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 "Hahaha..." Ye Cang suddenly loudly laughed, causing everyone to look at him. He said, "I long since knew this day would come, which was why I signed the highest grade Blood Contract with you. You don't dare to kill me, or you'll die a horrible death."

"You!" Zhao Fu furiously shouted, his powerful aura spreading out like a wild gale, causing everyone to feel incredibly shocked. They felt admiration towards Ye Cang; he dared to speak like this to such an expert and not fear being turned to dust.


The cloaked figure took out a gray crystal sword and sent his powerful energy into it, causing it to give off a dangerous sword light as if he was going to kill Ye Cang.

Ye Ningshuang had no idea what was going on, but seeing that her man was about to kill the Legatee of her clan, she could not help but come to Zhao Fu's side. She looked quite pained as she pleaded, "Honey, please don't do this!"

Zhao Fu paused; he had never thought that Ye Ningshuang would come out. In actuality, Zhao Fu did not plan to attack anyways - after all, he and Ye Cang were the same person. He was simply putting on an act to provide an opportunity to retreat.

Seeing that Ye Ningshuang had come out, this made it easier for Zhao Fu to step down. Everyone saw the powerful cloaked figure coldly harrumph before saying to Ye Cang, "In the future, don't come to find me for the Night Dynasty's matters!"

Following this, Zhao Fu put his arm around Ye Ningshuang and turned into a ray of light that vanished over the horizon.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had left, the other cloaked figures also turned into rays of light and left. The countless Wyverns flew away, and the Corpse Soul Commanders turned and walked away.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings dissatisfiedly looked at the City Lords in front of them. Through following Great Qin, they had devoured countless City Lords' corpses, receiving a lot of power.

They had not yet had enough, but because of how fearsome and mighty Zhao Fu was, they could only turn back and slowly fly off.

The massive army that attacked the Western Continent also slowly retreated like a tide.

Ye Cang turned to look at the allied side with a cool gaze and said, "As you can see, I am unable to control that mysterious faction, and they did not put the Night Dynasty in their eyes at all.

"In actuality, there was no need for me to step out. I could have just allowed them to destroy the Dark Demon world, but then I would lose everything as well, and the Night Dynasty would perish at my hands. Thus, I'll give you all a chance to quickly develop and obtain enough power to resist that organization.

"What you just saw was a division of the organization that is responsible for dealing with some troublesome things. However, they will not commit too much; as long as we go about it the right way, the Dark Demon world has a chance at defeating them.

"The Southern Continent will now be controlled by that organization, so without enough strength, don't try to attack them. This is your last warning."

After speaking, Ye Cang led the Night Dynasty's people and left.

After seeing all of this, the City Lords were all dumbfounded. A crisis that threatened the destruction of the Dark Demon world had been resolved, just like that? That was simply too unbelievable. None of them could come back to their senses and felt that this wasn't real.

They rubbed their eyes and found that that ferocious army really had retreated; they had achieved victory without even fighting.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief before they started cheering. They could not hide the joy in their hearts; without sacrificing a single soldier or suffering any losses, the mysterious organization and the Night Dynasty had retreated due to their internal conflict.

This was an incredibly pleasant surprise; they had all made preparations to suffer countless casualties and to even be destroyed. However, the situation had turned around incredibly quickly, making everyone feel dumbfounded.

Ye Cang was quite suspicious, but they had all seen that the mysterious organization reigned above the Night Dynasty, and the Night Dynasty was just a tool to them. They did not put the Night Dynasty in their eyes at all.

Moreover, they had even said that they would make all Dark Demon people their slaves, including the Night Dynasty. It could be seen that they did not value the Night Dynasty at all.

Perhaps what Ye Cang said was true. Ordinary people would not be able to tell their enemies to develop and become more powerful.

After all, if the mysterious organization destroyed the Dark Demon world, none of them would benefit. The Night Dynasty would also be destroyed or enslaved, so they could only choose to help the rest of the Dark Demon world.

They wondered just how Ye Cang had formed that connection with the mysterious organization and what the relationship between them really was. However, they felt that Ye Cang had harmed others, and now he had harmed himself. He had dragged the entire Dark Demon world into such a crisis.

However, some people were still quite suspicious. Looking at the retreating army, they wanted to give chase and deal a big blow to the mysterious organization.

However, things had been resolved so simply, and their three Continents were safe. They had achieved their goal, and if they enraged the mysterious organization and it sent out their full army, the Dark Demon world might just be destroyed.

They had no way of ensuring that this would not happen, and the mysterious organization might really have that kind of strength. As such, they hesitated and chose to give up on that idea.

Right now, the key thing was not to attack but to construct useful defenses. They could not allow others to freely rampage about in their Continent and instantly attack so many regions. They had to construct powerful defenses to be able to resist in the future.

After the ordinary people heard about this, they all let out a sigh of relief. Ye Cang's name was heard by everyone in the world, and what was the most shocking was that he was called a hero. After all, it was because of him that the mysterious organization had stopped their invasion, so it could be said that he had saved the Dark Demon world.

Everyone's favorability towards him greatly increased, and even though he had helped the mysterious organization, in the end, he had stood with the Dark Demon world.

Zhao Fu did not expect this at all, and he did not mind too much either. After retreating from the Western Continent, he first refused Ye Ningshuang's request to serve him out of gratitude, then ordered people to start constructing defenses on the Southern Continent.

Zhao Fu was quite worried about the other side attacking, so he wanted to properly protect the Southern Continent and isolate it from the other Continents.

The Dark Demon side also constructed defensive lines to protect their own Continents. Both sides quickly built defenses, worried about the other side suddenly attacking, but neither side knew that the other side was thinking the exact same thing.

Soon, Bai Qi calculated all of their gains from this operation, causing Zhao Fu to feel pleasantly surprised.