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 Hearing this, Masanori Hano's face became red, and she looked at Zhao Fu shyly.

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and slightly smiled as he said, "We plan to create a Devil Corps with you as the Captain of the Corps. In the future, you can freely come and go to Great Qin."

"Mm, thank you, Your Majesty!" A happy smile appeared on Masanori Hano's face as she bowed.

At first, Masanori Hano had felt towards Zhao Fu like how girls would normally feel towards idols. She often heard about how mighty Great Qin's Legatee was and how he would often cause abnormal signs. After the illusion trial in the Legacy Trial, her feelings towards him had slightly developed.

After speaking, Zhao Fu turned to Momijigari and said, "We will also consider your matters and give you an answer in the future."

Momijigari smiled and bowed as the other female Devils also gave coy smiles and looked at Masanori Hano before leaving.

Masanori Hano's face was red as she said, "Your Majesty, I'll take you to the City Hall!"

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the City Hall and fused the Corps Core into the City Heart. A powerful aura exploded out as the City Heart gave off an intense violet light and the images of countless demons appeared around it. All of a sudden, Zhao Fu actually felt the aura of a Universal Den.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised because Universal Dens were incredibly precious. After such a long time, Great Qin had only obtained one, and they were incredibly rare and difficult to find.

Only after asking did Zhao Fu find out that the Universal Den from the Divine Fish Festival had been taken by her, resulting in the Devil City. The two of them had already fused so closely that they could not be separated, so Zhao Fu could only bitterly laugh. If it hadn't been for Masanori Hano back then, Great Qin would have had two Universal Dens.

However, Zhao Fu did not blame Masanori Hano. After all, she had obtained this using her own power, and he had no say in how she used it.

After looking at the Devil Corps' information, Zhao Fu looked at Masanori Hano and said, "Hano, come to Great Qin as much as you want in the future; don't wait for Us to summon you. Your power is very important to Great Qin, and We will do Our best to support you."

Zhao Fu had seen Masanori Hano's power as a Legatee with his own eyes, and she could be one of Great Qin's top-tier forces. He had neglected her, and Masanori Hano smiled as she nodded.

Following this, Zhao Fu once again returned to Great Qin. He ordered some people to quickly fill the numbers of the 31 new Corps and provide training for the new members as well. Great Qin was soon going to engage in large-scale battles, so they had to become familiarized with the abilities of Corps.

Zhao Fu also gathered his important subordinates to discuss the matter of the Devil World. Many of his subordinates were against this idea because this would mean pushing dozens, if not hundreds, of millions of people into hell. They would have to kill and devour each other and become terrifying Devils.

Although Zhao Fu was fine with killing people, he was not someone who enjoyed torturing others. Unless he was pushed to it, he would never do anything too cruel, especially to his own people.

However, if he went through with this, it would provide Great Qin with a ferocious army and would be of much help and provide many benefits.

Zhao Fu was now faced with an incredibly tough decision, which made his head ache. He could only put this matter aside and consider it if the need arose for it.

Zhao Fu and his Generals then started to discuss Great Qin's war plans, and they stood around a massive map. Currently, the Continent with the most powerful defenses was the Western Continent. This was because it was the farthest Continent from any other worlds, and it was naturally the safest place.

Many people from the Southern Continent had chosen to escape to the Western Continent, and this included the Li family's people. After what had happened, everyone guessed that Zhao Fu would attack the Western Continent first.

Indeed, Zhao Fu very much wanted to attack the Western Continent and destroy the Li family to end all of this. Another reason was that because the Western Continent was quite powerful, he could not allow it to develop even more. Moreover, there was a Kingdom there, which was Tina Pendragon's Great British Empire.

It was now a Level 6 Barony Kingdom and had Corps as well. It would cause quite a bit of trouble, and if Zhao Fu allowed her to continue developing, things would become even more troublesome.

Even though Zhao Fu quite appreciated Tina Pendragon, as she had never opposed Great Qin, even if Zhao Fu did not want to make a move against her, he had to. They were on different sides, and if he wanted to unify the world, he would have to destroy her.

All in all, Great Qin's main target was the Western Continent.

However, the Western Continent currently had the tightest defenses, and if they attacked, they would suffer great losses. Moreover, once Great Qin attacked, the other two Continents would make a move as well. Now that everyone's lives were on the line, they had to participate as well.

The three Continents had at least 80,000 City Lords, as many City Lords from the Midland Continent and Southern Continent had escaped to them. They also had billions of soldiers, and if Great Qin were to attack, they could not afford to be careless. A single mistake could cause massive losses.

The Continents were all separated by the ocean, and how they would cross the ocean and attack was a big problem. This required detailed discussions to deal with.

Suddenly, a few system announcements rang out in the human world and in the Dark Demon world, making countless people look quite shocked; they had never thought that such a thing would happen now. Wasn't this adding fuel to the flames? The human side started to feel quite panicked.

On the other hand, the Dark Demon world's people's expressions were quite unsightly as well. A quarter of their world's territory had been taken over by that mysterious organization, and their situation was not very bright either. Now that such a thing had happened, they would be in dire straits.

These system announcements, which caused so much unrest, were as such:

"System announcement! The shifts in Fate have caused massive changes. The Heaven Domain Boundary between the Human world and Dark Demon world has started to fade."

"Warning! The fading of the Heaven Domain Boundary is becoming greater and greater."

"Warning! As the fading of the Heaven Domain Boundary increases, the Heaven Domain Boundary will soon disappear, and the Human world and Dark Demon world will be officially connected."

"Warning! The passage between both worlds being opened will result in unexpected changes, please make preparations."

"Warning! The passage between both worlds will soon open."


A deafening explosion sounded throughout both worlds as if the sky had fallen. In front of this sound, countless people felt incredibly small, and their bodies and hearts trembled.

At the place where the human world and Dark Demon world connected, countless massive cracks appeared, spanning thousands of regions. Even those extremely far away could see this shocking scene.

As the massive cracks appeared, boundless demonic qi flowed through. The sky seemed to collapse as the heavens and earth dimmed and a black aura swept from the Dark Demon world into the human world. Everyone felt as if they had dropped into an icy cavern, and their bodies felt incredibly cold.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Large pieces of rainbow-colored shards fell from the sky, smashing enormous craters on the ground. Massive sounds rang out and dust billowed up, creating a terrifying scene.