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 Chapter 212: Father has money

Boss Yu could not help but tremble slightly.

This was simply unbelievable. It seemed like a dream.

Boss Yu was the one who benefited most from the treasure. He was once an ordinary Awakened Soul expert without many resources, but now he was at the 9th Awakened Soul Layer. If they were fighting in the water, even if it were a super expert of the Southern Summer eight marquis level, Boss Yu still had the confidence to fight them.

Boss Yu was also the one suffering the most from the treasure. Because his curse was the deepest, Boss Yu's transformation was the highest. He had already not set foot on land for a whole five years. Even if he soaked in a pool all day on Skeleton Island, his body dried up very quickly, putting his life in danger in just ten hours.

The most terrifying thing was that as Boss Yu's body changed, his temperament and nature changed as well. He became something that wasn't a human or a monster. There was also a cruel pain that required him to use large amounts of anaesthesia to stop. If his transformation became faster, it would be a risk to his life.

Boss Yu did not have any hopes.

However, no one expected a miracle to appear in front of them.

Boss Yu was shaking Old Fifth's hand, "You.....You really cured it!"

Old Fifth Yu also let out tears as he forcefully nodded, "This mister really has a method!"

The water net broke and Chu Tian regained his freedom, falling to the ground. Chen Bingyu went forward to hold him up, but Chu Tian waved his hand, indicating everything was fine.

The white haired old man's purple eyes stared right at him, "Can you really help us?"

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile of confidence, "After a final analysis, this is a special kind of curse. I have a method of to solve every kind of curse, even one embedded in one's bones! Although I don't dare say that anyone else on the continent has the same method, I can say that I am the only one in all of the Southern Summer Country!"

The five Yu Brothers revealed looks of disbelief.

The white haired old man quickly stood up and shouted in his hoarse voice, "Mister benefactor! Please save our Giant Shark Gang!"

"There are no free meals in this world. Just like how you wanted the sea race's power but suffered the backlash of the sea race." Chu Tian's eyes turned sharp as he swept over the high level members of the Giant Shark Gang. In an emotionless voice, he said, "I can indeed break the blood curse restraining you, but it would cost me a high price to do so. We do not have any relations, so I have no reason to help you."

The meaning of this was: You want me to save you? I can! First, show some sincerity!

The white haired old man was silent for a few seconds before saying in a hoarse voice, "The Giant Shark Gang is poor and has no money."

"The hundred thousand members of the Giant Shark Gang is its value!" Chu Tian directly said, "You want me to save you? I can do that! However, I want the Giant Shark Gang to work for me!"

With this one statement!

Everyone revealed a look of anger!

Trying to be this greedy, aren't you afraid of choking?

The Giant Shark Gang had been developing for twenty years, finally reaching over one hundred thousand members. There were five True Soul experts, and several Illustrious Soul experts, with some even being at the peak of the Illustrious Soul Realm!

This brat wanted to swallow this kind of strong power?

He was dreaming!

Even if he had the skills to do so, the Giant Shark Gang would not agree.

The Giant Shark Gang was a faction that could be considered a school with a special lineage. They had their basic pride!

"Even if you really break our restraints, we would just fall under another restraint. Doesn't your excellency think your demand is a little excessive?" The white haired old man said in a low voice, "The Giant Shark Gang has its pride, we will not bow down to anyone!"

"That's right!"

"You brat and your wild ambitions, you're clearly trying to swallow our Giant Shark Gang!"

"Even if our Giant Shark Gang cannot freely move on land, we still have the Four States Lake to run around in. Why would we bow down to a brat who hasn't grown a single chest hair yet!"

In the end, Chu Tian was too young!

The Giant Shark Gang had many experts, how could they submit so easily?

The Giant Shark Gang's protests were not strange at all. Gangs would have their own seniority and now this young brat was coming over and asking their great gang to submit to him. Wasn't this a giant dream?

"Don't be in a hurry to reject!" Chu Tian revealed a confident smile, "First, listen to what I have to say."

Boss Yu said in a hoarse voice, "No matter what condition you add, the Giant Shark Gang will not degrade itself to become a tool!"

"To work for me, you don't have to give me your loyalty." Chu Tian emphasized, "We will have a cooperation and not a subordinate relation. Like this, do you understand?"

Chu Tian was very aware of this matter.

Miracle Commerce did not have the strength to swallow the Giant Shark Gang.

The gray haired Old Second Yu asked, "Don't mix words, is there a difference?"

"It's a big mistake if you think of it like this!" Chu Tian sharply said to Old Second Yu, "Cooperation is a parallel relation, so there are no up and downs. The Giant Shark Gang will work for Miracle Commerce and the Giant Shark Gang will be paid. It's just like this, how could there be anything different!"

Old Third Yu asked, "Then what can your Miracle Commerce give us?"

Chu Tian looked right at Old Third Yu, "What do you think you lack the most? Money! Reputation!"

The Giant Shark Gang members looked at each other in blank dismay. The Giant Shark Gang was indeed poor and they had a pirate image that was hard to cleanse!

"Miracle Commerce will directly invest one hundred million gold coins in the Giant Shark Gang!"

