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 Chapter 204: New Yun Sect

When the news of the Chu Family challenging Chu Tian was spread, Central State City once again shook. The various parties involved all entered into a period of calm.

The three great clans all calmed down and avoided conflicts with Miracle Commerce.

Miracle Commerce continued charging forth, uniting the Yun Family and several other families under their banner. Other than the Four Great Family, they had become the other super power!

Mayor Feng Yunlong gritted his teeth in hate, but stopped because of the Divine Wind Marquis' intervention. His current power had been given to him by his cousin. If the Divine Wind Marquis gave it to them, he could also take it back.

Letting Shangguan Ming deal with Chu Tian last time had already made the Divine Wind Marquis very dissatisfied!

Feng Yunlong had no choice but to consider his clansmen's attitudes. Moreover, the Feng Family's roots were not as deep as the Four Great Families in Central State City and even the Four Great Families did not dare make a move. If the mayor made any mistakes and angered the middle sized families, then there was a chance of being taken down.

He could only helplessly observe Miracle Commerce.

Currently, it had been half a month since Chu Tian's duel with Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang.

Meng Yingying, Meng Qingwu, Lin Mu, Fang Han, and Chu Tian had all reached the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, and Yun Yao had reached the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer. Nangong Yun, Feng Caidie, and Yun Yao made quite fast progress, and all their necessary resources had been gathered.

Chu Tian used the Limitless Gourd to personally refine Saint Grade Pills for the three of them.

Chu Tian's alchemy skills far surpassed the current era. The low class Sacred Pills that Chu Tian refined had effects that surpassed most middle class Sacred Pills. The Limitless Gourd was a very rare treasure and pills refined with it contained a large amount of spiritual energy, raising the pill's effect by another level.

Yun Yao broke through the peak 4th Awakened Soul Layer to reach the 5th Awakened Soul Layer. She did not feel a bottleneck and broke through with no hesitation.

Nangong Yun and Feng Caidie were going from the Void Soul Realm to the Illustrious Soul Realm, so there was a very difficult bottleneck to break through. However with Chu Tian's help and guidance, they had 70-80% confidence in succeeding.

The effects of the Limitless Gourd shocked Chu Tian.

Because during the pill refining process using the Limitless Gourd, the gourd itself added spiritual energy into the pill. As well, the waste product left behind by the process was absorbed by the gourd, turning it into nourishment for the gourd.

The gourd was not a dead item.

It was a seedling that was full of life. Chu Tian used the Water of Life to water it and then refined more pills with the gourd. The Limitless Gourd would slowly grow, making the storage space even bigger. When it was fully grown, then it would display a variety of other abilities.

"Chu Tian! Chu Tian! Come out now!" Meng Yingying excitedly ran to the door, "I want to tell you some good news!"

Chu Tian was a little curious, "What is it?"

Meng Yingying said with a happy look on her face, "I went to the Xiong Family with uncle Xiong. We've reached an agreement with general Xiong and the Central State Xiong Family will work with Miracle Commerce!"

This really was a good thing!

The Xiong Family had a high status in Central State, only being below the Four Great Families. Only, the Xiong Family was a military family and bad at doing business, so they did not have the income of the Four Great Families. The family did not have many resources and could not train a genius on the level of the Four Young Masters.

Xiong Tianyan acted as an intermediate.

Meng Yingying went to meet the great general and had reached an agreement with the Xiong Family.

Meng Yingying was planning to open ten large canned food factories and if Miracle Commerce used their own people, it would take a long time. Therefore, they chose to find a reliable partner.

The Xiong Family had people in this field and they had a large reliable influence. Meng Yingying went to Meng Family to sign a cooperation agreement, letting the Xiong Family handle this matter. After this business was agreed on, the Xiong Family would receive over a hundred million gold coins per year, almost doubling their family income. This would become the main income for the Xiong Family which was a matter truly worth celebrating for them.

This to Miracle Commerce was the fastest way to improving their canned food production speed. When the ten canned food factories were established, they would be able to produce five-six million cans per month. Adding in a few small canned food factories, it would be enough to satisfy the entire Southern Summer Country's market.

Letting the Xiong Family produce the items and gain production fees, it would closely tie the Xiong Family to Miracle Commerce.

This was a very cost effective way of doing business!

Yingying had accomplished a great merit to Miracle Commerce!

As the two of them spoke, a sudden terrifying divine beast pressure enveloped the sky. The entire sky turned red, and it cause the entire Miracle Commerce Headquarters to tremble.

Meng Yingying said in a surprised voice, "Fire Phoenix!"

"It's Nangong!" Chu Tian gave a satisfied laugh, "Nangong has smoothly broken through. Seeing as she has already broken through, the Saint Pill was not wasted!"

