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 In response to the Lelai Kingdom gaining another 300 City Lords, the Half-Beasts had already thought of how to deal with them. Moreover, given that they were already stronger than the Lelai Kingdom to begin with, they did not care too much about this.

At first, they were quite wary against any plots from the Lelai Kingdom, but now, they believed that the Lelai Kingdom was simply seeking death. Since they had chosen to fight like this, they would not hold back and directly rushed towards the Lelai Kingdom's Royal City.

However, an army quickly stopped them. However, the difference in their strength was quite great - the Half-Beast army had 35 million people while the Lelai Kingdom's army only had ten million people. The Half-Beast army had 800 or so City Lords, while the Lelai Kingdom's army only had 500 or so City Lords.

In actuality, this was not the Half-Beasts' full force. They had left behind a portion of their forces to deal with the Lelai Kingdom's two other armies to give them time to destroy the Lelai Kingdom's Royal City.

The powerful auras from both armies clashed as the atmosphere became quite oppressive. An austere aura spread out, making the entire region seem deathly silent.

"Hahaha... Ye Xiong, you're quite capable; how about you come and serve the Blue Wolf Kingdom! We won't mistreat you; the Lelai Kingdom is already doomed," a big Half-Beast man said while loudly laughing in the sky.

Ye Xiong was the name of the General who had originally been in charge, and he also stood in the sky. The Blue Wolf Kingdom was the name of the Kingdom attacking the Lelai Kingdom.

Ye Xiong did not respond to the other side's wild words and looked towards Zhao Fu. After personally witnessing Zhao Fu's strength, he did not have any complaints. He trusted that only Zhao Fu had the power to resolve this crisis.

"Ignore him, wait for them to attack," Zhao Fu calmly said. Ye Xiong followed Zhao Fu's orders and ignored the big Half-Beast man.

Seeing this, the big Half-Beast man's smile disappeared, and he coldly harrumphed as he shouted, "Charge!!"

The massive Half-Beast army flooded forwards like an unstoppable tsunami towards the Lelai Kingdom's army. The sounds were incredibly shocking and shook the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers.

The Cavalrymen at the front were incredibly fast and ferocious. The Blue Wolf Kingdom was a Level 3 Barony Kingdom and had brought five Corps with them. There were two Corps dealing with the other two armies.

The Lelai Kingdom was only a Level 2 Barony Kingdom, so it only had five Corps in total. Two of their Corps were fighting against the Half-Beast Kingdom's other force, so they only had three Corps here.

In this battle between Kingdoms, Corps were incredibly important. Having an extra one could make a key difference.

"Roarrr!" The Half-Beast Cavalry were a Corps, and gray auras rose up from their bodies and formed a gray wolf that was hundreds of meters long. It roared towards the sky before giving off a terrifying aura and charging over.

The Lelai Kingdom's Corps also roared as they exploded out with a green aura, condensing a green rhinoceros that gave off immense might as it charged at the gray wolf.


The two massive beasts clashed together, resulting in horrifying shockwaves that blasted out like gales. However, this battle had only just begun.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

Four more explosions sounded out from the Blue Wolf Kingdom as four massive auras shook the surrounding 1,000 kilometers. The four other Corps also condensed their Corps Formations. They were a rat, a boulder, a rabbit, and a fang. These four Corps Formations gave off ferocious auras as they also flew towards the Lelai Kingdom's army.

In battles between Kingdoms, they would ordinarily begin with using Corps Formations, as they had immense destructive power. Moreover, even if they were destroyed, they would not suffer any casualties; at most, the soldiers would be drained.

The Lelai Kingdom's army released its two other Corps Formations. One was a staff and the other was a sparrow. They both gave off powerful auras as they rushed towards the Blue Wolf Kingdoms' army.

They had two fewer Corps Formations than the Blue Wolf Kingdom, so they could only use City Lords or a large number of soldiers to defend. The City Lords and soldiers were at a disadvantage because the Corps Formations could suppress City Lords, and using soldiers to defend would result in countless casualties.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate and sent out 150 or so City Lords to deal with two of the Corps Formations. 70 or so City Lords against a Corps Formation would not be a big issue.

Of course, this depended on the strength of the Corps Formations - there were ordinary Corps and Special Corps.

Out of the Lelai Kingdom's 500 City Lords, 150 of them went to deal with the Corps Formations, so there were only 350 against 800 enemy City Lords now.

As the Blue Wolf Kingdom's soldiers charged, the Blue Wolf City Lords also exploded out with power and flew towards the Lelai Kingdom's City Lords.

A massive battle erupted! The two armies savagely clashed together, cavalrymen against cavalrymen and infantrymen against infantrymen. The sounds of weapons clashing filled the air as blood flew everywhere and the aura of death continuously spread.

The Lelai Kingdom was at a disadvantage, as they had fewer people, and the Outlanders were incredibly ferocious in battle.

The Blue Wolf Kingdom's army was not too surprised that they held the upper hand, as they had expected this - the Lelai Kingdom could not stop them.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura rippled out like an ocean. The entire battlefield was covered by this aura, and a feeling of terror appeared in everyone's hearts.

The sudden appearance of this aura caused the Blue Wolf Kingdom's side to become quite shocked. They looked over and saw a black-cloaked figure turn into a ray of light and fly past, leaving behind 20 or so City Lords' bodies slashed in half.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." He then tossed out rings, from which massive Wyverns appeared, giving off massive cries.

After these Wyverns appeared, they flapped their wings and created large gusts as they dove towards the Blue Wolf Kingdom's army, breathing out flames or icy blasts and incinerating or freezing their soldiers.

The orderly Blue Wolf Kingdom's aura instantly fell into chaos. After all, 500 Wyverns that were all around 100 meters long had suddenly appeared, and they were unable to respond in time.

However, this was the outside world, and the blue Wolf Kingdom had many Stage 4 soldiers. They drew their bows and aimed at the Wyverns. They contained immense force and shot into a Wyvern that had been careless.

The Wyvern gave a pained cry; with how big its body was, a single arrow could not deal it much harm. However, hundreds of arrows were still quite dangerous.

It could be seen how great the difference between the Legacy Land and the outside world was. After all, Great Qin's Wyverns could sweep across the entire Legacy Land as ordinary soldiers could not deal with them at all. Only City Lords could be used to contend against them.