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 Chapter 1007 - Princess

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This good news was that the higher-beings outside had left for some reason. Zhao Fu felt quite happy about this because with the higher-beings outside, Zhao Fu had not dared to take a single step outside of the Legacy Land in the past few months.

If there was anything, he would always send others to take care of it. Even if something did happen, the consequences would not be too severe.

Now that the higher-beings had left, Zhao Fu felt much less pressure and he did not have to worry about their threat. He could leave the Legacy land as he pleased.

Zhao Fu did not know why those higher-beings had all suddenly left. He had tried to find information about this, but it was futile so he could only give up.

A few days later, Zhao Fu left the Legacy Land and was quite cautious at first. After observing and confirming that everything was fine, he became reassured and went to the large Cities. At the same time, he gathered as much information as he could about what had happened in the outside world over the past few months.

Because of the higher-beings, everyone had been quite cautious and had chosen to act low-profile. No one wanted to make any trouble, and those who were fighting temporarily stopped.

Even the Devil Horn Empire, the most powerful faction in the region, did not dare to make any noise and behaved well. After all, a Dukedom Kingdom was nothing to a higher-being, and if the Devil Horn Empire was not careful, it could be destroyed as well.

That was just how intimidating and powerful higher-beings were.

Now that the higher-beings had left, everywhere became lively again, and everyone returned to their lives as usual. There were many battles, but the Devil Horn Empire did not make any noise and continued to get along with everyone else. It engaged in trading with the surrounding worlds; no one knew when it would bare its fangs again.

Zhao Fu continued to collect information and soon heard some big news, which was that a higher-being really had taken a disciple. However, it was not someone from one of the 20 Royal Kingdoms but someone from the Ancient Stem Domain's Five Great Sects.

Anyone who could be chosen to become a disciple of a higher-being would be admired by all; this was an incredibly good stroke of luck. Of course, this included Zhao Fu. With a higher-being as someone they could rely on, they would be able to sweep across the Heaven Awaken World unhindered and would not have to fear anything.

Zhao Fu did not dare to appear in front of any higher-beings because he was afraid of his identity being exposed. There were still quests to kill him on the Heaven Spirit Stele, and there were now more and more of them.

Now that someone from that Sect had become a disciple of a higher-being, no one dared to offend that Sect, and everyone expressed their good intentions. Everyone understood that they could not afford to offend this Sect.

Zhao Fu also heard that there were people looking from him. Zhao Fu could not help but think about the Third Prince. Apart from him, no one would be looking for him; the Third Prince definitely wanted to get rid of the grass by its roots. After hearing about this, Zhao Fu remained expressionless, but a cold light glinted in his eyes.

After this, he also heard that there was a Kingdom looking for a son-in-law for the Emperor. Anyone who married the Princess would receive territory and power, and the Princess was also as beautiful as a Celestial.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in this, not because of the Princess, but because of the territory. This Kingdom was on the edge of the Grassi Kingdom.

Zhao Fu did not know when the Heavenly Domain Boundary would disappear, and Great Qin had successfully infiltrated the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world, and it had quite some power there. Zhao Fu wanted to also set up a chess piece in the Grassi world in order to make preparations for when Great Qin charged out of the Legacy Land.

Just like the factions in the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world, with Great Qin's help, the faction could slowly take over the Grassi world.

As such, Zhao Fu had to find a suitable target. It was best for this target to be a small faction that he would be able to control easily. However, it could not be too small, or it would take too long to develop. Zhao Fu felt that this Kingdom would be the best target.

Moreover, even though the Kingdom offered territory, power, and a beautiful princess, not many people went because the Kingdom was in deep trouble.

It was fighting with other Kingdoms and was in an unfavorable position. Many of its defensive lines had been breached, and the Emperor had just died. There were many people fighting for power, resulting in a chaotic situation.

Going might result in nothing, and they might get dragged in. Moreover, if they wanted to marry the Princess, they needed to have 300 Cities.

This was no small number - that Kingdom only had 200 or so regions and 900 or so Cities. Asking for 300 Cities was equivalent to asking for one-third of what they already had, which was quite daring.

If it was a Dukedom Kingdom or a Royal Kingdom requiring a betrothal gift like this, it would be quite reasonable. However, it was just a Princess of a Barony Kingdom; this was simply asking for too much.

Moreover, even if that Kingdom was giving territory and power, it was still not certain if it was going to be destroyed. They were in dire straits, and if their Kingdom was destroyed, those 300 Cities would be doomed too.

It could be said that this Kingdom was essentially selling off their Princess because they were in a crisis. They were at an immense disadvantage, so they needed 300 City Lords to help defend against the attacks.

In this sort of scenario, who would be willing to spend 300 Cities to marry a Princess? This was not very rational, and the neighboring Kingdoms were completely unwilling.

Zhao Fu thought about it. Spending 300 Cities was not a big deal because he viewed the Kingdom as his own. As such, he decided to head to this Barony Kingdom.

This Kingdom was called Lelai Kingdom, and the person in power was a six year old Emperor. Of course, a child like him could not make any decisions, so the Empress Dowager was the one supporting him. The other branches of the imperial family did not accept him and were trying to seize power.

The power that the little Emperor held was less than all the other branches had combined. Being deposed was a matter of time, and the Princess was the little Emperor's older sister.

These 300 Cities would also be used for internal conflicts in order to solidify the little Emperor's dominion. No one knew if the Princess had done this voluntarily; she most likely did it to protect her little brother's position as Emperor.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu returned 300 Cities into their original states in order to avoid revealing his true identity, and he then headed to the Lelai Kingdom.

"Go and report that I'm here to marry the Princess." Zhao Fu said to the guard as he came to the entrance of the palace while wearing his black cloak.

"What? You're here to marry the Princess?" the guard asked in surprise. It had been half a month, and it was the first time someone had come for the Princess' hand in marriage. After all, because of the Lelai Kingdom's situation, no one wanted to spend 300 Cities to become marry the Princess.

After they made the announcement, the Lelai Kingdom had been waiting seriously. The main branch had been hoping for someone to come and help as soon as possible, while the other branches felt quite nervous. Anyone who could spend 300 Cities would definitely be quite extraordinary.