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 Sect Writs were writs that encouraged people to join Sects, and they gave support to Sects to develop. Sects were the best places to nurture top-tier experts, as most experts in the world came from Sects. As such, it was important to greatly develop Sects.

Whether it was the management or structure of Sects, it was best to set them up like ordinary Sects. Moreover, it was better to start nurturing disciples from as young as possible, ideally below 16 years of age.

Zhao Fu had only started cultivating after entering the Heaven Awaken World, and his Cultivation had fallen behind most people his age. This was the case even though he had Heaven grade aptitude, and without it, he would have fallen behind even more.

In the future, Great Qin's focus would not be the development of academies but Sects. Both of them were incredibly important: One increased knowledge and culture, while the other increased strength. Only by developing both would Great Qin's future path be more secure.

Zhao Fu placed his attention on Sects and also helped the Hundred Schools of Thought develop. This was because the Hundred Schools of Thought had extraordinary abilities and would be a great help as well.

However, a few days later, a letter was sent to the Great Qin palace. It came from the Great Tang's Li family, and after hearing about this, Zhao Fu frowned. He did not even want to look at it and planned to destroy it.

However, the soldier who brought the letter reported, "The person who sent this said that Your Majesty must have a look, or else Your Majesty will regret it eternally."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu frowned and opened the letter. It was personally written by Li Zhe, but instead of words of repentance like last time, they were filled with cursing towards Zhao Fu and his mother.

He wrote that Zhao Fu was a unfilial bastard and as lowly as a beast to have forced the Li family into such a state. He also said that Zhao Fu's mother was a slut and a piece of trash and that him playing with her was her glory. He said that he regretted being so soft-hearted before; if he had known all of this would have happened, he would have killed them both.

After reading the letter, Zhao Fu felt immense anger well up within him to the point that he nearly coughed up blood. He was even tempted to head to the Western Continent by himself to get rid of the family.

However, Zhao Fu coldly laughed and threw out the letter, blasting it to smithereens with his power.

This was clearly a trap - there were most likely countless people waiting there in ambush. They wanted to anger Zhao Fu and lure him over before killing him. Once Zhao Fu died, the Great Qin Empire would most likely crumble.

The Li family was certain that Zhao Fu would go; with Zhao Fu's current status and personality, how could he endure such a thing? After all, most people with immense power in the human world did whatever they wanted with reckless abandon. This was especially so with Zhao Fu's own father writing such a letter - no ordinary person would be able to endure.

However, Zhao Fu decided not to go. They had definitely prepared something that would be able to kill him.

Zhao Fu was not so stupid as to go. He had been enduring this since he was little, and he could wait longer for his revenge. Zhao Fu did not put the Li family in his eyes anymore, and if he still cared about what Li Zhe said, it would be his loss.

Great Qin had already cleared out one-fifth of the empty regions, and soon, it would truly control the Midland Continent and Southern Continent. It seemed that it was the Li family who felt worried - once Great Qin finished clearing, it would most likely immediately attack.

The entire human world would once again become chaotic, and their situation would become even more difficult. They would have to face a direct attack from Great Qin.

If Zhao Fu went, he would be giving them what they wanted; only by not going would he be able to enrage them and make them even more panicked.

"In the future, destroy everything that the Li family sends over. There is no need to deliver them to Us." Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and calmed himself down before turning his attention to Great Qin's development. He then ordered people to start collecting information on the remaining Continents so that they could prepare a plan of attack.

It was now June, and it was another hot summer day. The sun seemed to be roasting the ground, and a sense of heat could be felt everywhere. It was quite annoying, and this year's summer was even hotter than before.

However, everyone in Great Qin looked incredibly delighted. A black pillar of light stood between the heavens and earth, and countless clouds quickly gathered, forming a massive vortex. A massive gale blew away all of the hot air, making it instead a bit chilly.

Nine massive black dragons spiralled in the sky, causing the clouds to swirl. They gave off an unimaginably powerful might, creating an incredibly shocking scene.

After a year or so of clearing, Great Qin had finally unified the Midland Continent. It had also completed its Great Wall, marking all of the Midland Continent as its territory.

As for the Southern Continent and Netherwater Continent, they had not yet been fully cleared.

Now, Great Qin had become a Level 11 Marquisate Kingdom. The Midland Continent had 14,570 regions, and each level of Marquisate Kingdoms required 1,000 regions. However, leveling up to a Dukedom Kingdom required unifying an entire world, which had tens of thousands of regions. Ordinarily, Kingdoms only had nine levels.

However, Dukedom Kingdoms and Marquisate Kingdoms were quite special - after reaching Level 9, Marquisate Kingdoms could continue to level up. However, after Level 9, the number of regions required for the next level up doubled, becoming 2,000 regions for each subsequent level up.

A Level 11 Marquisate Kingdom's stats were naturally incredibly powerful, and the nation Fate was incredibly mighty. It had countless residents, and these were Great Qin's new stats:

Village Name: Great Qin Royal City (Human King)

Level: Marquisate Royal City (Level 11)

Village Area: 12,429,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 1,632,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/290,240,000

Military: 7,192,640/332,482,000

Popular Support: 86

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +400%, Territory Crop Growing Time -400%, Population Limit +220%, Residents' stats can randomly +28, Soldiers' stats +33%, Population Attraction +300%, chance of attracting higher grade population +300%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 18,096,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

Great Qin's overall population was now at 26 billion, and it had two billion soldiers. There were 1.4 billion Stage 1 soldiers, 70 million Stage 2 soldiers, 3.5 million Stage 3 soldiers, and 100,000 Stage 4 5 soldiers.

Great Qin now controlled 27,570 regions, and this included the regions in the Southern Continent and Netherwater Continent. There were 14,570 regions completely under its control within the Midland Continent.

Great Qin had one Marquisate City, three Barony Cities, nine Capital Cities, and 25,000 Great Cities, and this did not include the 20,000 Cities in the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent. It also had 6,521 Cities, 9,860 Towns, and 3,589,489 Villages.

Because they now fully controlled 14,570 regions, they had 40,210 Counties, which meant they could have 40,210 County Seals, 14,570 Province Seals, 1,457 Baron Seals, 145 Marquis Seals, 14 Duke Seals, and one Earl Seal.

At the same time, the Great Qin's Corps automatically upgraded as well. They were now Level 21 Corps, and each Corps could have 6.2 million soldiers, and they could now have a shocking 56 Corps.