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 Only Zhao Fu had come, so Le Yuyu had no other choice or else other people might seize power, and the Lelai Kingdom might be destroyed. As for Zhao Fu's identity, she could investigate it in future.

"Very well, We will give the Princess' hand to you in marriage." Le Yuyu made her decision and nodded as she smiled.

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he took out a spatial ring and said, "The 300 City Creation Stones are within this spatial ring; please have a look."

A palace maid took the spatial ring and prepared to hand it to Le Yuyu.

At that moment, a few middle-aged men giving off powerful auras walked in. The person in the lead said, "I don't approve of this marriage. Zhiwen is the Lelai Kingdom's Princess Royal; how can she be married off so casually? This person's identity is not clear, and he might have other goals."

Le Yuyu slightly frowned, and knowing that they were here to make trouble, and she said, "Now that other Kingdoms are invading and the Lelai Kingdom's defensive lines have been broken through, our army needs this power. Please do not interfere in this matter; We will fix a date for Zhiwen and our beloved son-in-law to get married."

Seeing that Le Yuyu was not giving him any face at all, the middle-aged man felt enraged and said menacingly, "Empress Dowager, you'd best think about this carefully. Don't regret your decision in the future."

Le Yuyu's heart tightened; she could hear the threat in his words. It was possible that he would stage a military coup, and this made Le Yuyu hesitate.

She did not have control over the Lelai Kingdom's Royal Seal, because after an Emperor died, the Kingdom's Fate would fall into chaos, and only by receiving the acknowledgement of the Fate would the new Legatee become the new ruler.

However, others with the royal blood and a large amount of Fate could also try to seize the throne and receive the acknowledgement of the Lelai Kingdom's Fate and Seal.

As such, Le Yuyu was unable to use the Lelai Kingdom's Seal and take away the power from these other branches. If she could do that, she would not have to endure them like this.

There were already battles going on outside, and if the internal affairs of the Lelai Kingdom fell into chaos as well, the Kingdom might fall. As such, both sides held back against any major conflicts that would weaken the Lelai Kingdom and allow the other Kingdoms to take advantage of this.

However, things were different now. If Le Yuyu obtained those 300 Cities, dealing with the other Kingdoms would be no problem, and the Royal Seal would acknowledge her son as its owner. When that time came, dealing with them would be much easier.

If she revoked the positions of all of their City Lords, they would lose a large portion of their top-tier forces. Of course, they had their own Cities, but there were not many of them. Right now, they had a big advantage, as they still had their military forces.

However, seizing the throne would be quite difficult like this, and there could be many complications. As such, they had to stop Le Yuyu.

Even if they had to stage a military coup and seize power, it would be better than letting her have her way.

However, they were still worried about the situation outside. If there was internal chaos at this moment, the situation would become quite messy. As such, they just wanted to threaten Le Yuyu, but if she did not give in, they would not hold back either.

Le Yuyu was now stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, she wanted to obtain the 300 Cities to solidify her and her son's positions, but on the other hand, she was afraid of the other branches rebelling. If they staged an uprising, her faction would definitely lose, and the outside Kingdoms would grasp this opportunity to perhaps destroy the Lelai Kingdom.

"Hah!" Suddenly, a light laugh broke the silence, and everyone turned to look at Zhao Fu.

The middle-aged man coldly harrumphed, "The Lelai Kingdom's Princess will not be married off. Sir, it's best you leave as soon as possible in order to avoid any trouble.'

Zhao Fu turned and looked at the middle-aged man with his terrifying eyes, causing a chill to spread within that middle-aged mans' heart.

"You're all quite daring to oppose the Empress Dowager, aren't you afraid of death? Moreover, I've already handed over the 300 Cities, so according to our deal, Princess Zhiwen is now mine. This has nothing to do with you all, and you have no right to interfere."

Seeing that his plan was about to succeed, how could he allow these people to get in the way?

Hearing this, Le Zhiwen's face became red, and she felt quite shy, while Le Yuyu felt quite delighted. This person had chosen to help her, so perhaps they had some hope.

The other members of the royal family looked at Zhao Fu furiously, while the middle-aged man in the lead became even more infuriated. The slight sense of fear he felt when looking at Zhao Fu's eyes disappeared, and he said coldly, "You're seeking death; this is the Lelai Kingdom's territory. No matter who you are, even if you're a dragon, you'd better get on your knees."


A massive aura burst forth, covering the entire hall. The air seemed to freeze as the palace maids and soldiers' faces became pale. This was the strength of a Stage 9 expert with a Capital City Seal; how could an ordinary person withstand this pressure?

The middle-aged man coldly glared at Zhao Fu, his massive aura weighing down on him. If it wasn't for the fact that it was a dangerous time and he was worried about Zhao Fu's identity, he would have killed Zhao Fu on the spot.

However, Zhao Fu smirked and seemed completely fine under that immense pressure, and he turned to look at the people from the other branches.

"It's good that you're all here so I can get rid of all of you at once." Hearing Zhao Fu's words, everyone felt quite shocked, and a sense of uneasiness appeared in their hearts. Suddenly, an even more powerful aura exploded out, bearing down on everyone like a massive mountain. Everyone's expressions fell as they felt their bodies sink.

This power could cause anyone to feel terror, and everyone felt as if they had fallen into an icy cavern. None of them expected Zhao Fu to have such immense strength.

No one in the Lelai Kingdom had such power; just who was this person? Everyone started to wonder if Zhao Fu's identity far surpassed anything they could imagine.

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly attacked. He waved his hand, causing a formless blade to slash out, killing everyone that the people from the other branches had brought with them, causing blood to cover the ground.

Immediately, the people from the imperial family started to run, and Le Yuyu felt that things were becoming quite bad and wanted to escape. This son-in-law was a monstrous figure.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains sounded out as countless chains shot out from the sky, shooting towards the members of the imperial family. Their expressions fell as they took out weapons and exploded out with immense power, releasing terrifying attacks.

However, they were all useless and could only destroy a small portion of the chains. The remainder of the chains tightly bound them up, and no matter how they struggled, they could not break free.

"Let me go boy; otherwise, when the army arrives, you'll die a horrible death." The middle-aged man cried out in terror while desperately struggling.