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 Zhao Fu had no intention of letting his women be wronged. Even though Zhao Fu had not fallen in love with them, he felt that he should at least take responsibility for them as a man.

He stretched out his hand, lightly wiped away the tears from Le Yuyu's face, and comforted her gently, saying, "Don't worry, I won't let you be wronged like that in the future."

Le Yuyu felt a warmth within her heart. If it wasn't for everyone else's gaze, she would have leapt into his embrace again.

"How is the battlefield over there?" Le Yuyu returned to proper matters and asked.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Everything concluded perfectly. We don't have to worry about the Blue Wolf Kingdom in the future. After dealing this massive blow to them, it will take them a long time for them to recover. If it wasn't for the other Half-Beast Kingdoms, I would have wanted to attack them in their own world.

"However, I sent out ambassadors to those other Half-Beast Kingdoms. If they don't object, the Lelai Kingdom can attack the Blue Wolf Kingdom. Also, we're bringing over the Half-Beasts we captured, and I plan to use them."

Le Yuyu smiled as she nodded. "It was all thanks to you this time. Now that you're not busy anymore, come to Our chambers; We have prepared ten or so pretty palace maids for you to properly thank you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu lightly laughed and replied, "There's no need for that. I still need to prepare some other things; there are some matters that are not settled yet."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Le Yuyu thought about the current situation and could only let him go.

A few days later, the other Half-Beast Kingdoms sent back replies. The Blue Wolf Kingdom must have offered them benefits because they all supported the Blue Wolf Kingdom. Of course, this was only verbal support. However, Zhao Fu did not dare to attack the Blue Wolf Kingdom, so he could only give up on this plan.

At the same time, he continued to build even tougher defenses in order to defend against the Blue Wolf Kingdom or anyone else attacking. Soon, the Lelai Kingdom gradually fell into peace again.

As for the surrendered Half-Beasts, they were given some training. Even though they could not attack the Blue Wolf Kingdom for now, perhaps it would be possible in the future. When that time came, these Half-Beasts would be of some use, so they started to prepare now.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu returned to the human world. There were still many regions that had not yet been cleared, and the process was quite slow. However, Great Qin was going as fast as it could, so Zhao Fu could not say much.

The three other Continents were not too peaceful, and there were dark undertows. Even though they said arrogant things like telling Great Qin to stop expanding so rapidly or that they would ally together to attack, they understood that this would not have much of an effect. Great Qin's wild ambitions could never be satisfied, so they knew that they had to convince everyone.

It was not just all players but all system factions as well. Only if all of them allied together could they resist Great Qin.

Even though Great Qin was a massive threat, since Great Qin was not attacking, many people still felt hopeful that it would remain at peace with them. As such, convincing everyone to band together was quite difficult.

During this period of time, apart from Great Qin, Tina Pendragon's Great British Empire was also developing quite quickly. It now had 600 regions and had become a Level 6 Barony Kingdom.

The human world only had these two Kingdoms for now. The power of Kingdoms vastly surpassed that of ordinary factions. Within the Legacy Land, their development was quite fast, but it would be different if they were in the outside world.

Moreover, it was likely that the human world would only have these two Kingdoms. A few Dynasties that had once had an opportunity to establish Kingdoms had been delayed because of various matters.

For example, Akhenaten's faction could be ranked third in the human world. His Dynasty had a massive amount of Fate and power, but because of the Southern Continent being conquered, he had been forced to relocate. He had lost a large amount of Fate, and his faction was now much weaker than before.

Now, what Great Qin lacked most was time. This was the fifth year in the Heaven Awaken World.

Everyone was doing their best to develop, and all of Zhao Fu's factions in the human world, Dark Demon world, and Fish Scale world were developing well. There were not any battles, and Zhao Fu became quite free.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to go into the Heaven Spirit Stele and continue to recite some of the Book of Daoism to pretend to be a higher-being. Everyone present once again fell silent and felt immense admiration.

Zhao Fu had done this quite a few times now, and every time he would only recite a few lines before not speaking anymore. This way, he would seem quite mysterious. Of course, he was doing this for the benefits; he was not so bored as to do this for fun.

Zhao Fu never asked for any fees, but he did occasionally mention what he needed. If anyone sent them to him, he would continue speaking.

Because of this, Zhao Fu had obtained many good things, such as materials, equipment, skills, and other items. Every time he spoke, he would receive a big pile of things, and they were all of good quality. After all, those who could enter the Communication Region all had high-grade accounts.

However, compared to the number of people who listened, there were not actually many people who sent gifts; most people wanted to just freeload.

In actuality, Zhao Fu could set up a private room that could only be accessed by sending gifts. With Zhao Fu's Supreme level account, he could create private rooms for free.

However, there was a limit to how many people could enter private rooms, and if people asked questions, Zhao Fu would have no way to answer them, making it easy for him to be exposed. He could not disregard questions so easily by pretending to be mysterious.

"Higher-being, are you willing to take a disciple? I'm a genius and won't disappoint you!"

"I'm 18 years old and am still a virgin; would you be interested, sir?"

"Senior, I don't quite understand these sentences. Would you mind explaining them for us?"

After obtaining a heap of things, Zhao Fu grinned as he looked at his private messages and ignored all of them. Those people had no value at all; they wanted Zhao Fu to give them something before they would reciprocate, and some were even thinking of swindling him.

The Heaven Spirit Stele was quite similar to the internet, and on the internet, anyone could do anything they wanted. However, they could not threaten the real world.

Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with what he had received today. He had only casually recited a few lines and received so many things. Other people would not even be able to imagine obtaining things like this. One item that Zhao Fu had received was a liquid called the Thousand Flower Liquid.

This Thousand Flower Liquid was created using over 1,000 Spirit Flowers, and it was black-colored. It had massive benefits to the growth of flowers, and Zhao Fu wanted to use it to help with the growth of the World Flower.

He had planted the World Flower for one year now, and even though he had used all sorts of items on it, it still had not bloomed. Perhaps this Thousand Flower Liquid would be effective.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to leave, another rainbow-colored account sent a message, "What is the Saint Realm?"