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 In terms of numbers, the allied side had the advantage, but in terms of aura, Great Qin's aura was far superior. Their countless City Lords were dressed in black cloaks and gave off terrifying auras as they stood in the sky. Countless Wyverns circled about, and there were heavily armored giants on the ground.

Most terrifying were the eight Aquatic Beast Kings that stood spaced apart from each other. Their terrifying auras seemed to cause space to twist, and they rushed forwards like a flood.

After conquering hundreds of regions in the Western Continent, Great Qin could only stop here after the various factions arrived and gathered.

Zhao Fu wore his black cloak as he gave off a horrifying aura, making it seem like a massive formless pressure was weighing down on everyone's bodies. Their expressions fell - they had never felt such an immense power before.

"Hmph, what does the Dark Demon race have to say for yourselves? We did not want to make any trouble and destroyed the Vile Dynasty as a warning, yet you dared to repeat your mistakes. You have already enraged us, and destroying your Dark Demon world is something incredibly simple for us. Are you still trying to resist?" Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, and his cold voice contained an incredible amount of killing intent and a sense of disdain and contempt.

Feeling Zhao Fu's disdain and contempt, the various factions felt even less confident. Even though they had many people, they were not clear as to that mysterious organisation's true power. If they sent even more experts, what would they do?

Just this cloaked figure in front of them would take over 1,000 City Lords to deal with; if there were a few more people like him, their Dark Demon world would indeed be doomed.

A person deeply breathed in and anxiously walked out, saying, "Sir, the ones who attacked you were the Southern Continent's factions, and they have already been destroyed. They brought it on themselves. Our factions from the other Continents never participated, and we have no intention of offending you."

"Hmph!" Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, saying domineeringly, "The entire Dark Demon race is at fault, so the entire Dark Demon world is doomed. Originally, our faction did not want to bother with a new world like yours, but now we'll be destroying you all.

"Our race's true experts will be arriving soon. Trying to stop them with your strength is simply dreaming. From today onwards, we will be making your Dark Demon race our slaves; bring out all of your women and treasures! A lowly race like you, hahaha..."

Those words caused the Dark Demon people to feel quite angry, but they could only endure it. If the other side's true experts descended, the entire Dark Demon race would be finished.

Moreover, even if they fought now, they did not have a big advantage. Even if they managed to win, it would be a pyrrhic victory, and they would suffer immense losses. They did not have any confidence facing this mysterious faction.

Zhao Fu was also quite wary. Most of Great Qin's top-tier forces were here, but if they fought, Great Qin would most likely lose. If their main force suffered such a great loss here, Great Qin's situation in the human world would become incredibly dangerous.

Zhao Fu absolutely would not fight this battle, which Great Qin was doomed to lose. Once any fighting broke out, Zhao Fu would immediately give the order to retreat to the human world, and they would only be able to give up on the Southern Continent and the Night Dynasty.

In actuality Zhao Fu was just bluffing to scare the other side. As such, he had to have an unyielding stance and show no weakness.

After Zhao Fu had heard about what the factions from the other Continents were doing, he immediately made the plan to attack the other Continents. Zhao Fu could not defend against the entire Dark Demon world allying together. Because they had only just conquered the Southern Continent, Great Qin had to take the initiative to attack and act as if they had the power to easily destroy the Dark Demon world.

If they did not do this, Great Qin would fall into the weaker position and would be suppressed by the other factions.

If they remained in the Southern Continent, they would not feel as much fear, as they would be able to guess at Great Qin's strength. This could lead to them attacking.

Now that Great Qin acted as if it could easily destroy their world, they would naturally fear Great Qin and not feel as much confidence.

Zhao Fu seemed incredibly arrogant, but his confidence was completely fake. If they started fighting, Zhao Fu would immediately run and try to preserve most of Great Qin's forces.

Since Zhao Fu did not attack, the other side did not attack either, resulting in a stalemate.

"Hmph! Turn the Dark Demon people into slaves? Does that include the Night Dynasty? You'd best watch your attitude, I remember our original agreement was not like this. You'd best not take things too far!" a furious voice sounded out - it was Ye Cang.

This made the various factions' people feel quite startled. They had never thought that Ye Cang would suddenly appear and confront the cloaked man. What was going on? Whose side was Ye Cang on? Were they about to start fighting among themselves?

However, this made sense - that cloaked figure had been talking about the entire Dark Demon race, and Ye Cang and the Night Dynasty were part of it.

From how everyone else understood it, the Night Dynasty had long since been taken over by the mysterious organization, and the mysterious organisation had been controlling it this entire time. However, it seemed that things were not as they thought.

Zhao Fu glared at Ye Cang as he also said furiously, "It was the Dark Demon race that offended us first. Making you slaves is already gracious; you should all be thanking us. Becoming our slaves is glory for you."

Ye Cang's expression was calm as he said seriously, "The Dark Demon race is part of the Demon Race, which is one of the more powerful Races; how could we become your slaves?"

Zhao Fu's eyes became cold as he emanated killing intent, saying, "Then you're seeking death. Do you think the Dark Demon race can stop us? What a joke!"

After speaking, Zhao Fu's massive aura covered the Night Dynasty's forces as if he was about to attack them.

This caused the Night Dynasty's people and the allied army to feel quite dumbfounded; how did they start suddenly fighting among themselves?

None of them had expected such a thing; the Night Dynasty's people had thought that this mysterious organization was helping them, but it now wanted to destroy them.

The Night Dynasty's City Lords started to feel nervous. Looking at the cloaked City Lords, they were worried that they would suddenly attack.

This scene caused the allied army to feel both happy and worried. Happy, because if the Night Dynasty and the mysterious organization fought, it would make it easier to defeat the mysterious organization. However, they were also worried because this mysterious organization might really be far more terrifying than they could expect. That cloaked figure did not seem to put the Dark Demon race in his eyes at all, and even though they felt quite angry, it seemed like there was a reason for him to act like this.

Should they fight? Seeing this scene, everyone felt quite hesitant and did not feel very confident.