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 The smile of the person from the receiving party stiffened as he asked, "Great Qin's Majesty, what do you mean by that? The Demon Race is invading the human world."

Zhao Fu grinned as he replied, "And so, if the Northern Continent submits to Great Qin, it will naturally receive the protection of Great Qin. Don't worry and live your lives peacefully; Great Qin will force the Dark Demon race back."

These words were quite clear, causing the Northern Continent's people's expressions to become quite unsightly. They had never thought that while the Dark Demon race was invading, Great Qin would also invade.

They inwardly cursed angrily at Great Qin, thinking that it was simply too shameless. They were taking advantage of this crisis to reap their own benefits. Could it be that Great Qin thought it could beat back the Dark Demon race by itself? This was simply too arrogant. If Great Qin did not have the strength to defend against the Dark Demon race but also attacked the Northern Continent, resulting in the frontlines collapsing, Great Qin would be the greatest criminals of the human race.

In order to lay down Void Zones around the other Continents, sealing them up, Great Qin had spend a great deal of effort.

The Northern Continent was unable to defend against the invasion of the Dark Demon race, so they definitely needed the help of other factions. If Great Qin did not take advantage of this, it would be too stupid.

The Night Dynasty's invasion and the Void Zones around the other Continents had all been set up by Great Qin.

After hearing the intention in Zhao Fu's words, the Northern Continent's people immediately turned to run. However, Great Qin's countless City Lords and soldiers had already prepared themselves and immediately attacked, chasing after these people while shouting, "Those who surrender will be spared!"

There were only about 10,000 people here to receive any arriving parties, while Great Qin's City Lords alone numbered in the tens of thousands and had billions of soldiers. In front of this world-destroying tide, before they could run even a few steps, their legs grew weak and they knelt on the ground, shouting, "I surrender!"

Of course, there were many people who were unwilling to surrender and continued to desperately run. However, a few sword lights shot out, turning them into a pile of corpses.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Zhao Fu waved his hand, and countless Wyverns roared, shaking the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers. Their enormous dragon's might caused the entire region to fall deathly silent, and not a single creature dared to make any noise.

"Roar!!" Another eight massive roars tore through the sky, and eight terrifying auras spread out like cyclones, causing the weather to change.

As the countless Wyverns danced in the sky, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings were released. Their auras were even more powerful than before.

After following Great Qin into battle and devouring a lot of flesh, blood, and City Hearts, a small portion of them had been digested by them, making them even more powerful.

Zhao Fu knew about this, but he did not say much - he treated it as a reward for their performance. Moreover, the more powerful they became, the more help they would be to Great Qin.

The tens of thousands of City Lords, billions of soldiers, countless Wyverns, and the eight Aquatic Beast Kings gave off a terrifying aura like a world-destroying tsunami. They seemed like they really had the strength to destroy the entire Northern Continent.

However, this tsunami stopped. Zhao Fu stood at the front of the army and raised a hand before lowering it, officially giving the order to attack.

The world-destroying tsunami unleashed its true might as the Wyverns flew forwards and the eight Aquatic Beast Kings gave off terrifying auras as they advanced. The City Lords turned into rays of light as they shot towards the horizon, and the billions of soldiers also charged.

This shocking aura swept through all of the Northern Continent and seemed incredibly unstoppable.

Before, countless people had been overjoyed that Great Qin was coming to defend against the Dark Demon race, and they waited for Great Qin to reach the frontlines to beat the Dark Demon people back. The human world would once again welcome a time of peace.

However, they had never expected that instead of hearing news about Great Qin attacking the Dark Demon people, they would hear news of Great Qin attacking them. Before many people could react, they had already been killed or had knelt down to surrender.

Great Qin instantly tore through region after region as people escaped in terror. The news of Great Qin attacking the Northern Continent instantly spread, causing mass panic.

"What, Great Qin isn't attacking the Dark Demon people but us?" After hearing about this, countless people were incredibly terrified. They had never thought that Great Qin would be so shameless and hypocritical. They had said that they were coming to resist the Dark Demon race, yet they had taken this opportunity to conquer the Northern Continent.

Was Great Qin stupid? The frontlines defending against the Dark Demon race was already in an incredibly disadvantageous situation, and it looked like they would be defeated soon. The human world would face a disaster, and if they did not face the outsiders together and instead fought among themselves, wouldn't this endanger the whole human world?

Moreover, Great Qin's attack would cause the frontlines to start to collapse as well. The Northern Continent could not defend; the Dark Demon race would soon break through and the Northern Continent would be finished.

The entire Northern Continent fell into chaos, and countless people started to run away from the Northern Continent, that cursed place.

At the frontlines, Geoffrey's expression was incredibly unsightly. There was a gash on his body, and blood dyed the front of his clothes red. Opposite him, Ye Cang coldly laughed as he ferociously attacked, black substances opening up bloody mouths as they bit towards Geoffrey.

The situation below was incredibly unfavorable for the human side as well. The Dark Demon people relied on their high cultivations to launch ferocious attacks.

Elsewhere, the defensive walls had been breached by the strange blood demons. However, the blood demons had almost been completely destroyed. The Northern Continent factions had summoned a large wave of Angels. These Angels were mostly Cherubim and wielded Holy Light power that was incredibly harmful to the Dark Demon people.

The Night Dynasty also used blood sacrifices to summon demons, taking down all of the Angels in the end.

Most of the Northern Continent's factions used Holy Light attacks, but the situation was still quite grim. They were continuously being suppressed by the Dark Demon world, and there was already a portion of the Night Dynasty's army that had reached the defensive walls and were about to break through.

If they were broken through, the Northern Continent's factions would be pincered on two sides, and they would definitely lose.

"We must stop the Dark Demons!" Geoffrey thought to himself. However, something that caused him to feel incredibly confused suddenly happened - the City Lords fighting in the air suddenly lost their power and fell to the ground, while the Light-attribute power around the soldiers disappeared.

What was going on? Geoffrey looked at the rapidly-weakening City Lords as well as the soldiers, unable to understand what was happening.