interfering in this.

The remaining women lowered their heads in fear, not daring to move. They were extremely afraid - whoever that young man pointed at was doomed.

At that moment, the young man pointed at a young girl with blonde hair, who looked around 13 or 14 years old. That girl immediately started to cry, and soldiers walked up to bring her out.