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 The shockwaves from here caused a large number of guards to rush over, but Zhao Fu did not seem afraid at all.

Zhao Fu could face off against thousands of City Lords by himself, but dealing with an entire Kingdom would be quite troublesome. After all, a Kingdom would have a Nation Armament, Officials, and Corps. Added together, it would be quite difficult for Zhao Fu to fight against them.

Now that there were other Kingdoms attacking, most of the Lelai Kingdom's City Lords and soldiers were fighting against them, and because there were not many people left defending, Zhao Fu was not afraid.

Looking at the guards rushing in, Zhao Fu was calm as he waved his hand. A black dragon inscription barrier expanded out, covering the hall and keeping those guards out.

Following this, Zhao Fu walked over to the bound members of the imperial family, making them feel quite afraid. It was quite evident that Zhao Fu was going to do something to them.

Zhao Fu was indeed going to do something. He came before them and stretched out his hand, pressing it against their chest with immense force and causing them to cough up a mouthful of blood. City Lord Seals floated out of their bodies, and Zhao Fu once again attacked with even more power.

The people coughed up another large mouthful of blood, and they looked incredibly weak as they powerlessly fell to the ground. They glared at Zhao Fu in fury and hatred, wanting to cut him into a thousand pieces.

Zhao Fu's first attack was to force out their City Lord Seals and the second was to cripple their Cultivation. He then took out a few black bugs that were as thin as a thread. These were unusual brain bugs - they had all been fed Zhao Fu's blood.

These brain bugs were ineffective against people with high Cultivations, so Zhao Fu could only cripple their Cultivations. Now that they were heavily injured, it would be easier for the brain bugs to take over them.

Moreover, brain bugs were ineffective against high-grade bloodlines, so Zhao Fu fed the brain bugs his own blood, giving them the ability to resist the power of high-grade bloodlines.

After taking out these brain bugs, Zhao Fu threw them out, and they flew into the brains of the members of the imperial family. They immediately started to cry out in pain, while the guards outside hurriedly attacked the black dragon inscription barrier. However, the tough barrier was impossible for them to damage at all.

Le Yuyu and the others watched this scene in terror. Within the black dragon inscription barrier, they felt as if their bodies had been completely locked down, unable to move at all. They could only watch on.

Soon, the cries of the members of the imperial family died down, and their expressions became numb as their eyes became empty. Soon, their emotions seemed to return to them, but they seemed different.

Zhao Fu smiled; the brain bugs had successfully taken over their bodies, and Zhao Fu turned to look at Le Yuyu and the others.

This caused Le Yuyu and the others to feel a chill in their hearts; they had never felt so terrified before. Le Zhiwen cried out, "I'm willing to marry you; please don't hurt my mother."

Zhao Fu thought about it and wondered if he should use brain bugs to control them. Zhao Fu had prepared two brain bugs for them and was considering if he should use them.

Zhao Fu's original plan was to use the brain bugs to control all of the key figures in the Lelai Kingdom. That way, he would be able to control the Lelai Kingdom and have it work for Great Qin.

However, the key thing was that this was outside of the Legacy Land. Many people knew about brain bugs, and there were also methods to test for them or suppress them. This was different to the Legacy Land, where people had limited information. Zhao Fu could use brain bugs as he pleased in the Fish Scale world, but he had to be careful in the outside world.

There was also the matter of the Lelai Kingdom's little Emperor. As the ruler of the Kingdom, he could not be controlled by brain bugs. Even though Zhao Fu could depose him, those controlled by brain bugs could not ascend to power.

This was because those who the brain bugs controlled had already died, and because the brain bugs were just controlling their corpses, they naturally could not obtain the Legacy.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided not to control them using brain bugs. He looked at the elegant and noble Le Yuyu and smiled. He walked over and stroked her delicate face with his hand.

Feeling Zhao Fu's touch, as well as seeing his gaze, the fear in Le Yuyu's heart gradually disappeared, and she instead became excited, enjoying what he was doing.

Zhao Fu practiced the Six Desires Celestial Art, so his body naturally had an immense charm to it, just like how Mo Yao'Er could charm countless men. Of course, Zhao Fu's charm only worked on women, and because of the Emperor Phoenix Statue, the more Phoenix Qi women had, the easier it would be for Zhao Fu to control them.

Seeing Zhao Fu softly caress her mother and seeing her mother look like she was enjoying it with a reddened face, Le Zhiwen could not help but stare. However, wasn't this her husband? Hadn't Zhao Fu come for her? Then wasn't he supposed to be doing this to her?

This situation was quite strange; she found that Zhao Fu seemed to be more interested in her mother, making Le Zhiwen feel quite complicated.

At first, she had felt quite shy and had a good impression of him. However, after he had revealed his terrifying power, she had become quite afraid. Seeing how he was acting with her mother, she did not know what to do.

As Zhao Fu stroked Le Yuyu's face, his Six Desires Demonic Qi entered her body, and he smiled as he said, "They're already under my control. Empress Dowager, you should know what is next. I can protect the safety of the Lelai Kingdom and can even make it more powerful."

Le Yuyu's mind was already quite hazy, and desire occupied her mind. She understood that she could only follow Zhao Fu's orders or else the same would happen to her.

Le Yuyu lightly nodded and looked at Zhao Fu with intense desire in her eyes as she said, "We understand, and We will do as you say."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu was quite satisfied, and he waved his hand, removing the black dragon inscription barrier. Because of the barrier, the guards outside had not been able to see what had happened within the barrier.

At the same time, Zhao Fu also freed the members of the imperial family from the chains.

After the black dragon inscription barrier disappeared, countless guards and soldiers flooded in, preparing to attack Zhao Fu. However, the middle-aged man in charge shouted for them to step down, as did Le Yuyu, making the guards and soldiers feel bewildered.

However, since the two people with the most authority had given them this order, even though the guards and soldiers did not understand what was going on, they still obeyed and left.

After the guards and soldiers left, Zhao Fu immediately gave orders to the members of the imperial family to resist the attacks from the other Kingdoms. Now that they were controlled by the brain bugs, they naturally obeyed Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu returned their City Lord Seals to them, but their injuries were quite serious, so they needed to recover for a while. Zhao Fu did not have them go to the frontlines to fight, and he instead just had them send their forces to the frontlines to support the main army and keep the situation under control.

Because Zhao Fu had investigated the situation in the Lelai Kingdom, he had a detailed understanding of the Lelai Kingdom and was able to give out a series of orders to deal with the current situation.