Beginning with one hundred thousand. This kind of rich manner completely shocked everyone!

Old Fourth Yu said in a somewhat dissatisfied voice, "The Giant Shark Gang has over a hundred thousand people, how is one hundred million enough!"

"That's also right!" Chu Tian revealed a faint smile, "Then let it be two hundred million!"

Everyone was silent. This brat had too much money!

"Still not enough? Then four hundred million!"

Everyone took in a shocked gasp. Without even blinking, this brat doubled it twice!

"With the Giant Shark Gang's situation, four hundred million will take care of your urgent matters." Chu Tian then said, "However, as long as we cooperate properly, I will represent Miracle Commerce in saying that we will invest one billion gold coins into the Giant Shark Gang in half a year!"


Investing one billion!

Even for the Central State Four Great Families, this would be equivalent to several years of income!

The Giant Shark Gang was smacked silly with this golden stick. Even Boss Yu was deeply shocked, "Are you serious?"

"Father has money!" Chu Tian confidently said, "I will do whatever I say! We can have the Divine Wind Marquis notarize this right now. If Miracle Commerce does not have enough money in half a year, the contract will break and the Giant Shark Gang will regain their freedom, as well as keeping everything paid beforehand as a breach of contract fee!"

They were just a group of robbers!

Their main source of income was from robbing merchant ships and small towns. How much income could they have in total?

The resources that they harvested, not only did that have to use them for sacrifices, they also had to use them for their own needs. They were really tight on money!

This was one billion gold coins!

This was enough to completely make the Giant Shark Gang dizzy!

If Miracle Commerce kept their word, 95% of the members would not have any problems!

"Not only will Miracle Commerce take out one billion as an investment, we will also help the Giant Shark Gang with their reformations and pave a new path to the future for you. Of course, we will need 50% of the Giant Shark Gang's stocks, but it is for enjoying the dividends. We will not interfere with your management and you will have complete independence!"

Good brat, treating the Giant Shark Gang as an investment target.

Was the Giant Shark Gang really worth that much?

Was he not afraid of wasting this kind of giant investment?

"Finally, if you are willing to take up an office in Miracle Commerce, we will also give you a yearly salary." Chu Tian paused before saying, "I can guarantee that a True Soul Realms cultivator's salary will not be below fifty million per year!"

The Giant Shark Gang was once again slapped silly!

Chu Tian's words were stressing a single meaning. Father had money, father had a shocking amount of money. You will live a good life if you follow father!

From the expressions on these bumpkins' faces.

Chu Tian could tell that he had already fooled them.

Miracle Commerce's finances were actually a little tight, unable to take out one billion gold coins. However, with Miracle Commerce's explosive expansion, even if they had to bet it all to buy this power, it would be an investment of great significance!

The Giant Shark Gang was very strong.

This was a very strong force.

Just based on how much the Giant Shark Gang would increase Miracle Commerce's might, the benefit could not be measured with just one billion gold coins!

What was most important was that the Giant Shark Gang had the advantage in water. The Four States Lake reached four counties and went through various states through lakes, arriving in many different cities.

Once Miracle Commerce grasped the Four States Lake, they would have a large distribution network. Meng Qingwu had planned to spend money on a large fleet, but now it seemed better to directly invest that money in the Giant Shark Gang instead.

This was also a large opportunity for the Giant Shark Gang!

First, Chu Tian could cure their curse, which was the largest attraction for the Giant Shark Gang.

Next, with one billion gold coins, the Giant Shark Gang could escape poverty. Moreover, a person who could easily take out one billion gold coins and was related to the Divine Wind Marquis was just the power the Giant Shark Gang needed to expand themselves!

The brothers' days were too bitter.

Perhaps.....They truly needed the improvement.

"My words end here." Chu Tian naturally turned around and then walked outside with Chen Bingyu following him, "I will give you guys some time to consider this offer. I'll be back in a few days, I hope that I can receive a positive response."

Chu Tian left!

He swaggered out of the cave!

No one from the Giant Shark Gang stopped him because everyone was deep in thought.

When they watched this brat's leaving figure, they were silent for a long time. Even though this man was young.....he was still immeasurably deep!

"Big brother, we have already attracted the attention of the Divine Wind Marquis!" Old Fifth Yu said with a serious expression, "If you don't take this chance, the Divine Wind Marquis will not let us off!"

The Divine Wind Marquis was just passing by, not launching a raid against the Giant Shark Gang. However, they had offended the Divine Wind Marquis and he would not allow their force to expand across the Four States Lake.

The Giant Shark Gang had no hope of fighting against the Southern Summer Eight Marquises.

Not to mention Boss Yu's cultivation being below the Divine Wind Marquis', so what if he defeated the Divine Wind Marquis? The Divine Wind Marquis was only one of the Southern Summer Eight Marquises. If he cooperated with the four states, creating an army to suppress the pirates, there would be at least four marquis present. Could the Giant Shark Gang escape this?

If they alarmed the Three Rulers, that would be a disaster.

Boss Yu ordered, "Old fifth will follow them and see what they're up to. Old fourth will bring people to Central State and investigate Miracle Commerce, seeing if they're a power worth cooperating with."

This matter was very important, so it was best to be careful!