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 Corpses covered the ground, and almost all of them were from the allied army. Out of the 600 million soldiers, only 200 million remained, and they were being quickly killed. Blood dyed the ground red as far as the eye could see, and the stench of blood was incredibly strong. Even the blue sky seemed to be dyed blood-red.

If they did not surrender, they would all die here. Facing the Night Dynasty's encirclement, as well as their oppressive strength, none of them were able to escape.

Everyone understood this and felt incredibly discouraged. They were completely doomed and had no chance at victory. They did not expect this at all; how could the Night Dynasty have so many City Lords, Wyverns, and giants?

They had completely lost, and if it wasn't for these things, they would have long since destroyed the Night Dynasty.

They had heard that the Night Dynasty had the support of a mysterious faction, but that mysterious faction was simply too powerful. It had the power to sweep across an entire Continent, and after personally seeing this terrifying power, they could not help but feel fearful and admit that they were far inferior.

They wondered what the true strength of that mysterious faction was like. They did not even know if the mysterious faction had used all of its strength while helping the Night Dynasty this time.

However, they heard that the mysterious faction came from outside, and it was a large faction in the Heaven Awaken World. Its true strength definitely was not just this and could be dozens of times more powerful. If that was the case, the Dark Demon world was in danger.

The remaining allied forces rationally chose to surrender, and Zhao Fu accepted their surrender.

Now that the City Lords had surrendered, the soldiers below also followed in suit. They put down their weapons and obediently knelt and submitted to the Night Dynasty.

The Night Dynasty's people happily and excitedly cheered. This crisis had been a life or death matter for them, but they had survived and not been destroyed. They were simply too happy.

Moreover, they had completely annihilated the allied forces while suffering only small losses. This was one of the Night Dynasty's biggest victories.

Of course, they were incredibly grateful to the mysterious faction. If it wasn't for them, the Night Dynasty would not have been able to defend at all. At the same time, they were completely shocked as to how powerful this mysterious faction was, and they were curious about what the true identity of that faction was.

"Your Majesty, the City Lords and soldiers have all submitted. What should our next step be?" Bai Qi respectfully enquired of Zhao Fu after ordering Great Qin's people to take care of the situation.

Zhao Fu nodded and said, "Prepare to attack the rest of the Southern Continent!"

Only by using Great Qin's power would they be able to resist an allied force. Once Great Qin's strength was leaked, the Night Dynasty would be viewed with even more hostility, and there would be even more people allying together to attack the Night Dynasty. As such, there was no point in hiding anything, and it would be better to directly unify the Southern Continent.

They would occupy one of the Continents as their base and resist the three other Continents while also quickly increasing Great Qin's overall strength.

This was Zhao Fu's goal. Originally, Zhao Fu had not wanted to do this because the risks and pressure were quite great. For example, almost all of Great Qin's forces were here, leaving behind only the Civil Ministers, some City Lords, and the soldiers in the human world. It was an incredibly weak force.

If the human world knew that Great Qin had moved out to attack the Dark Demon world, they would instantly attack Great Qin, resulting in heavy losses for Great Qin.

After all, most of Great Qin's top-tier forces were in the Dark Demon world and did not have any way to quickly return. By the time their main force returned to the human world, it would be too late.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Bai Qi replied before immediately leaving to give out commands. Great Qin's City Lords obeyed their orders, quickly flying away.

The Wyverns circled around in the sky, and after receiving their orders, they also created large gales as they flew ahead.

The 100 meter tall Corpse Soul Commanders dressed in heavy armor and holding large shields marched forwards, their footsteps like thunder.

The eight Aquatic Beast Kings looked quite excited. They loved the feeling of massive slaughter like this and had not had enough yet. Hearing that they were going to advance, they roared in joy and gave off terrifying auras as they advanced.

The City Lords, Wyverns, Corpse Soul Commanders, and eight Aquatic Beast Kings all advanced together. This scene was incredibly awe-inspiring and quite rare. They gave off a horrifying aura that seemed to shake the entire world, and no one could stop them.

At first, the Night Dynasty's people did not understand what was happening, but after receiving the order to fight, they understood in shock that the mysterious faction wanted to unify the Southern Continent.

Unifying the Continent! This was something that they did not even dare to think about because it was even more difficult than scaling the heavens. They definitely would not be able to do such a thing; to be able to establish a Kingdom would already make them feel quite satisfied.

Hearing that the mysterious faction wanted to unify the Southern Continent, this completely exceeded anything they could imagine, but they also felt incredibly excited. After all, no one in the Dark Demon world could do this. If the Night Dynasty could accomplish this, their names would be recorded in history forever.

"Kill!" A mighty flood surged forwards, their auras as fierce as tigers as they devoured everything in their path.

First were the nearest factions. However, most of these people had joined the alliance, so many of them were already dead or had already surrendered. There were only residents and some soldiers left in those Cities.

There would be no obstacles in taking down those Cities. For the Cities that had lost their City Lords, most people hurried to run away. All that the Great Qin had to do was bring the City Lord Seals and take over the Cities. The surrendered Cities were also taken over easily without any problems.

Large numbers of people ran, and the entire Southern Continent fell into chaos. Most ordinary people did not know what had happened, and seeing the countless people running away, they felt quite curious as to what had happened.

They soon found out that the allied army had suffered a crushing loss and that the Night Dynasty was starting to rampage through regions, continuously conquering Cities and killing all who resisted. They were forced to escape for their lives.

Everyone was incredibly shocked; no one had expected the Night Dynasty to win. Despite having so many people, the allied army had still lost. Just how terrifying was the Night Dynasty's strength?

After the other factions in the Southern Continent heard about this, their expressions fell, and they hurriedly decided to discuss how to face the Night Dynasty. However, they were too late - the Night Dynasty easily took over those regions and Cities and began a full assault.

City Lords giving off powerful auras appeared above Cities. They did not say anything and directly attacked City Halls without any fear.

Wyverns roared in the sky, creating large gales. Flames and icy blasts descended, sending houses ablaze and freezing terrified residents.

The massive Corpse Soul Commanders leapt over City Walls and entered the Cities, swinging their heavy weapons, such as large axes, hammers, and staffs, madly destroying everything in front of them.