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 Chapter 232: Golden Flood Dragon versus Flame Demon

When Chu Xinghe transformed into the flood dragon that surpassed the Illustrious Soul Realm, even if he fought against the three family heads, not only would he not be at a disadvantage, he even had a chance to win!

The sword qi from the golden flood dragon's mouth penetrated Chu Tian's defenses!

This was nothing more than a simple attack from Chu Xinghe, he had not used his real strength yet. There was a clear disparity in strength and Chu Xinghe no only had a higher cultivation base, his cultivation technique was also stronger.

The Chu Family's «Soul Sword Secret Art» was known as the cultivation technique with the strongest attack in the Chu Family.

Chu Xinghe's «Imperial Flood Dragon Sword Art» was an ancient sword art inheritance and was not inferior to Chu Tian's «Netherworld Flame Sword» at all.

Although Chu Tian had already use his intelligence and skills to refine and optimize the «Netherworld Flame Sword», making it stronger than the «Imperial Flood Dragon Sword Art», he was still only in the Large Success Realm.

Chu Xinghe's two sword arts had reached the peak, reaching the highest realm!

This was a gap that couldn't be easily surpassed, even for someone like Chu Tian!

"Since you're out of tricks, then die in peace!"

Chu Xinghe did not need to drag this one, so he would end this fight with a full force attack. He would finally end Chu Tian, this fellow that never should have appeared.

The golden flood dragon gave a roar.

From the shining scales on its body, it released a wild amount of sword qi, turning into a sword qi storm. The giant dragon seemingly turned into a sword that no matter how strong the thing in front of it was, it would destroy it all.

"Wishing to end the fight in a single blow?"

Chu Tian could not fight Chu Xinghe head on, so he raised his Netherworld Sword and released all his spirit energy for a single attack. The wild Netherworld Ghost Flames gathered around him and gathered around Chu Tian.

It did not gather on the blade's edge, but condensed right around Chu Tian.

This scene shocked everyone present. What was Chu Tian doing? Was he trying to light himself on fire?

"I'll let you have a taste of my handmade cultivation technique!" Chu Tian turned into a man of flames and a voice came from within the flames, "Flame Demon Transformation!"

Chu Tian's burning body continued to grow, until he became a ten meter tall giant.

That giant was completely composed of flames with two horns on its head and a pair of wings on its back, making it look like a terrifying demon. It released a sinister and cold abyss aura and the blue flames surrounding it did not dissipate, turning into crystals.

This move was too strong!

It completely surpassed their limits of cognition!

How did Chu Tian achieve this?

Actually Chu Xinghe transforming into the flood dragon was a higher realm of the man and sword as one.

When Chu Tian turned into the Flame Demon, he fused "Netherworld" into his body. This method came from the «Demon God Nine Changes» and was the same as the man and sword as one. This move was very dangerous because Chu Tian could not avoid being injured by the Netherworld Flame.

So he had to use the demon heart to balance it. The demon heart was the life core of the Hell Fire Demon and by having the demon heart on him, Chu Tian could turn into the Flame Demon and use the demon heart to protect himself.

The strength of the Netherworld Sword's spirit "Netherworld" depended on Chu Tian and itself. If the Netherworld Flame became stronger, Chu Tian had more spirit energy and the summoned Netherworld would be stronger.

When Chu Tian summoned Netherworld at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, it was already at the 5th Awakened Soul Layer and had defeated Shangguan Feichen with a single fist. With Chu Tian's current strength being increased, Netherworld's strength would increase by a level.

Chu Tian summoned the weapon spirit Netherworld and combined it with his body, so he turned into a giant ten meter tall Flame Demon.

When the golden dragon released sword qi.


Flame Demon roared into the sky.

The dark flames was released and a giant sword appeared in his hand. This blade had the power of the demon god, containing a destructive might that could sweep everything.

A single slash was sent out!

The golden flood dragon's sword qi was shattered!

Chu Xinghe was finally filled with amazement.....This was impossible!

When the golden flood dragon was in a daze, the Flame Demon took a heaven trembling step and brandished the giant, black demon god's sword. The giant sword containing power that could destroy mountains and rivers fell onto the golden flood dragon's body, chopping off a piece of that invulnerable body, being sent flying by that powerful might. It was like a snake thrown away by a snake as it slammed into the ground, creating a giant hole.


The entire stage trembled.

The sword wielding Flame Demon chased after the golden dragon. The golden dragon swept its tail and a wild sword qi was released. The Flame Demon quickly blocked it, but it was knocked back several steps.

Everyone was deeply shocked by this fight.

One had turned into a golden flood dragon and the other had turned into a giant Flame Demon. This fight had completely exceeded their imaginations, turning into a fight of heaven shaking demons and gods.

The two sides were both Awakened Soul Realm Cultivators!

The golden flood dragon began to revolve, turning into a giant golden drill, releasing a storm of shocking sword qi. The giant Flame Demon raised his black sword and with an earth rending aura, he began to condense all his strength.


The high speed rotating turned into a giant golden sword. All the scales on its body dissipated to form a giant sword that flew right at the Flame Demon.

The black giant sword swept across, shattering all the flying swords.