Out of the Miracle Commerce Group, Nangong Yun had broken through to the Illustrious Soul Realm the quickest. Nangong Yun's strength was already very strong, but now that she had broken through to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer, her strength might even be higher than Ye Tianlang and Luo Xianglong!

Chu Tian would not be able to beat her!

Nangong Yun had the Starlight Immortal Body, a 4th Awakened Soul Layer cultivation, several high grade cultivation techniques and martial arts, and the amplifying effect of her God Level Source Spirit. Her current strength was higher than Chu Tian's, but lower than Chu Xinghe, being situated right in between them.

Another powerful person being born in Miracle Commerce naturally made everyone excited. They all ran over to congratulate Nangong Yun.

No one expected that two days later.

Thunder filled the sky of the Yun Family's Headquarters, signifying that Yun Yao had broken through.

Yun Yao was the first Four Young Master to break through to the 4th Awakened Soul Layer. Yun Yao who everyone thought would fall behind was now walking at the front of the Four Young Masters. The strong and weak had changed, reversing the situation, painting a new picture.


The Central State Four Young Masters had changed!

They were now: Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe, Netherworld Young Master Chu Tian, Phoenix Young Master Nangong Yun, and the Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao.

As for the Heavenly Wolf Young Master and Dragon Tiger Young Master, ever since they had been defeated in the battle, they could no longer catch up to these four.

No one knew who was the strongest, but now the Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao had the highest cultivation!

Yun Tianhe naturally went wild with join. He immediately hosted a grand feast in the Yun Family headquarters and mainly invited Miracle Commerce and their partners to participate.

Yun Yao's breakthrough was a huge boost of morale to the Miracle Commerce alliance and made the three great families' arrogance suffer a heavy blow.

Chu Tian naturally had to personally attend.

He had his bodyguard Chen Bingyu and vice chairman Meng Qingwu accompany him.

Meng Qingwu coming attracted the attention of many people. Not only was Meng Qingwu's appearance and figure on the nation collapsing level, after she had come to Central State, her series of quick actions and plans showed that there was no doubt when it came to her talent.

Chu Tian's status in Miracle Commerce could not be matched by everyone, but most of the company's decisions were all made by Meng Qingwu.

Chu Tian gave people the feeling of being eccentric and a bit moody. In comparison to this beautiful and wise young lady who was easy to approach, many people felt they could gain a bit of benefits from her.

Xiong Wuji cupped his hands, "Little brother Chu, when we met in Yellowstone City, I knew you were not a normal person, but I never thought that you would be able to turn over Central State City like this. Powerful, truly powerful!"

Chu Tian gave a laugh, "I have to thank the Xiong Family's support for this!"

"We are all part of a family now. The Xiong Family was poor, but now we hope that Miracle Commerce will help us get rid of that." Xiong Wu Ji greeted Chu Tian. Then immediately he gave a laugh as he said to Meng Qingwu, "Vice chairmen Meng's cultivation is increasing quite fast! I can see that you're already at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer!"

Meng Qingwu gave a polite smile, "Compared to the grand general, Qingwu is still lacking."

"How could you say that! I am already a forty-fifty year old man, already passing my peak condition, it's no longer easy for me to increase my cultivation. On the contrary, vice chairman Meng is still around twenty, currently in the period of greatest growth." Xiong Wuji waved his hand and several officers came in holding a box, "Right, I heard that Miracle Commerce was collecting a few materials. The general's manor had a few, so I came to give you some!"

Meng Qingwu's heart skipped a beat.

Miracle Commerce needed quite a bit of resources for the Saint Pill. After combing through the Central State market, they still had not found everything they needed. Of course they didn't rule out the possibility of the three great families secretly causing trouble, making it harder for Chu Tian to practice his cultivation.

"No work will yield no harvest, Miracle Commerce will not take advantage of anyone." Meng Qingwu accepted them, "We'll calculate the value and then send the money over to the general's palace."

Xiong Wuji gave a few crisp laughs, "Too polite, too polite!"

Xiong Wuji had just left before Jing Family's Jing Hao came over with some resources which were all things Miracle Commerce needed.

Chu Tian just accepted them.

Some materials couldn't be bought with money.

In the end, by attending the Yun Family's banquet, they had gained quite a few of them!

Could these fellows have known that Miracle Commerce needed these items and then purposefully bought them first? Then they gave them to Miracle Commerce as gifts in order to gain favour with Miracle Commerce?

Of course.

This just showed how much influence Miracle Commerce had now!

Only with power would others come and flatter them.

