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 Within the King's Domain, everything seemed to move many times slower to Zhao Fu. However, even despite this, the Ratfolk were still abnormally fast, and they reached Zhao Fu in an instant. They slashed out with their hands, and their hidden blades shined with a cold light as they swept towards Zhao Fu's neck.

Luckily, Zhao Fu was not the same person as before. Even though these Ratfolk were powerful, they were on a completely different level compared to Zhao Fu. Just as the first Ratfolk appeared in front of Zhao Fu, he raised the Sky Demon Sword in his hands and slashed downwards as fast as lightning.

As a sword light flashed, large amounts of blood spurted out from the Ratfolk's chest, splitting him from the shoulder to the abdomen. His corpse and guts fell to the ground, dying it red.

Following this, the second Ratfolk appeared to Zhao Fu's right. Zhao Fu gripped his sword and swung to the right - another sword light flashed, and the second Ratfolk was also cleaved in two, the two halves of its body and its organs falling to the ground.

A third Ratfolk appeared behind Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu whirled around in the blink of an eye, instantly stabbing into the Ratfolk's heart. In just an instant, the Sky Demon Sword's terrifying energy completely blasted open the Ratfolk's chest.

Then came a fourth, a fifth, a sixth...

Underneath their hoods, their eyes were incredibly determined and revealed no fear. Despite facing death, they bravely ran forwards and didn't cry out even upon death.

This was something that they would carry to the grave. They still remembered the sentence that sounded when they placed their hands on that stone stele, " _I am an assassin!"_

As long as they could kill their target, they could ignore all else. Right now, only by killing Zhao Fu could the Ratfolk Village be saved and return to normal. Only then would every Ratfolk's life become better - this was something that they were determined to do, which was why they did not fear death.

The Ratfolk Assassins were extremely fast, and their methods were quite crafty and devious. They aimed for his vitals, whether they were Zhao Fu's eyes, neck, or heart.

It was impossible to see their movements with the naked eye - one could only see streaks of black with two cold white lights. However, as soon as the Ratfolk Assassins appeared around Zhao Fu, they would be instantly killed by him.

However, the Ratfolk Assassins were incredibly strong, and they were like ghosts that could slip past through any gap. If Zhao Fu lost focus for even a split second, he would be dealt a fatal blow, causing all of his hairs to stand on end.

At this moment, a Ratfolk Assassin appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and his hidden blade glinted as it stabbed towards Zhao Fu's heart, forcing him to turn his body to the side.

However, the moment he turned, another Ratfolk Assassin appeared to his right and slashed his hidden blade towards Zhao Fu's throat. Zhao Fu could only raise his foot and kick outwards, sending the Ratfolk Assassin flying right before his blade made it to his neck.

However, in the next instant, yet another Ratfolk Assassin appeared behind Zhao Fu, thrusting his hidden blade towards the back of Zhao Fu's head. Just as it was about to succeed, Zhao Fu quickly spun around, sending black sword qi out and blasting that Ratfolk Assassin away. Under the effects of the powerful sword qi, the Ratfolk's body was slashed into a countless number of pieces.

The Ratfolk were abnormally powerful, and even though Zhao Fu looked like he was in an incredibly dangerous situation, the Ratfolk could barely harm him. After all, as soon as they came close, there was only be a single result waiting for them: death!

Blood continuously spurted into the air, and lives were continuously lost. Soon, there were only 30 of the original 200 Ratfolk Assassins remaining. The ground was littered with a countless number of broken corpses, dying the ground completely red. It was a completely hellish scene, and a strong stench of blood and gore filled the air.

The elderly Ratfolk had never expected Zhao Fu to be so powerful, and by now, Zhang Dahu had almost led the army to where Zhao Fu was. Seeing that their plan had failed, the elderly Ratfolk ordered 10 Ratfolk Assassins to stall Zhao Fu while the other 20 Ratfolk Assassins escorted the elderly Ratfolk back into the village.

Zhao Fu calmly stood his ground. He looked at the 10 Ratfolk Assassins who had surrounded him, and they all attacked him from different directions.

He slashed out with his sword, and a black, crescent-shaped arc of sword light swept out. It passed through the 10 Ratfolk Assassins' bodies, causing them to fly backwards and cough up a mouthful of blood. Their internal organs were completely obliterated, and they were dead by the time they hit the ground.

Zhao Fu continued to stand there calmly, and fresh blood was dripping off of the Sky Demon Sword.

Suddenly, all of the blood on the ground was sucked towards the Sky Demon Sword by an invisible force. The Sky Demon Sword rapidly absorbed all of the blood and cheerfully hummed, as if it reveled in this massacre.

"Owner... hurry... continue... I want more!!" Zhao Fu heard a voice that was faintly panting, and he was speechless. He looked at the escaping elderly Ratfolk and slowly raised the Sky Demon Sword, pointing it towards them.

An image of a demon with massive wings burst forth from the sword and flew towards the 30 escaping Ratfolk. The image was incredibly fast, and it shot past the 30 Ratfolk in an instant.

Immediately, all of the Ratfolk stopped moving, and their bodies started to wither until they became dry corpses and fell to the ground.

This was 'Sky Demon's Feast,' a skill that summoned a massive image of the Sky Demon that could devour all fleshly essence, which would be absorbed by the sword. This was one of the Sky Demon Sword's many special abilities, and it was one of the most powerful aspects about an Epic grade weapon.

"Master! Hurry... I want more... it's not enough!"

Zhao Fu once again heard the Sky Demon's voice, and he put it back into the King's Ring. Immediately, he heard the Sky Demon's angry voice say, "Hmph, human, I won't like you if you keep acting like this!"

Zhao Fu did not pay the Sky Demon much mind; after all, its attitude tended to change quite quickly.

By now, Zhang Dahu and the soldiers had arrived. He saw everything that had happened and arrived quite quickly, but he still kneeled and said, "Your Majesty! This subordinate deserves death for arriving late!"

Zhang Dahu looked at the corpses on the ground that he had dealt with. When had a King ever fought at the front while the subjects were at the back? As such, Zhang Dahu also brought the other soldiers to beg for forgiveness.

"Alright, everyone rise." Zhao Fu did not care about this too much.

Following this, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to surround the Ratfolk Village again. Before, the elderly Ratfolk had wanted to kill Zhao Fu, making it so that the army would become a headless dragon. However, who would have thought that Zhao Fu would be the one alive while the other died.

Without any leaders, the Ratfolk Village fell into chaos. The Ratfolk started to panic as they looked at the soldiers surrounding their village. Zhao Fu once again asked them to surrender, and as expected, all of the Ratfolk decided to surrender.

Following this, Zhao Fu went into the Ratfolk Village and went to the entrance of the historical remnant. There was a white stone stele that was two meters tall and had been eroded by the passage of time. The surface was quite uneven, and there were some words carved on it. Even though Zhao Fu could not read the words, upon looking at them, he could still understand what they meant.

"We work in the dark to serve the light. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Under our hidden blades, all are equal!"