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 Chapter 196: Going from weak to strong

This series of attacks came from an above average Illustrious Soul Realm expert, but Chu Tian could easily block it. It meant that he was at the point where he could fight an Illustrious Soul Realm expert!

However, the Demon Wolf attack from Ye Tianlang was nothing more than a clone with only 30% of his full strength. He was just testing Chu Tian and had not used his true strength yet!

The Four Young Masters were not weak!

There weren't many in the Central State younger generation who could compete with Ye Tianlang!

Luo Xianglong impatiently called out, "A trivial piece of garbage at the Void Soul Realm, how long does it take you to waste him?

"No need to rush!" Ye Tianlang's eyes flashed with a ruthless glow. Although he didn't know what method Chu Tian used to reach the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, as long as Chu Tian did not reach the Illustrious Soul Realm, no matter how strong his source spirit was, it was not enough to pose a threat to him, "I was just warming up. Now the game really begins!"

Chu Tian's source spirit was very strong.

Even though he was at the peak 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, he was strong enough to break through an Illustrious Soul Realm 4th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator's spirit energy barrier!

Not to mention the fact that he had a Soul Contracting Weapon and that sinister sword art. So he could not be given any opportunity and it was best to block his attacks with the clone.

"I'll give you five minutes." Luo Xianglong gently said, "If you can't take care of him by then, then I'll do it personally!"

"Five minutes is more than enough!"

It was as if Ye Tianlang turned into a volcano as demon flames began to explode from his head. It turned into five groups of energy that formed five different Dragon Winged Demon Wolves.

Meng Yingying quickly said, "A single Demon Wolf clone was so strong, but this time Ye Tianlang has released five different Demon Wolf clones! This is really shocking!

Everyone's eyes opened wide in shock!

This is five times the battle strength from before!

Ye Tianlang's main body was also covered in dark flames and it swelled several times until he also turned into a Demon Wolf!

With a main body and six clones transforming, there was a total of six identical Demon Wolves!

Yun Tianhe explained with a serious look on his face, "The Monster Wolf Clone is one of the Ye Family's martial arts that uses a wolf type source spirit to create clones. It uses spirit energy to create Monster Wolf Clones, which have the same ability as the main body, but it is weaker in comparison! The most terrifying thing is that the main body can switch places with the clones instantly. When there are many clones, it is very hard to find the main body!"

Meng Yingying said in a shocked voice, "Wouldn't that make him invincible?"

"Not necessarily." Chen Bingyu's rare voice began to speak and her ice cold voice was broadcasted, "The clones require a large amount of spirit energy to make and can't move that far away from the main body. If this continues on, he will consume all his spirit energy and it will automatically cancel itself out."

Yun Tianhe sighed, "It's like this in theory, but is it that easily done? In a limited space like this stage, it is impossible to create distance. There's a disparity in cultivation bases and spirit energy, so it is impossible to fight a war of attrition."

The commentary of these two people was clearly heard.

The two of them were absolute masters, so their evaluations had a lot of weight behind it!

Ye Tianlang was even more terrifying than the stories. With his strong cultivation technique and martial art, he seemed invincible. Was it even possible for Chu Tian to fight against him?

The six identical Dragon Winged Demon Wolves split up. Like wolves hunting on the prairie, they encircled their prey, locking their killing intent onto the enemy.


The six wolves gathered their strength for a long time before shooting out a highly concentrated mass of black flames at the same time that shot forth like giant spears. They attacked the same target from all different directions.

Long range attack?

Chu Tian calculated their trajectories.

Chu Tian dodged them and flew into the air. The six wolves soared into the sky, charging forth with incomparable might.

There was no need to fear the clones!

Where was the main body?

Chu Tian opened his Mind's Eye, but found that the Demon Wolves were identical, with no difference in strength at all!

Yi? This is strange! There were six clones, then where was the main body?

In the blink of an eye, there was no longer a need to think about this question. The six demon flame spears formed together and it turned into a giant fireball.


A long fierce roar came from the center of the fireball and another fierce giant wolf appeared. It charged out of the fireball and used the power of the explosion to move as fast as lightning.

The Demon Wolf had a teasing expression on his face. With a fiendish grin, he said, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.....Are you looking for me?"

What a good surprise attack!

Chu Tian's sword did not have time to move and he suffered a hit to the chest. The starlight surrounding him shattered and he slammed into the center of the stage before bouncing away. He hit the protective barrier of the stage and was sent flying back in.

The crowd fell to a deathly silence!

Everyone had the same expression!

Shock! This was too shocking!

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master had used his cultivation technique to create this genius arrangement that broadened their horizons!

Ye Tianlang could make six clones, but purposefully made five clones first to release flames with the main body. Ye Tianlang was very clear on the fact that Chu Tian had the Mind's Eye, so it was hard for this kind of attack to hit him. He had to first disguise his attack before using it!

The six demon flames fused to form a new clone that changed places with the main body, arriving right in front of Chu Tian. Before Chu Tian had the chance to move his sword, the main body would attack and kill him with a single strike!

Incomparably strong might!

An out of the box strategy!

