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 Chapter 605: Departure: An Increase In Strength (1)

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Gu Ruoyun grabbed her head tightly and let out a heart-wrenching scream. She then slowly lifted her head and her eyes were reddened as if they had been drenched in pools of fresh blood. Endless tears streamed down her face, carrying a heartache and rage that could bring the Armageddon.

"Tian Sheng, I, Gu Ruoyun, hereby swear that your debt in blood shall be paid with blood! I will not rest until you are dead!"

"Also, Yeh Luo and the Wolf's Fang Robbers... If it weren't for you all, I would never have come to this cave! Hence, I want all of you to follow him to the grave!!!"

Under normal circumstances, even if Gu Ruoyun have had a dispute with the two organizations, she would never have lashed out at other people. Now, Zixie's death has erased all sense of rationality in her! All she knows was that if it had not been for Yeh Luo's actions, she would never have fallen into such a place.

As such, be it the Yeh family or the Wolf's Fang Robbers, all shall follow Zixie to the grave!

A great wind rose and her soft black hair danced in the tempest. The woman's entire body burned with a disastrous murderous intent and her bloodshot eyes looked like she was possessed by a demon!


At this moment, there was only one thing on her mind!

That whirling mass of murderous intent encircled all four corners of the area. It intertwined with the strong tempest, bringing forth an extremely eerie aura.

Suddenly, a ray of purple light soared to the Heavens. Endless flames appeared from the phoenix's body. Under the scorching heat of the burning flames, Gu Ruoyun finally showed a different expression.

Her body stiffened as she watched the flames gradually burning the purple phoenix to ashes. Suddenly, as if gripped by madness, she rushed towards him and held the latter's body, ignoring the burning flames.

"Zixie, you cannot leave!!!"

"It was you who had made me who I am today. You had given me the power I now have. If this power cannot protect the ones I love, why would I even need them? What use are they to me?"

"As long as you come back, I'm willing to give it all back to you. Zixie, I'll return all this power to you so don't go, please?"

In that last sentence, her voice grew weak. She begged bitterly as the tears rolled down from her bloodshot eyes, riddled with pain and sorrow. Her body trembled, no matter how painful the burning flames were, she refused to loosen her hold on him.

She was terrified that if she had loosened her grip even for a moment, the phoenix would turn into ashes and scatter into the air.

However, no matter how much she was determined to make him stay, the purple flames continued to burn phoenix's body, turning it all into dust. The final residue from his body slowly disappeared from Gu Ruoyun's hands.


Gu Ruoyun's shoulders trembled violently as her dark eyes filled with hopelessness. Perhaps, from the moment she had met the man, she never imagined that this man, who had always stayed by her side and protected her, would one day disappear!


No longer able to endure the agony in her heart, Gu Ruoyun crumbled to the ground into a kneeling position. Her hands held the only remaining bit of Zixie's ashes. Suddenly, she burst into maniacal laughter. It was a laugh which dripped with insanity and rage.

"In my past life, my mother and my little brother had died because of me. My maternal grandfather and his entire family were dragged into the dirt because of me. In this life, Xiao Ye had fallen into a coma in order to protect me and now Zixie has given his life to save me! Everyone that I love has either died or suffered horribly because of me! God, why is it that you and I cannot seem to get along? Alright! Since that's the case, I, Gu Ruoyun, shall defy the Heavens in everything that I do! I will avenge them even if I have to dye this entire mainland red with blood!"

"I will kill anyone who dares to stop me! I will murder any god who dares to stand in my way! From now on, I, Gu Ruoyun, will no longer live for my own life!"