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 This caused Le Zhiwen and the others to feel incredibly delighted. Right after arriving, Zhao Fu had solved one of their biggest problems, and now they only had to deal with the enemies outside and did not have to worry about any chaos within. As long as they could defend against invasions from other Kingdoms, they would be able to protect the safety of the Lelai Kingdom.

"Um, thank you," Le Zhiwen said earnestly to Zhao Fu. All of this was because of Zhao Fu's help, and if Zhao Fu had not acted just then, they could only shrink back in the face of the other branches of the imperial family. In the end, they would not be able to escape their fate of having power wrested away.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed. He did not mind much and was about to say something. At that moment, Le Yuyu felt her body become incredibly hot, and she breathed raggedly. She could not stop herself as she stood up and leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace, taking the initiative to kiss Zhao Fu, and their tongues intertwined.

Their clothes fell off, and they stated to go about it on the throne, ignoring everyone else's gazes.

It was the first time Le Zhiwen had seen such a passionate scene, and it was between her mother and the man who was supposed to be her husband. The scene caused her heart to rapidly beat, and her face became bright red as she turned to leave.

However, Le Zhiwen could not help but think about her late Imperial Father, who had died two months ago. Even though he had not treated them very well, her mother was being so lewd with another man, and this man was quite important to her.

When she thought of this, Le Zhiwen felt quite complicated, and a formless energy stopped her and pressed her against a chair. The doors to the hall were also closed by that formless energy as Zhao Fu turned to Le Zhiwen.

"Just where are you from, and what's your goal? I'm sure you're not kind enough to just help the Lelai Kingdom!" Le Yuyu said as she sat in Zhao Fu's embrace and lightly hit Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged her and said, "Don't worry, now that you've become my woman, I won't mistreat you as long as you don't betray me. Also, I'll make you the most prestigious woman in the Grassi world."

Those words made Le Yuyu feel quite startled, and this was the same for Le Zhiwen, who was leaning against Zhao Fu's other side, because those words were not simple at all.

In order to fulfil Zhao Fu's words, they had to make the Lelai Kingdom the most powerful Kingdom in the world - if this could happen for the Lelai Kingdom, they would become mad with joy.

Alternatively, there was another terrifying possibility, which was for Zhao Fu to unify the Grassi world.

However, the second possibility would be unimaginably difficult, so both Le Yuyu and Le Zhiwen felt that the first possibility was more likely. It would not be too difficult for Zhao Fu to help the Lelai Kingdom become the most powerful Kingdom in the world.

Le Yuyu lightly harrumphed, "That's more like it; after all, I gave you my body and my daughter too. You must treat her better in the future, or I'll make life difficult for you."

Le Zhiwen looked incredibly shy as she hugged Zhao Fu. With her personality, she never thought that something like this would happen - her mother and her serving a man together.

Zhao Fu smiled as he looked at the graceful woman and shy young woman in his arms, and he lightly nodded. If other people did not treat him unfairly, he would never let them down either.

Seeing Zhao Fu's response, Le Yuyu smiled before saying, "You're so good at making women happy; I'm sure there are countless women around you!"

Zhao Fu did not hide this and confirmed this. Le Yuyu was prepared for this because for someone to be so monstrously bewitching and take their bodies like that, as well as be so capable in that regard, it was only natural that he had many women around him. Le Yuyu estimated that this number was in the hundreds - after all, if it wasn't for them begging for mercy and for a few palace maids helping, he most likely would have been able to continue.

However, she had no idea just how many women Zhao Fu had - that number surpassed anything she could imagine.

"Do you want Us to call over a few concubines to serve you? There are a few of them who are quite beautiful," Le Yuyu said as she laughed.

"There's no need, I'm going to head to the battlefield and deal with the invasions," Zhao Fu lightly said as he refused. He hadn't done that just for pleasure; he had used the Six Desires Demonic Qi to gain control over them, and now that he had achieved his goal, Zhao Fu set his gaze back on proper matters. He wanted to fully control the Lelai Kingdom as soon as possible.

"We and Zhiwen will wait for you tonight!" Hearing Zhao Fu's refusal, Le Yuyu still replied happily. No woman wanted to share her man, but Zhao Fu going to the battlefield would make it quite easy to resolve the Lelai Kingdom's crisis.

Following this, Zhao Fu put on his clothes and left the Palace. Zhao Fu took the 300 Cities and found a place to re-establish them. The Lelai Kingdom more or less belonged to Zhao Fu now, and because it was quite weak, they needed the help of these 300 Cities.

Otherwise, Zhao Fu could choose not to give away these 300 Cities because it seemed like he had already obtained everything.

Zhao Fu had now gone from someone who no one knew about to directly being promoted to Kingdom Protector, obtaining the highest authority in the Lelai Kingdom. Everyone felt quite curious about this person because his promotion had been unanimously agreed to by all of the higher-ups.

Everyone knew that the higher-ups were all engaged in a power struggle, so they were all at odds with each other. However, the arrival of this person seemed to change everything.

The other branches of the imperial family were now doing their best to resist the invasion, and all of the internal conflict seemed to be settled. As such, countless people welcomed Zhao Fu's arrival.

Zhao Fu went to the army and found 300 people for the Little Emperor to make City Lords. He could not casually establish Cities in someone else's territory; this required the ruler of the Kingdom to give permission. The Little Emperor was only six years old and did not understand anything, so all of this was done through Le Yuyu.

Of course, she would fully support Zhao Fu in helping the Lelai Kingdom. She also ordered everyone to cooperate with any orders Zhao Fu had; it could be said that Zhao Fu could do anything he wanted within the Lelai Kingdom.

Zhao Fu led the 300 City Lords and headed towards the battlefield. He also brought with him 500 Wyverns, and this force would most likely be enough to resolve this crisis.

Zhao Fu had heard some information about this battle. The Lelai Kingdom was at the edge of the Grassi world, and the Kingdom attacking them was a Kingdom from the neighboring Half-Beast world.

They were more powerful than the Lelai Kingdom, and the reasons they were fighting were because the Emperors of both sides had died, they were quite close to each other, and they were of different races. There had always been conflict before them. As such, the Lelai Kingdom's Emperor had set up a trap to kill the other side's Emperor.

However, the situation had gone out of his control, and even though he had killed the other Emperor, he himself had been heavily injured. In the end, he had passed away, resulting in this situation.

Even though Kingdoms on the edge of worlds were not very peaceful, Zhao Fu liked them. Perhaps he would be able to use the Lelai Kingdom to spy on the Half-Beast world as well, but this might be a bit too greedy.