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 The various Cities were all in chaos and shouting, crying and wailing filled the air. Countless people ran about in terror, and facing the incoming Night Dynasty, they had no strength to retaliate.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings each happily took a City for themselves and started rampaging. After killing everyone and destroying the City, they would devour the City Creation Stone and move onto the next City.

Cities were conquered incredibly quickly, and countless people died in terror. Corpses filled the Cities, and the smell of blood continuously spread. The number of deaths continuously rose, and it was the largest catastrophe in the Dark Demon world.

Because of how much killing there was, the bloody qi filled the sky, dyeing the sky blood-red. The austere and savage killing aura continuously pushed onwards.

Great Qin's forces took down Cities while the Night Dynasty's soldiers were responsible for taking in the surrendered people. More and more regions were conquered, and more and more captives were taken, and the Night Dynasty's overall strength quickly rose.

Soon, more than half of the Southern Continent had fallen. With those regions taken over by Great Qin, the remaining factions quickly gathered together to attempt to resist.

This alliance gathered in the Black Demon region, and they prepared to fight to the death with Great Qin in order to put an end to its unstoppable momentum.

Facing this force, Great Qin showed no fear at all. It brought the surrendered City Lords and soldiers towards the Black Demon region and gathered there. This was the Southern Continent's final bit of resistance, and Zhao Fu wanted to get rid of them decisively before unifying the Southern Continent. This would prevent anything unexpected from happening.

The two armies gathered in the Black Demon region, and the austere aura caused the entire Black Demon region to seem to freeze. Countless beasts madly ran because the auras from the two armies were simply too horrifying.

As they clashed, the Southern Continent side was dumbfounded. The Night Dynasty now had over 60,000 City Lords on their side, and their army numbered over 800 million.

Most of them were surrendered City Lords and soldiers. Because they were in a rush, they were immediately sent into battle. At the same time, they offered them many benefits to solidify their loyalty, and Great Qin led them to gather here.

On the other hand, the Southern Continent side had barely 9,000 City Lords and 400 million soldiers. They were completely inferior to the Night Dynasty's forces.

"Charge!!" After seeing this army, the Night Dynasty's forces did not say anything and directly gave the order to charge. The army flooded forwards like a tsunami, giving off an aura that made it seem like it could destroy anything.

This shocking aura caused many of the Southern Continent's soldiers' bodies to freeze, feeling only terror in their hearts. The other side was simply too strong, and they felt incredibly helpless.

After seeing the army that had swept across the entire Southern Continent, the resisting City Lords felt incredibly shocked. They far exceeded anything that they had expected, and even though they had heard that this force was immensely powerful, they did not know any precise numbers. They had never thought that the Night Dynasty would become so powerful.

They had 9,000 City Lords and 400 million soldiers, while they had to face 60,000 or so City Lords and 800 million soldiers. This did not even include the Wyverns flying in the air, that group of ferocious giants, or the incredibly monstrous massive beasts.

How could they even fight? Facing such a powerful faction, even an idiot knew that they were doomed to lose without even a trace of hope. Now, they could only run; otherwise, they would not even have a chance to run later. They would all die here.

Seeing that the Night Dynasty had such horrifying power, the Southern Continent army lost all courage and immediately retreated. Most City Lords quickly flew away, and only a small portion of the City Lords chose to resolutely defend, but they were massacred in a matter of moments. Great Qin continued to chase down the retreating army.

In just a few hours, the Southern Continent army had been destroyed, and only one-third of them were able to run back to their own regions. The remaining two-thirds had either been killed or had submitted to Great Qin.

That was the Southern Continent's final bit of resistance, which had been crushed by Great Qin as well. Great Qin could now freely go through the entire Southern Continent and continue clearing out and conquering regions. The Dark Demon people in their way all knelt in terror and submitted.

Now that the Southern Continent had fallen, a large number of people ran to other Continents, and after hearing this news from their mouths, the entire Dark Demon world was shaken.

The various factions had been waiting to watch a good show and for the allied army to destroy the Night Dynasty, that immense threat.

What had happened completely went against all of their expectations; none of them could have predicted such a thing.

The ordinary people had even less of an idea about this. They had no idea about what was going on in the Southern Continent. They did not know about the allied army attacking the Night Dynasty and went about their lives as normal. Only after meeting refugees from the Southern Continent did they hear about this shocking news.

Not only did the Night Dynasty defeat the allied army, but it also conquered the entire Southern Continent. This news made them feel so shocked that they could not speak; it completely exceeded anything they could imagine.

Even the strongest faction in the Dark Demon world had never dared to try to unify a Continent. After all, it was simply too difficult, and the resistance would be too great. Before they could unify the Continent, they would be destroyed by other factions.

Now that the Night Dynasty had accomplished this impossible task, it now possessed one of the four Continents of the Dark Demon world. It could be said that one-quarter of the Dark Demon world now belonged to the Night Dynasty.

This news was simply too shocking. It was a faction that only had a few hundred regions, but it had suddenly expanded and conquered the entire Southern Continent.

The Eastern Continent's Legatees were shaken by this matter as well. How could the Night Dynasty have such immense strength? How could the Southern Continent have been conquered so easily? With this sort of momentum, who could stop the Night Dynasty? It seemed like it was on the way to unify the entire world.

The three other Continents were all incredibly panicked, and countless factions launched emergency meetings to discuss how to deal with the terrifying Night Dynasty. They had to band together or else everyone would die. That was how terrifying the Night Dynasty was.

The Eastern Continent's Demon Heaven Sect also took this matter seriously. Even though Mo Qi was heavily injured and still recovering, they sent many Elders to participate in the meetings.

The Night Dynasty made it so that the entire Dark Demon world could not feel at ease. Countless factions were shaken, and everyone lived in fear of the Night Dynasty. Now, the Night Dynasty was still devouring the remaining bits of the Southern Continent, and everyone was quite worried that it would turn on the other Continents once it was done.