Chu Tian did not have time to talk with the merchants, so he left it all to Meng Qingwu. Chu Tian ran off to find Yun Tianhe, "Old Yun, congratulations, the Yun Family now has a successor! The Yun Family's future achievements will be above that of an old man like you!"

Yun Tianhe's face was exuding light, showing that he was clearly very excited.

They had swept away the decline of their family, how could Yun Tianhe not be happy?

"You came right on time, I have a new idea. I've already talked to the elders and now I want to hear your opinion." Yun Tianhe seemed like he made a decision, "I've decided to make Yun Yao the head and sending several of the Yun Family's senior elders to help her. I will then step down from my position.

These words had a significant meaning.

Yun Tianhe was giving control of authority over to Yun Yao and Yun Yao had a very close relation to Chu Tian. Yun Yao was managing Qilin Hall with Nangong Yun, and could be considered a high level member of Miracle Commerce. After Yun Yao gained control over the Yun Family, they would cooperate even further with Miracle Commerce.

Chu Tian laughed and said, "Old Yun is not that old yet, so why do you want to retire already?"

Yun Tianhe's old eyes flashed with the light of wisdom, "Family matters would be given to the next generation sooner or later. I am an old man that can only live a few more years, so lifting them up is also a good thing. Letting them take over is a releasing feeling and will allow my to pursue something even more meaningful."

"Your meaning is....."

"I plan to facilitate a cooperation between the Yun Sect and Miracle Commerce Research, with the best condition being combining the two into one. We'll create a large scale research and academics organization."

Chu Tian was shocked.

He really had to admire Yun Tianhe's courage.

The Yun Sect was the foundation of the family and the family's main focus!

The reputation that the Yun Family had established over the Southern Summer Country, 90% of it came from the Yun Sect. The Yun Sect's talismans, pills, martial arts, and other inventions were the main sources of income for the Yun Family.

If the Yun Sect and Miracle Research combine, then that was basically giving half the Yun Sect to Miracle Commerce.

Miracle Commerce's influence was increasing fast, and they were constantly recruiting new talents. Soon, many people would only remember Miracle Research and would forget about the Yun Sect.

This was not a good thing to the Yun Family.

However this was a large advantage to Miracle Commerce.

Because of Miracle Commerce's quick development, it wouldn't even take half a year before they were known as a new power. However, the recruitment of people could not be completed in a single day and required a long period of time!

If the Yun Sect with hundreds of years of history merged with Miracle Research, it would save them a large amount of time. It would instantly allow Miracle Commerce reach the peak of the Southern Summer Country in terms of research and academics!

"Alright, but having two names is troublesome." Chu Tian thought about it, "From this day forth, Miracle Commerce's research facility will be known as the 'Yun Sect'!"

This time, Yun Tianhe was shocked!

Chu Tian abandoning the Miracle Commerce Name was without a doubt, a large gift to the Yun Family. The name of a research facility was not important to Chu Tian, it was a dispensable thing, something that just gave reputation.

However, to a family, this reputation was a sharp weapon!

Yun Tianhe was delighted, "From this day forth, the New Yun Sect is established!"

In just a few words.

Chu Tian and Yun Tianhe had formed a cooperation that shook Central State City!

Henceforth, the Yun Sect left the Yun Family and became a research facility that worked for Miracle Commerce. The Yun Sect's several headquarters, equipment, and hundreds of years worth of materials and stockpiles was now open to Miracle Commerce.

The Yun Sect was like a new influence.

Miracle Commerce and the Yun Family both owned half of it.

Yun Tianhe believed that his decision was not wrong. Miracle Commerce needed the Yun Sect's resources, but Miracle Commerce would lead the Yun Sect out of Central State, out of Southern Summer, letting their fame spread across the continent!

The basic framework of the Miracle Group was set.

There was Miracle Dining, specially in charge of the source energy pot restaurants.

There was Miracle Media, specially in charge of broadcasting, communications, and other services.

There was Southern Cloud Commerce, specially in charge of the talisman and pills business.

They had also purchased the Underworld Mercenary Group, letting them train a special fighting force.

Finally in terms of research, they had merged with the Yun Sect, allowing them to create a super powerful team.

Also, there was Qilin Hall acting as the training location for Miracle Commerce. It continued to train new talents, pumping new blood into Miracle Commerce. It trained new personnel for Miracle Commerce, letting them continue to expand.

Meng Qingwu had personally built the Miracle Commerce business alliance.

Now the middle and low class families of Central State all joined in. They were responsible for production, transporting, material handling, etc.

From top to bottom, everything was planned for, creating an internal ecosystem.

Miracle Commerce establishing themselves here was equivalent to taking off. Once they eliminated the barriers in front of them, they would set off on the wide open road in front of them.