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 The information about the matter in the Southern Continent was soon delivered to the various faction on other Continents, and they realized just what had happened; why the allied army had been defeated and why the Night Dynasty had suddenly exploded out with the power to unify a Continent.

So it was because of that mysterious faction supporting them; back then, a few Legatees had clashed with someone from that mysterious faction before.

It was where the eight Aquatic Beast Kings had been sealed - they had wanted to break the seal but had nearly suffered a backlash from the seal. The feeling that the mysterious cloaked figure gave them was incredibly terrifying, making it so that they did not even dare to attack him.

Back then, the mysterious figure had arrogantly spoken, telling the entire Dark Demon world to watch themselves and not offend the Night Dynasty, or else they would bear the consequences.

Moreover, the 800 City Lords and countless Wyverns that had destroyed the Vile Dynasty were merely just a small team. If even a small team could destroy the Vile Dynasty like this, just how terrifying would the entire organisation be?

That small team's power had been immense, boosting the Night Dynasty's position from one of the weaker factions to becoming the number one faction in the Southern Continent. Everyone became incredibly alert, worried that the mysterious organisation would make a move against them.

However, despite the Vile Dynasty being destroyed for so long, that mysterious organization did not do anything else, and the Night Dynasty humbly developed at a speed slower than theirs.

From the information they had received, that mysterious organisation seemed to have disappeared, and without it helping the Night Dynasty, they did not care about the Night Dynasty at all. After such a long time, they paid less and less attention to the existence of the Night Dynasty.

It was only when the Night Dynasty suddenly devoured three top-tier factions, resulting in them being allied against by the entire Southern Continent, that they had once again noticed the Night Dynasty.

There was another reason - back then, 800 City Lords was a powerful force, but now it could only be considered ordinary. Which top-tier faction did not have a few hundred City Lords now? Almost all top-tier factions were like this.

As such, they did not place too much focus on that mysterious organization, and they had thought that the Night Dynasty would not have much power to resist and would be destroyed by the allied army. This would be a good opportunity to get rid of that threat.

However, the mysterious organisation had once again acted, suddenly destroying the allied army and taking over the Southern Continent - this was simply too shocking. They never expected that the mysterious organization would be so monstrous.

It seemed that the 800 City Lords from last time really were just a small team and that the immense power they had just shown might not even be their full strength. That mysterious organization's strength was simply unfathomable.

What should they do now? Many factions hurriedly gathered together to discuss this. If they could not think of a way to deal with this, they would all be in danger.

Some people suggested to gather all of the power in the remaining three Continents. Even if that mysterious organisation was unimaginably powerful, they could not just give up like this; even if they all died, they had to fight to the death.

Others said that the matter in the Southern Continent had nothing to do with them; it was all because the factions in the Southern Continent had wanted to destroy the Night Dynasty, resulting in the mysterious organisation acting. If they maintained their neutrality, it was possible that the mysterious organisation would not do anything after devouring the Southern Continent. After all, that mysterious organization had such immense power, so why did it wait until now to act? It must have been because those people had enraged it. However, just to take precautions, it might still be good to form an allied army to defend.

Other people suggested having a truce with the mysterious organization. Since the Southern Continent had already been taken over by them, they might as well just let them have it. As long as their Continents could survive, that would be enough.

Everyone had different opinions and made various suggestions, making it difficult to make a decision quickly.

"Your Majesty, the Southern Continent has been fully conquered; we are now picking up the pieces," Bai Qi respectfully bowed as he reported to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu smiled in satisfaction; Great Qin had obtained another Continent. If they could completely devour it, Great Qin's overall strength would go up by another level.

At the same time, even though they had not fully calculated their gains from conquering the Southern Continent, they would definitely be quite great and could cause Zhao Fu to be ecstatic.

At that moment, Zhao Fu received some news about the other Continents, and after thinking about it, he said, "Quickly clear out the battlefields and head to the Western Continent as quickly and ferociously as possible."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Bai Qi thought about it and understood Zhao Fu's intentions. He smiled and went to carry out his orders, and soon, Great Qin's forces attacked the Western Continent.

Immediately, the Dark Demon world's Western Continent heard about this and became incredibly panicked. Everyone hurriedly headed over, worried that the mysterious organisation would destroy them as well.

The two other Continents were incredibly shocked as well. The mysterious organisation had just devoured the Southern Continent, yet it was not satisfied and wanted to devour the Western Continent too. This appetite was simply too great; being too greedy could make one burst from being too full!

The thing that everyone was most worried about happened in the end, and now, they had to quickly act. Otherwise, they felt that the entire Dark Demon world was going to fall. That mysterious organization was simply too ambitious. If they truly wanted to take over the Dark Demon world, they would have to fight to the death.

Under such a massive threat, everyone in the Dark Demon world was incredibly worried. They had never thought that the operation to destroy the Night Dynasty would suddenly drag in the entire world and cause the world to fall into a crisis. This was too shocking.

Countless Dark Demon people hurried over to the Western Continent. This time, they had to stop the mysterious organisation. If it destroyed the Western Continent as well, the remaining two Continents would be doomed.

When that time came, they would either die or submit to the Night Dynasty. After all, the relationship between the Night Dynasty and the mysterious organization was quite unclear. It was possible that the Night Dynasty would unify the Dark Demon world and become the only Dynasty in the Dark Demon world.

If that happened, the Dark Demon world would completely belong to the Night Dynasty, and they would not have a chance. They would only be able to prostrate themselves at the Night Dynasty's feet; with their noble and arrogant personalities, how could they be willing to do such a thing?

The situation in the Dark Demon world became quite tense. Even the ordinary residents paid a great deal of attention to this because this concerned their lives as well. Some ordinary people started to feel quite afraid, hoping that they would not be destroyed by the Night Dynasty.

By now, Great Qin had led its army into the Western Continent, giving off an aura as massive as an ocean's as they swept across regions. They were completely unstoppable, and in just a few moments, they had conquered hundreds of regions.

The people from the other Continents quickly arrived, and soon, the two armies officially clashed.