The Flame Demon once again raised the black flaming sword and condensed the strength within to the peak. Chu Tian overdrew his body, the weapon spirit, and his source spirit, drawing out all the power he had and focusing into the sword.

This was a sword that determined life and death!

Either he won or lost, there was no third option!

Chu Xinghe could feel that Chu Tian's life and death deciding aura and he did not hesitate. Even a single weakness in this fight could lead to death, so winning could only be gained from going all out!

The golden flood dragon turned into a golden giant sword that accumulated tens of thousands of sword qi into a single blade. A heaven shaking aura was released as the giant golden sword slashed at the Flame Demon!

Heaven Cutting Art!

Man and sword as one? What was the man and sword as one! Chu Xinghe had completely turned into his sword and this was the true man and sword as one!

Netherworld Ghost Slash!

Chu Tian released a quick and powerful slash that not only contained Chu Tian's power and the power of his source spirit, it even included the weapon spirit Netherworld's power. After this slash was over, Netherworld would weaken and would fall into a deep sleep!

The two sword glows collided in a violent clash.

Cracks began to form all around the ground on the arena, as the protective field exploded with the violent force. The terrifying energy turned into a storm that rampaged in all directions. Some spectators that were close to the arena were even sent flying by the force.

Too strong!

These were two monsters!

Chu Shi watched this from afar and he revealed a frown. He could not determine who won as he gave the order, "Move! Move now! Kill Chu Tian! Kill everyone related to Miracle Commerce!"

Those Chu Family swordsman hiding in the ground gave up on hiding and jumped out with their swords.


The crowd fell into chaos.



"The Chu Family is killing people!"

Chu Shi's order was very sinister. Not only would he kill those from Miracle Commerce, he would kill those related to Miracle Commerce!

He wanted everyone to know.

Who the real master of Central State was!

Only a blood warning could remind people the severe consequences of standing on the wrong side!

The eight hundred elite swordsmen of the Chu Family made everyone shocked. One fourth of the members were Awakened Soul Cultivators and the weakest was at the peak 9th Body Refinement Layer. They were divided into groups as they moved through the arena, mercilessly killing anyone related to Miracle Commerce!


Meng Qingwu angrily clenched her fists. She never thought that the three families would be this evil. This was clearly a grudge between them and Miracle Commerce, but they were taking innocent lives. They were treating lives like grass!

Meng Qingwu saw many cooperators die under the Chu Family's sword. Although she was feeling anxious, she was also helpless.

Miracle Commerce hadn't developed for long and their only battle force was the Underworld Mercenaries, but they hadn't been developed enough yet and it was already hard for them to guard themselves. How could they compare to the Chu Family with a military background and experts like clouds?

In that moment.

Shocked cries and pitiful wails came from the arena.

No one would have thought that coming to see his contest would result in seeing an unprecedented change in Central State City. Countless people were filled with panic and trampled some people, sending the arena into chaos.

"Meng Qingwu, give me your life!"

Meng Qingwu wanted to help, but she suddenly felt a sharp aura freezing her. She saw a giant sword appear above her head that contained the powers to make the mountain rivers flow backwards.

"Soul Sword Secret Art! Heaven Cutting Art!"

Chu Shanhe wielded a giant sword glow which was the Chu Family's strongest move. He did not care about harming the innocent people at all!

If Meng Qingwu died.

Miracle Commerce would lose one of their leaders.

This was equivalent to taking off one of Chu Tian's arms!

Meng Qingwu's cultivation was not weak and she practiced the «Starlight Immortal Body», but so what? Chu Shanhe was the Chu Family's head and if he personally made a move, how could Meng Qingwu survive? Even if the eighteen divine blood Yin Corpses made a move, they still couldn't Chu Shanhe's slash.


A cold snort came from the crowd.

A giant silver shark jumped out of the crowd and bit apart the giant sword glow with its open mouth!

Chu Shanghe was shocked!

Being able to release a strong attack with a source spirit, wasn't this on the level of a True Soul Expert? Chen Bingyu and Yun Tianhe weren't here, so could Miracle Commerce have another True Soul Expert?


Even if it was a True Soul Expert!

Chu Xinghe had released the strongest attack from the «Soul Sword Secret Art» which had the strongest attack power in Central State, so how could the power of a source spirit easily break it? What kind of monster was this!

After the giant silver shark bit apart the sword glow, it continued charging into the sky, moving at Chu Shanhe.


Chu Shanhe's large sword slashed down on the giant shark. With a violent strength, the giant shark shattered and turned into light that filled the sky.

Inside the countless beams of light, a white haired old man charged out. He condensed a ball of water in his hand and shot it at Chu Shanhe, wildly releasing countless beads of water.


Chu Shanhe could not block this at all.

His body was pierced several times by the water drops.

Boss Yu kicked off in the sky and summoned another giant shark source spirit that bit Chu Shanhe. It tore him in half and his blood essence was swallowed by the shark.

"Family head!"

The Chu Family was shocked.

The respected family head of the Chu Family!

A family head in the prime of his life!

He could lead the Chu Family for another twenty-thirty years, but he had unknowingly died here, not even knowing his killer!