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 Chapter 233: Chaos in Central State

Boss Yu was also a shrewd old owl level character, otherwise how could the Giant Shark Gang progress by leaps and bounds in just twenty years?

Not only was Boss Yu cruel and merciless, he had also reached the 9th Awakened Soul Layer. After being baptized by the sea race relic for over twenty years, he had already reached the Perfection Realm. Although his land battle strength could not compare to his sea battle strength, it was not something ordinary people could block.

"Daring to kill the Chu Family's head!"


A cold wind filled the air!

Chu Shi angrily released his source spirit, pulling out the blood red sword on his back, stabbing out at Boss Yu. Before the blade arrived, the aura fell down and a blood like mist enveloped Boss Yu. This was the weapon spirit formed by Chu Shi after killing people for countless years, throwing a person's mind to chaos and making them go made.

Boss Yu also was affected by the sword and saw many illusions, but with Boss Yu's deep cultivations, he quickly broke free and used the bone cane to block the blood red sword.


Boss Yu was pushed by several steps by the sword qi and the fish bone cane continued to shake. A blood red stain remained on the white of the cane, as if it was slowly corrupting the weapon.

"You have some skills!" Under Boss Yu's mask, a pair of blue eyes stared at the enemy, sparkling with light, "The Chu Family really deserves to be one of the Four Great Families. It has been a long time since anyone has forced this old man back."

"Unknown person, give me your life!" Chu Shi's sword once again released a blood red glow, "Soul Sword Secret Art! Chaotic Storm Slash!"

Countless beams of sword qi was released and each sword qi exploded, creating a wild storm of attacks.

Boss Yu revealed a frown.

This attack was not only aimed at Boss Yu, it was also aimed at Meng Qingwu and all the surrounding people. Chu Shi knew that Boss Yu's cultivation was not low, so he chose to kill Meng Qingwu first!

"Fish God Barrier!"

Boss Yu threw his cane in front of Meng Qingwu and a water barrier appeared, being as thing as a cicada's wing, but having an astonishing strength and firmness. Chu Shi's sharp sword qi could not pass through it.

"Ah! Ah!"

The surrounding people were not as lucky. Most of them could not dodge the attacks and were hit by the sword qi, creating over a hundred casualties instantly.

Chu Tian had given Boss Yu the order to protect Meng Qingwu and hadn't told him to protect anyone else. Boss Yu was a ruthless character, he did not care about the other people, he just needed to take care of Chu Shi and end everything in one fell swoop!

As Chu Shi was preparing to take a step forward to attack.

Several beads of water shot at him.

Those seemingly ordinary beads of water fell onto the blood red blood and it released a violent power. The power condensed on the edge of the blade and knocked Chu Shi back several steps.

What is happening!

Who is this person?

His cultivation base was deeper than Chen Bingyu's!

It was impossible for Central State to have this kind of character!

While Chu Shi was being shocked, the fight on the stage had been decided. The arena had many cracks in it from the sword qi and Chu Xinghe was lying on the ground with a pale face. Chu Tian had several injuries formed from sword qi, but he was still standing at least.

At the deciding moment.....Chu Tian had won again!

Chu Tian had directly beaten Chu Xinghe!

"Kill him! Kill him!" Chu Shi angrily shouted, "Kill Chu Tian!"

Dozens of Chu Family experts charged onto the stage. Chu Tian had already been injured and could not fight anymore, this was a good chance to eliminate him. As for how they would explain this to the Imperial City and the Divine Wind Marquis, they did not have time to think about this now. If Chu Tian did not die, the three families would be finished!

"Die Chu Tian!"

The various Chu Family swordsman all launched their attacks.

"Who dares make a move against the Chairman!"

Four figures jumped into the sky at once, all of them summoning a giant silver shark, blocking the Chu Family members. They four of them easily took care of them, killing the Awakened Soul Experts of the Chu Family!

Four True Soul Realm Experts!

Chu Shi was completely stunned.

Everyone was completely stunned by this. When did Chu Tian have this kind of strength by his side!

The arena's situation fell into a deadlock.

Although the Chu Tian had more experts, the Chu Family had been completely prepared, bringing out over two hundred Awakened Soul Experts. It could be said that they had brought out everything. There were several Illustrious Soul Realm experts in their ranks that were determined to kill Chu Tian. Even if the five Yu Brothers worked together, it was still hard to block them.

"Kill Chu Tian and you'll be rewarded five hundred million!" Chu Shi roared into the sky, "Kill him!"

Five hundred million gold coins!

This was an amount that could make anyone in Central State City go crazy!

The Chu Family experts were like a pack of wolves, continuously attacking Chu Tian. Boss Yu's cultivation was higher than Chu Shi's, but Boss Yu was suited to fighting in water. Chu Shi's sword art was quite strong and had a shocking battle strength, so no one could gain the upper hand.

The Chu Family experts surrounded the four brothers. If they were just protecting themselves, then they could still hold on, but not only did they have to protect themselves, they also had to protect Chu Tian which made it difficult.

The Chu Family swordsman had high attainment in their sword art and strong battle power. Once they attacked together, their killing strength was quite strong. The four brothers held on for a while, but now they seemed injured.

