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 Zhao Fu unleashed a massive sword qi vortex in the sky, which sucked in dozens of City Lords. These City Lords were unable to resist at all, and their bodies were instantly obliterated. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, leaving behind dozens of City Lord Seals.

Zhao Fu held his Death Disaster Sword as he turned into a ray of light and freely darted about within the army of City Lords. His sword lights were incredibly sharp, and each time sword lights flashed out, many City Lords were directly split in half. Even activating their defensive barriers was useless.

Now, Zhao Fu's speed at killing was much faster than before. No City Lord could withstand his attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Facing this crisis, the allied side started to use their Nation Armaments or Sect Armaments, wanting to twist the situation back around.

Seven terrifying auras burst out in the sky, causing clouds to swirl and for the atmosphere to become quite oppressive. The terrifying auras flooded out; these Nation Armaments and Sect Armaments were all quite powerful and were not something that ordinary City Lords could resist.

However, the situation became even worse for them. A roar sounded out as countless traces of demonic qi erupted out as a 100 meter tall Demon Sovereign King appeared, ferociously attacking, while Elise also cruelly smiled as she looked at the City Lords.

Massive General Stars giving off enormous pressure also slowly descended. Their auras created wild gales, and those nearby felt incredible terror. The eight General Stars' auras were not inferior to the seven Armaments' auras at all.

Zhao Fu's gaze fell on a cold-looking young man, who was one of the Legatees of the Southern Continent.


Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, causing a massive gray sword light containing incredible destructive power to fly towards that young man. The space around trembled as if it could not withstand the power.

The cold-looking young man's expression fell, and he used his Sect Armament to block in front of him. His Sect Armament was a black skeletal arm. It gave off a powerful demonic light as it opened its hand towards the sword light and a black energy barrier appeared.


The massive sword light crashed against the energy barrier, causing countless cracks to appear on it. The cold-looking young man's body trembled as blood leaked out of his lips. His expression was quite shocked as he found that even when using the full power of his Sect Armament, he was not a match for this person.


A sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu sent a massive amount of power from the Great Qin Seal into the Death Disaster Sword, causing the light it gave off to become even more powerful. Cold sword qi exploded out, and Zhao Fu rushed towards the cold-looking young man.

The cold-looking young man did not dare to use any ordinary weapons and continued to use his Sect Armament. The black skeletal arm gave off a large amount of demonic qi, which then formed a massive demon. It was half-demon and half-tiger, and it gave off a heaven-shaking roar and rushed towards Zhao Fu.


An enormous explosion sounded out and Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed. He flew towards that massive demon, and the Death Disaster Sword condensed an immense amount of gray sword light.

In just an instant, Zhao Fu shot past the demon, and the gray sword light split it apart at its waist, causing it to dissipate into demonic qi.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu continued onwards towards the cold-looking young man, and the golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun as chains shot out from the air towards the skeletal arm and the young man. The young man was a Legatee, and it would not be so easy to kill him directly.

Facing the countless chains, the cold-looking young man looked quite shocked as he continuously slashed out with his sword, sending out terrifying sword lights, while the skeletal arm gave off powerful demonic light, trying to stop the chains.

However, there were simply too many chains, and each one of them contained immense force. Finally, both the skeletal arm and the cold-looking young man were wrapped up in chains. The black skeletal arm was forcefully suppressed and put into Zhao Fu's Disaster King Ring, while the cold-looking young man was also sealed. After dealing with this Legatee, Zhao Fu turned to attack others.

On the ground, the eight Aquatic Beast Kings gave off world-destroying power as they ferociously attacked the army in front of them.

Chi, chi, chi...

The Sift Metal Stingray created a metallic wind storm that covered dozens of kilometers as it rushed towards the army. The wind storm seemed to be filled with countless sharp knives, reducing countless people to bits of flesh. As it flew past, millions of people were shredded to pieces by the wind storm, creating a gory scene.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The Earthwater Dragon Tortoise created tens of thousands of water orbs in an instant, each one of them two meters wide. They gave off shocking auras as they flew towards the army, blasting people apart.

Swish, swish, swish...

The Three Soul Great Snake rose up its body and opened its enormous mouth, shooting out countless rays of black light. The black rays of light were incredibly terrifying, silently piercing through crowds of people and killing innumerable people.

"Roar!!" The Netherocean Demon Whale roared as it opened its humongous mouth and gave off a shocking suction force. Countless people were dragged into its mouth, unable to resist at all, and it swallowed them whole. The Netherocean Demon Whale's stomach seemed to contain another dimension; even after eating hundreds of thousands of people, it was still not full.

The army desperately retaliated against the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, but the ordinary Stage 1 soldiers were unable to injure them at all. Whenever they shot out arrows, they would be blocked just by their auras alone. The arrows shot out by Stage 2 soldiers bounced off as if they were hitting tough metal, unable to harm the Aquatic Beast Kings.

On the other side, the Wyverns used their aerial advantage to continuously send down flames and icy blasts, burning or freezing soldiers. The armored Corpse Soul Commanders held their heavy shields as they continuously charged about.

The Night Dynasty's City Lords spread out, launching various attacks from the sky. Explosions continuously sounded out as terrifying lights devoured everything, and the Night Dynasty City Lords massacred the allied soldiers.

The different attacks caused the allied army to fall into complete chaos. They were unable to get into formation at all, and they continuously cried out and died, causing their morale to plummet.

On the other hand, the Night Dynasty's army was in perfect formation with the Shieldbearers at the front, Infantrymen with spears behind, and Archers in the back. Just like that, they attacked the enemy army in an orderly fashion.

Whether they were the City Lords above or the soldiers below, the allied army was being continuously whittled away.

"Arghh!" A cry sounded out as a Dynasty Legatee with a Nation Armament was cut into pieces by Zhao Fu. His broken body and blood fell to the ground, and Zhao Fu put away his City Lord Seal and Nation Armament.

"I surrender!" Seeing the City Lords around him continuously dying, one of the allied City Lords could not take the terror anymore and cried out.

Out of the 10,000 allied City Lords, around 6,000 had died, and the remaining ones were completely surrounded, unable to break out of the encirclement.