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 As the shards continuously fell, demonic qi ferociously swarmed from the Dark Demon world into the human world. The human world's spirit qi was forced into retreat, and the sudden inflow of demonic caused the beasts and plants on the boundary of the human world to become demons.

Finally, everything settled down, and the two worlds were fully collected without any barriers. Just by taking a single step, one could reach the Dark Demon world.

As everyone watched on in shock, Zhao Fu received more system announcements, and he received a better understanding of what was happening. He could not help but loudly laugh; he had never thought that such a thing would happen. This undeniably solved one of Great Qin's biggest problems.

These were the system announcements that only Zhao Fu received:

"System announcement! Great Qin controls the Night Dynasty and has cleared one-third of the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent. Great Qin has received control over those regions, and a large amount of the Dark Demon world's Fate has entered the human world."

"System announcement! Because of the Heavenly Domain Boundary, the Fate is unable to pass through in large amounts."

"System announcement! More and more Fate is being blocked by the Heavenly Domain Boundary, causing the Heavenly Domain Boundary to go through changes."

"System announcement! Because Great Qin's Fate is the dominant Fate in the Human world, it has started to flow toward the Heavenly Domain Boundary, causing the Heavenly Domain Boundary to go through changes."

"System announcement! The two waves of Fate have caused the Heavenly Domain Boundary to fade. The passage between the two worlds has started to form."

"System announcement! A large amount of the Dark Demon world's Fate has entered the Human world. Great Qin's Fate has greatly increased, and the Dark Demon world's Fate has gradually weakened."

That was what was going on. At first, Zhao Fu had been quite troubled as to how to open up the Heavenly Domain Barrier, yet things had happened so easily. Zhao Fu did not even have to do anything; the Night Dynasty had done everything by clearing regions.

Because Great Qin fully controlled the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world and the Heavenly Domain Boundary was in the way, their people and City Lords could not come and go as they pleased, nor could they relocate. If there were any emergencies, it would be difficult for Great Qin to quickly head over.

Now that the Heavenly Domain Boundary was no longer obstructing them, Zhao Fu could truly make the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent into his territory, and he would not have to worry about the invasion of the other Dark Demon Continents.

Zhao Fu would be able to move his people and City Lords at will, making things quite convenient. Things would not be so complex, and Zhao Fu could also bring everyone in the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent to Great Qin.

The 20,000 City Lords and the Night Dynasty's massive army could now be used by Zhao Fu. Now, if Great Qin were to fight, their help would be a massive source of assistance.

Now, the difference in size between Great Qin's army and the three other Continents was not very great, and Zhao Fu felt much more confident.

"Your Majesty, now that such a big thing has happened, we should discuss our plans again." Wei Liao understood what Zhao Fu was thinking from his smile, and he also smiled as he cupped his hands.

Zhao Fu grinned as he nodded. Now that he could use the Night Dynasty's forces, all of the plans from before were redundant, and they started to discuss again.

The Northern Continent was now covered by a dark haze, and everyone's expressions were quite worried and unsightly. They had seen what had happened to the Southern Continent when the Fish Scale world had attacked, and now it was their turn.

What's more, they were facing the Demon Race, which was stronger than the Fish Scale Race. No one would feel good when faced with such a situation.

Thinking about how the Fish Scale world had swept through the Southern Continent, looking as if they were going to destroy the human world, everyone felt quite terrified. If it wasn't for Great Qin forcing them back, it was possible that the human world would have been destroyed.

The people from the Southern Continent had desperately escaped, and the Southern Continent had been taken over by Great Qin. The Southern Continent's people were now living in the other Continents and had to ingratiate themselves to the original occupiers of those Continents.

Now that they were facing the powerful Demon Race, the Northern Continent's outcome would most likely be the same as that of the Southern Continent. The human world had already gone through two war between worlds and been greatly weakened. Did humanity have hope in the third war between worlds?

This was what the Northern Continent was the most worried about because this matter was simply too big and serious.

However, something they could rejoice over was that they had already constructive defensive walls. Back when Great Qin's Legatee had gone to the outside world, he had told them that they were right opposite the Dark Demon world, and from his suggestions, they had built a defensive wall.

After all, they had all seen the Southern Continent being ferociously invaded, and the Northern Continent's forces were worried that the Dark Demon world would invade as well. As such, they had especially reinforced their defensive walls and prepared many items to counter Demons.

Now, Zhao Fu regretted telling them about this and suggesting that they build a defensive wall. Back then, he had also been worried about an invasion from the Dark Demon world, so he had the Northern Continent build defenses and prepare items that countered Demons. He had even provided some resources to support them.

However, the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent was already under Zhao Fu's control, and these defensive walls and items would be used against the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent. It could be said that Zhao Fu had shot himself in the foot.

If he had not told them that they were opposite the Dark Demon world, the Northern Continent would not have made any preparations, and the Night Dynasty could take this opportunity to launch a sudden attack and sweep through the Northern Continent.

However, it was useless to wallow in regret. In the end, Zhao Fu had not known back then that he would take over the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent. After all, the Dark Demon world was a cultivation world, making it innately stronger than the human world.

Even though Great Qin was quite powerful back then, they had not even established a Kingdom yet, and they did not have many soldiers or regions. If the Dark Demon world had really attacked when the human world didn't have any preparations, they really would have been destroyed. When that time came, Great Qin would not have been able to escape the fate of being destroyed either. That was why Zhao Fu had done this.

After the Heavenly Domain Boundary disappeared, Geoffrey took a large number of Northern Continent factions to the defensive walls to defend in order to make preparations if the Dark Demon people suddenly attacked.

"Ai! The human world is still suffering from internal conflict and now something like this has happened. Even though I haven't personally seen the Dark Demon race's strength, just from this demonic qi, I can tell that the Demon Race is quite terrifying. The human world is in danger; what will our fate be?" Geoffrey sighed as he stood on the defensive way and looked at the demonized ground ahead, his face covered with worry.

The expressions of everyone else were also quite unsightly. With their strength, they had no confidence in facing the Dark Demon world. Many people were incredibly terrified and had already escaped to the other Continents.

"What should we do?" Geoffrey was the strongest person in the Northern Continent, so everyone turned their gazes to him to see what he had to say.

Facing everyone's gazes, Geoffrey sighed and said, "We can only write letters to ask the other Continents for help, especially Great Qin. We need to stop our internal fighting and face this new threat together!"