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 This was a time of immense crisis, yet no one was coming to help. The people responsible for receiving anyone who came felt both angry and panicked; back when the Southern Continent had been invaded, the Northern Continent had helped greatly. This was all so that in the future, if the Northern Continent was invaded, others would come to help them.

And yet, things had turned out like this - anyone would feel angry at such a result.

However, the Northern Continent was in a crisis, so they could only send more people to the factions from the other Continents to ask for their support.

On the other side, the other Continents had all made preparations to help and were preparing to go to the Northern Continent through teleportation channels.

They were sure to go - after all, how could the Northern Continent defend against the Dark Demon world by themselves? In the end, the Northern Continent would be broken through and all of them would die, so they had to go and help the Northern Continent.

However, when they were about to go, they suddenly found that they could not use teleportation channels. What was going on? Countless people felt incredibly confused.

Following this, someone came to report that all paths to the Northern Continent had been partitioned; someone had set up a Void Zone between the different Continents, making it impossible to use teleportation channels to go to the Northern Continent. This Void Zone had been set up quite quickly, so it was possible to destroy. However, it would take some time.

This made everyone feel incredibly shocked - what was going on? If they could not go to the Northern Continent in time, the consequences would be unimaginable. Who had done this? Was there a traitor in the human world?

Just who would do such a foolish thing to doom the entire human world?

The Void Zone between Continents had been set up quickly and was a temporary Void Zone, but ordinary people definitely would not be able to accomplish this. Only some of the top-tier factions would be able to do this.

Some people immediately claimed that this had been done by Great Qin. However, if it was Great Qin, what was their goal? The Dark Demon world was invading the human world, and if Great Qin hindered them, they would not benefit either.

Could it be that Great Qin wanted the Dark Demon race to chase out the Northern Continent factions so that it could then go and beat the Dark Demon world back and take the Northern Continent for itself?

However, this did not make sense either - after all, if the factions from the other Continent went, the Dark Demon world would suffer greater losses, which was more beneficial to Great Qin. It only made sense to let them go.

Even though Great Qin was quite suspicious, it did not seem like it would do such a thing, and no one could figure out who had done this.

However, right now, the most important thing was to hurry to the Northern Continent. As such, the various factions immediately gave orders to destroy the Void Zone and then go support the Northern Continent.

By now, the Northern Continent's factions also heard about the Void Zone and felt quite terrified. They had no idea who had done this, but they were faced with a big problem - there would be no one coming to support them for a while.

Once the Dark Demon world sent more forces, the Northern Continent would definitely be doomed, and they would die at the hands of the Dark Demon people.

This news caused the Northern Continent's people to feel incredibly terrified and panicked. With this Void Zone, they would not be able to escape either.

However, soon, a joyous piece of news arrived: Great Qin had been the first to break through the Void Zone and had arrived at the Northern Continent, preparing to resist the Dark Demon world with them.

After hearing this, countless people could not help but cheer. With Great Qin helping them, it was a massive morale boost. With how powerful Great Qin was, their chances of defending against the Dark Demon world were many times higher, and they felt more confident.

Hearing that Great Qin's Legatee had personally come and had brought a large number of City Lords and soldiers, morale became incredibly high. With Great Qin present, who dared to attack the human world? It would be seeking death.

Everyone hoped that Great Qin would be able to beat them back to their own world like he had done with the Fish Scale world and also have them hand over compensation. They would never dare attack the human world again.

"Great Qin is mighty!"

"With Great Qin here, there's nothing to be afraid of!"

"Great Qin is the pride of humanity!"

"We welcome Great Qin to defend against the Dark Demon invasion with us!"

The people responsible for receiving the incoming forces felt as if they had seen their savior. They rushed up with excited looks, and one of them said, "I never thought Great Qin's Majesty would personally come. Thank you so much, truly! Everyone in the Northern Continent thanks you!"

Everyone else around him quickly agreed.

"That's right, Great Qin is just and open minded, willing to put aside our differences and face the Dark Demon world together."

"I think we've misunderstood Great Qin in the past. I never thought that Great Qin was so good. I apologize for my wrong perception of Great Qin in the past."

"We'll remember Great Qin's assistance forever, and we'll be forever grateful. Great Qin is our savior."

"That's right, Great Qin is the most powerful existence in the human world; we don't have to fear anyone. Great Qin is mighty! Great Qin is invincible! Long live Great Qin!"

Looking at this group of people, Zhao Fu gave a slight smile as he said, "Alright everyone, there's no need to go on. Great Qin is part of the human world, so it's only right that Great Qin will help defend against the Dark Demon invasion. With Great Qin here, we won't let the Dark Demon race take a single step into the human world. Great Qin will show the other worlds that humans are the strongest."

Countless people cheered in support of Zhao Fu's words, and their blood started to boil.

Doke looked at Zhao Fu and felt quite awkward, suppressing his emotions. He was surrounded by many others, so his expression was not noticed.

One of the people from the receiving party said cautiously, "Great Qin's Majesty, the situation at the frontlines is not very advantageous for us. The Dark Demon people have used all sorts of evil techniques, and the Northern Continent has suffered great losses. We should hurry over."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu stealthily made a sign with his hand before replying, "Didn't the Northern Continent's factions prepare a large number of things to suppress the Demon Race? Why is the Northern Continent still at a disadvantage?"

The person from the receiving party did not notice Zhao Fu's actions and replied honestly, "The Dark Demon race is too powerful. If it wasn't for all of our preparations, we would have been defeated already and not have been able to hold on for so long."

Zhao Fu nodded. "So it's like that. How many of you have gone to the frontlines?"

The person gave a vague answer, saying that most people had gone, and he asked Great Qin to quickly go and support them. Otherwise, the frontlines would be in danger.

Great Qin's Generals saw Zhao Fu's signal and started to make preparations, and the Northern Continent's people started to feel that something was off. The person from the receiving party had a bad feeling about this, so he had given a vague reply.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Don't worry about the frontlines. In the future, Great Qin will protect the Northern Continent, and Great Qin will defend against the Dark Demon people."

Those words caused the expressions of the people from the Northern Continent to fall.Great Qin was not from the Northern Continent, yet they said that they would protect the Northern Continent from now on. Zhao Fu's intention was clear: He already viewed the Northern Continent as his.