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 The Lunar Star and Solar Star were opposing stars, and they could affect the two tree stars in the heavens, sun, and moon.

In ancient times, the Solar Star was referred to as the 'Noble Star' or the 'Culmination Emperor Star.' It was similar to the Myrtle Imperial Star, but their characteristics were different.

Even though the Solar Star was a star of assisting the ruler and was incredibly noble, it had to be bestowed by an Emperor.

Zhao Fu had never thought that Doke would awaken a Solar Star, and he was quite surprised. However, this made sense - after all, it was not just humans who could awaken General Stars. A General Star was determined by one's fate, and the type of fate one had determined one's General Star.

The four General Stars gave off their own starlight, and they brought with them mighty auras as they shined down on the world. Under those four stars, the countless people seemed incredibly small.

The four pillars of light gradually grew weaker, and the light that the four people gave off soon disappeared.

At that moment, the four stars gave off terrifying power, dispersing the clouds in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers. The four stars gave off an intense starlight that turned into four pillars of light and shined down on the four people's bodies.

The four people received the baptism of their General Stars, and their auras gradually changed and became stronger. Terrifying auras rippled out like shockwaves from them.

Following this, the pillars of starlight gradually disappeared. Logue's Epic grade Desolate Wood Scepter became yellow and seemed somewhat metallic, and it gave off a prestigious yellow light. Starlight flickered on it, engraving 'Heaven Minister' on it - it was now the Heaven Minister Scepter.

Daisy's Epic grade staff became silver-colored as if it was made of silver, and it gave off a gentle white light. The word 'Lunar' was now engraved on it, turning it into the Lunar Staff.

Doke's spear turned into a flaming-red iron spear that gave off a searing heat. There seemed to be flames burning on it, and the word 'Solar' was now engraved on it, making it the Solar Spear.

Finally, Saar's saber became a black-gold saber that gave off a ferocious aura that could cause others to feel fear. The words 'Army Destroyer' appeared on it, turning it into the Army Destroyer Saber.

Looking at the General Armaments in the four people's hands, Zhao Fu smiled and took them to have a look. They were similar, yet different, to the previous General Armaments.

The Heaven Minister Scepter's final special effect was called Heaven Minister Soldiers, and it made soldiers all-rounders. It not only increased their attack power and defense, but it also increased their speed and recovery, making them suitable for supporting.

The Lunar Staff's final special effect was called Lunar Soldiers, and it allowed soldiers to absorb the power of moonlight. This made their battle power increase several times over if it was at night.

The Solar Spear's final attribute was called Solar Soldiers, which was similar to Lunar Soldiers, but it allowed soldiers to absorb the power of the sun, making them more powerful at daytime.

Finally, the Army Destroyer Saber's special effect was the same as the previous Army Destroyer General Armaments.

Because the four General Armaments were already top-quality Epic grade equipment, after fusing with the power of the General Stars, they became vastly improved and became Level 2 Saint Armaments.

Great Qin now had 16 General Armaments, which was quite a large number. Most other people in the human world did not even have a single General Armament. He was now eight away from being able to fuse a King Armament.

Even though Zhao Fu did not have precise information on King Armaments, from the shard he had obtained in the past, he knew that a King Armament's power far exceeded General Armaments, so he greatly looked forward to the day he could fuse a King Armament.

After looking over the General Armaments, Zhao Fu returned them to their owners and held a celebration.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the blood pool where they were refining the Primogenitor Statue. Because they had unified the Midland Continent and also taken over a Continent in the Fish Scale world, they now had a lot blood in the blood pool of all kinds of varieties.

This made the speed at which they refined the Primogenitor Statue much faster. The Primogenitor Statue started to go through some changes, such as its hair becoming blood-red and its body becoming black.

Zhao Fu was not sure what the Primogenitor Statue would become like after it was fully refined. However, at their current speed, it would still take another 180 years.

It seemed that he had to work harder and unify the human world in order to make the process even faster.

Another month later, three rays of demonic light shot into the sky, causing the weather to change. The clouds swirled as three massive auras spread out, and three terrifying images appeared in the sky.

One looked like a ghost, one looked like the face of a demon, and one was a demonic sword. The three images all gave off dense demonic qi, bringing with them a powerful aura of suppression. Everyone felt terror and trembled.

These were the three re-established Sects. Zhao Fu would only refine Nation Armaments and handed out Sect Armaments in order to increase the number of top-tier forces Great Qin had.

Zhao Fu gave the position of the Demon God Sect's Sect Master to Elise and gave the Sect Armament to her.

Zhao Fu made Zhao Mo the Sect Master of the Demon Ghost Sect, and he made Zhao Sha the Sect Master of the Demon Murder Sect. Finally, he made Ge Nia the Sect Master of the Demon Sword Sect.

The best choices for Sect Masters were those who had talent in cultivating and walked the path of supreme experts as opposed to Generals or aristocrats. Only then could they use the full power of the Sects and Sect Armaments.

As such, Zhao Fu would not make people like Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and the others Sect Masters. They were responsible for leading soldiers in battles, and if they were made Sect Masters, it would be quite strange. At the same time, Zhao Fu would not make any Civil Ministers Sect Masters either.

Zhao Mo had used to be a Demon Sovereign King, but in the future, Zhao Fu would have him walk the path of Sects as opposed to the path of Kings. After all, Great Qin could only have one King.

With Zhao Sha's Sin Devil bloodline, he was destined to be a supreme expert. As such, he was a suitable target to be nurtured. Finally, Ge Nia was Great Qin's number one swordsman. With his sort of talent, if Zhao Fu did not properly nurture him, he would be wasting a genius.

Elise and Zhao Mo were already considered Great Qin's most powerful forces, while Zhao Sha and Ge Nia were slightly weaker.

Now, all four of them were monstrously powerful, but Zhao Fu felt that there were still not enough of such people. Great Qin did not lack any Generals, but it seemed that it needed to nurture more genius cultivators. They would be immensely useful in the future.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that he could not delay in this; he could not lack soldiers and top-tier forces in this world. Without more top-tier forces, Zhao Fu would be quite limited.

Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates, and after a series of discussions, he decided to put into effect 'Sect Writs.'