This time, the infamous Ye Tianlang used a single attack to force everyone to see him with a new respect.

Meng Yingying's voice was trembling a bit, "Chu.....Chu Tian has been hit by one of Ye Tianlang's attacks!"

Ye Tianlang was very clear on just how strong this attack was!

Ye Tianlang had studied Chu Tian's defensive technique. That so called «Starlight Immortal Body» defensive cultivation technique was indeed very strong. It could block all attacks in same level fights and could even block attacks from higher cultivation levels!

But every defensive cultivation technique had its limit!

The explosive might of this attack was enough to destroy the Immortal Body!

Ye Tianlang had thought about slowly torturing Chu Tian, but in the end, he did not do this. Because Chu Tian had destroyed Ye Tianlang's reputation again and again, he would settle it in the fastest and cleanest method, defeating Chu Tian in one fell swoop. It would be over if he died or was crippled, but if he was still alive, he would continue torturing him.......Only this way could Ye Tianlang regain his dignity!

He would let everyone see that waste was just waste. It was impossible for him to surmount the gap between him and real geniuses!

The disgrace from South Sky City made Ye Tianlang grind his teeth daily, but he would finally get revenge today!

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! Aren't you supposed to be wild?" Ye Tianlang looked at Chu Tian on the ground and began to laugh like a crazy man, "In the end, you can't even block a single attack from this young master? For a waste like you, you dare to challenge two young masters!"

Yun Tianhe and Chen Bingyu stood up.

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun revealed looks filled with anger.

Meng Qingwu's face turned pale. She also practiced the Starlight Immortal Body, so she knew just how strong the Starlight Immortal Body's defenses were. This attack was too strong, perhaps Chu Tian is.......

When everyone thought that Chu Tian would no longer stand.


He jumped up!

"Not bad, not bad!" Chu Tian simply stood up, "You really did grow stronger. This attack actually gave me an itch!"

Ye Tianlang was stunned!

Many pairs of eyes almost popped out of their sockets!

The coloured starlight glaze fell in pieces from Chu Tian's body. His skin turned transparent, just like the highest quality diamond, releasing a beautiful glow.

Diamond Body!

This was the Diamond Body!

When did Chu Tian reach this realm?

Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu were filled with happiness and then they were filled with great anger!

This bastard was clearly fine, but actually pretended to be hurt on the ground for so long, making them worried! He was too evil, they had to teach him a fierce lesson later on!

"Chu Tian has stood up again!"

The audience broke out in a cheer and many people stood up. Lin Fan and Lin Xuan excitedly called out. Could there be anything that made them even more excited than this?

The Heavenly Wolf Young Master's full strength surprise attack had landed onto Chu Tian's flesh body, but he did not suffer a single injury!

Ye Tianlang shouted out in dissatisfaction, "How can you be fine!"

Who would have thought that Chu Tian's Starlight Immortal Body that had been in the Small Success Glass Body Realm the entire time had reached the Diamond Body Realm! Chu Tian's cultivation base had also increased, so naturally one could not compare his current defensive power to his previous defensive power.

"You think you can fool me with that little trick?" Chu Tian patted off the dust on his body, "I wanted to see what tricks you had, so I let you make a move!"

"Damn! Your defensive cultivation technique has reached the Perfection Realm? It doesn't matter if you have a tortoise shell, I will keep hitting you until it breaks!"

Chu Tian raised his burning sword, "Try it then!"

"Six wolves as one!"

The six clones no longer had a use. If the main body could not break his defense, what use did the clones have? It was better to gather all his spirit energy into a single location. After the «Monster Wolf Transformation» reached the Perfection Realm, he hadn't used its full strength yet!

After absorbing the clones, the giant body became several times smaller, finally reaching the size of a normal person. He turned into a half man half wolf being, but his aura was increased by several times!

"Divine Wolf Rush!"

The wolf man transformed Ye Tianlang was much faster and much stronger compared to before, becoming three times stronger. His fists began to crack through the air.

Chu Tian did not dodge at all, "This is a good chance to test the Starlight Body's might!"


Ye Tianlang slammed into Chu Tian, bringing a giant pressure with him, destroying the ground around them. Chu Tian was forced back several steps and the Diamond Body dimmed a bit, but it did not disappear at all.

Ye Tianlang was instead sent flying back. If it weren't for the strength of his wolf man transformation, he would have suffered injuries.

"Your strength is only so-so!"

Chu Tian's Netherworld Sword gained the source spirit's might and the sword's blade continued to sing. A blue flame appeared around the blade of the sword.

"Netherworld Flickering Flames!"

A burning sword glow swept out!

Ye Tianlang quickly dodged, but he was hit on the shoulder. Blood stained his clothes and the Netherworld Flames entered his veins, making him lose all feeling in that arm.

"The fight is becoming even more intense as Chu Tian shifts from defense to offense!" Nangong Yun explained to the microphone, "Now it is Ye Tianlang that is at a disadvantage!"

Meng Yingying followed along and said, "While Ye Tianlang was attacking the whole time, why was Chu Tian dawdling around? Take out your sword! It is the time to attack!"

Going from weak to strong, changing the situation. No one could react at all to this development.