No matter what the price was, Chu Tian had to die!

Under the wild attacks of the Chu Family, the four brothers could not hold on any longer. With several elders at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer working together, they destroyed the defenses of the weakest Old Fifth Yu and injured him. Then they charged at Chu Tian.

This was a young man with a monstrous talent!

But he was still destined to die under the Chu Family's sword!

When the Chu Family experts were about to finish it, a little snow white fox took out a puppet that instantly turned into the giant Hell Fire Demon. The Hell Fire Demon released a terrifying aura the moment it appeared that was at least in the True Soul Realm.

The Chu Family elder that attacked was sent back by the Hell Fire Demon in the end.



Several strong sounds rang out.

Several Chu Family elders were slammed down by Hell Fire's fists, instantly burning away their five visceras, taking away their lives!

Chu Tian gave a laugh, "I'll have to disappoint you, I won't die that easily!"

"What is this thing?"

When the Hell Fire Demon stood up, the Chu Family experts were shocked.

Cbu Tian coldly said, "Finish them!"

The Hell Fire Demon gave an angry roar and charged at the Chu Family members. After several senior elders were killed, the Chu Family's morale plummeted!

This monster was too strong!


Chu Shi's eyes turned red as he gave an angry roar. His scarlet sword turned into an illusion like a venomous snake, wishing to bypass Boss Yu and directly kill Chu Tian.

The Hell Fire Demon sent out a fireball. It had to be known that the Hell Fire Demon was on the level of the Eight Marquises, so even a casual fireball would be filled with a strong power. When Chu Shi raised his sword to block it, his protective spirit energy was completely evaporated.

The violent energy directly sent him flying.

Good opportunity!

Boss Yu turned into a giant shark and slammed into Chu Shi. Chu Shi was sent into the ground and his protective spirit energy was completely shattered.

"I'm unwilling!"

"I'm unwilling!"

"My Chu Family was eliminated by a family traitor!"

Chu Shi spat out blood while angrily roaring. What kind of prestige did the Chu Family have? With a powerful character like Chu Xinghe and experts like clouds, they could have remained in power for at least several hundred years.

Who would have thought that the Chu Family would have this kind of ending!

The person that made the Chu Family fall was someone of the Chu Family, what a joke this was!

"You talk too much!"

Boss Yu flicked his hand and a ball of water condensed in his hand, directly killing Chu Shi on the ground. This True Soul Expert with the title "Blood Drinking Sword", being a grand character in Central State for all these years had died like this.

The Family Head was dead!

The great remote elder was dead!

Chu Xinghe had also been finished!

The Chu Family's elites had been half killed. What hope did the Chu Family have left!

However, the arena was still filled with chaos with rivers of blood running, as countless innocent people were slaughtered in the chaos.

"The Blood Drinking Sword is only this strong!" Chu Tian picked up the top quality soul weapon, Blood Drinking Sword that Chu Shi dropped and raised it over his head, "Stop fighting. The Chu Family's great remote elder is dead and everything is over. If you throw down your swords, we won't kill you!"

The Chu Family members all had pale faces. Not only did the Family Head die, even the remote great elder had died.

How could they still not surrender?

The Chu Family had been completely defeated!

The Chu Family began to throw away their swords!

The Yu Brothers gave a long sigh of relief. It was was a good thing the Chu Family had surrendered because their battle strengths were really powerful. If they continued fighting, then the four brothers would have found it hard to retreat in one piece!

Although the Chu Family surrendered, the crisis was far from being over. Central State City had completely fallen into chaos.

The Luo Family's great remote elder Luo Wanxiang and Family Head Luo Liancheng were leading an army to attack Miracle Commerce!

The Ye Family's great remote elder Ye Yi and Family Head Ye Wudao were wildly attacking the Yun Family headquarters!

There was also a wild slaughter outside of Central State City. The army of the grand general Xiong Wuji was fighting against the Ye Family's wolf cavalry!

The Four Great Families and the military were all involved in this fight. Right now, there would be a bloody storm and a rivers of blood would flow. Countless people would be killed as the power structure was rearranged. It was hard to imagine just how brutal this fight would be!

There were many fires all over Central State City and half the city was enveloped in smoke!

There were people fighting on every street. There were many powers pulled into the fight and many experts fighting in the war.

Chu Tian revealed a frown, "We have to quickly end this fight!"

Meng Qingwu was clear that if they continued fighting like this, the entire Central State City would be done for.

Central State City was not a normal city, but rather a Main City. If a Main City was destroyed, the kingdom would be angered. Miracle Commerce would not be able to escape from being involved!

The three great families were hundred year old powers that had many relations with various powers. If Miracle Commerce wanted to destroy them, they had to do it silently. Otherwise, they might anger an important person in the Imperial City and suffer unimaginable consequences.

Right now they had no other choices.

Central State City was now a chaotic battlefield, which had never happened in the hundreds of years it had been built. Miracle Commerce had to take this chance and eliminate all their competition, establishing their own position. After they had occupied Central State, then they would have the power to fight against the various influences!

They couldn't rest yet!

They still had to fight!