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 Chapter 182: The fisherman's benefit

The demons themselves were already hard to deal with and now that they had gathered together, they were even stronger. Even the light mirror could no longer deal with them.

How should they fight against it?

The countless octopus like energy arms of the demon began to extend in all directions. An energy that seemed like it could sweep the whole world filled the entire main hall.

A terrifying energy was being concentrated inside the monster.

"This is bad!"

"It seems like it wants to use a trick!"

Chu Tian was calm as ice as his brows knit together with thought. This monster already had overwhelming might that an Awakened Soul Cultivator could not deal with. Now it even had this undying power that negated all attacks, even negating the light beam.

This monster was basically invincible!

But this defied all logic.

The trial space would never create a problem that could not be solved, so right now he had not found the answer yet. Chu Tian released his Divine Sense and scanned the nearby mirrors. A thought appeared in his mind as if he had just understood something.

Raising his right hand.

The mirror was turned around several degrees.


The light beam shined onto a normal mirror and was reflected back at a ninety degree angle, slamming into the demon. A large amount of blue smoke appeared as the giant demon roared before moving back several steps.

"I understand now!" Chu Tian could clearly see the secret to this room now, "The main mirror's light is the weakest and after each reflection, it gets a bit stronger. If we can continuously reflect it around on the mirrors, then its final strength will be great enough to defeat it."

Nangong Yun and Yun Yao were stunned.

This difficulty was too high since the mirrors were randomly distributed. If it was just a single reflection then it was possible to do, but how hard was it to control a beam that was reflected several times and make it perfectly hit the demon?

Chu Tian released his Divine Sense to cover all the ancient mirrors, "Help me stall for some time!"


Yun Yao and Nangong Yun controlled their puppets to dash in different directions, attracting the demon's attention.

Chu Tian controlled the mirror with his Divine Sense. He was happy that the demon's body was big, so it didn't have to be too accurate. Just a rough reflected angle would be enough to hit it.

There were several ancient mirrors that began to change angles.

The beam came from the main mirror and reflected off the first ancient mirror to the second to the third......It went on like this for about ten times before becoming even more dazzling. It was like a high energy beam of light that slammed into the demon's chest.

The demon gave a pitiful cry before the black fog dissipated and it returned to its original form.

"An opening!" Chu Tian laughed, "Quick! Take care of it!"

The little fox sucked in, taking in less than half of the demon's body. Nangong Yun and Yun Yao controlled their puppets to charge forward. With those destructive fists shooting forth, the demon was shattered to pieces.

Even if the monster were stronger, being restricted by the strong light like this and being besieged like this, it could clearly not hold on. It gave a pitiful cry before being destroyed.

"You have killed the Protector of the Mirror! You have been awarded sixty trial points!"

Chu Tian alone earned sixty trial points!

The little fox, Nangong Yun, and Yun Yao had also participated in the fight and it was unknown how many points they received. Just from this point, it was clear just how strong this monster was!

There were still a few remaining demons in the hall.

"Light, light!" Nangong Yun quickly shouted, "Shine it on them!"

Chu Tian turned the mirror and the light beam swept over. The demons were forced back to their original forms and the little fox made its move, killing all of them!

Yun Yao and Nangong Yun let out a long sigh of relief.

They could not believe everything that had just happened.

They could not believe that there was such a terrifying monster!

All of this was accomplished by Chu Tian. If it weren't for Chu Tian's strong judgement and insight, not to mention the formed giant demon, even the normal demons would have completely exterminated them!

Chu Tian was too strong!

Was he still a human?

Perhaps there was nothing in this world that could baffle him!

Nangong Yun was filled with worship towards Chu Tian. Even the stubborn and arrogant Yun Yao could not help being filled with awe towards this young man.

The two of them were about to express their feelings, but they had no time to say anything.

At that moment.

Whistling sounds came from the corridor, and dozens of golden treasure swords flew past them, landing on the mirrors around Chu Tian and turning them in different directions.

These were all mirrors that Chu Tian had changed, allowing him to redirect the beam of light. Now that they had been disrupted, it was clear that someone was trying to reduce Chu Tian's attack strength!

"Your luck is quite good!" From the end of the hall, someone's cold laugh sounded, "Actually finding these powerful puppets and even defeating the demons of the center palace! It was a good thing that you arrived here first, otherwise we might not have been able to deal with those monsters!"

This is bad!

It's Chu Xinghe and the others!

Because of Chu Tian, Chu Xinghe and the others had entered a temporary alliance.

These three people were quite strong, especially Chu Xinghe who was close to the 5th Awakened Soul Layer. With this deep cultivation base, he even had the ability to fight those strong giant guards!

Now that he had Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang as support, no matter how many labourers there were, it would not be a threat to them. The three of them could even easily kill a large group of them. Facing a terrifying monster like the giant guards, they could still at least preserve their own lives.

It was because of this.

The three of them were able to smoothly reach this point.

When the saw Chu Tian control the puppet and the mirror while fighting in the main hall, they were completely shocked by Chu Tian's techniques.

Even Chu Xinghe would not be able to do this.

After all, it did not just need strength, but also required great wisdom!

Ye Tianlang and Luo Xianglong wanted to sneak attack Chu Tian, but Chu Xinghe stopped them. The three of them had been watching the whole time, waiting for both sides to be injured.


It was the time to come out and reap the benefits!

Nangong Yun angrily shouted, "I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find you, but I never thought that you would come out to meet your death. Since it's like this, then taste this old lady's might!"

When she finished speaking.

She manipulated the damaged puppet to fight them.

Chu Tian however knit his brows, "Nangong, wait!"

Chu Xinghe was not an idiot, rather he was the opposite. This person's thoughts were refined and very calm, this kind of person was hard to deal with.

He had been observing for so long, so it was impossible for him to not know the puppet's strength and to understand the current situation. If he did not have 100% confidence in winning, then Chu Xinghe would not have made a move with his personality.

Chu Tian's side had already been heavily injured after the fight!

Even if they had several puppets left, they wouldn't be that strong.

The puppets had power close to the True Soul Realm, but they were heavily injured and could no longer use that might. Then again, the three of them were experienced fighters, so would they go all out against the puppets? They would directly kill Chu Tian and the others!

With their strength, this could be easily accomplished!

Other than that, Chu Tian could find the giant puppets from the giant's labyrinth, so Chu Xinghe's group could have also run into some fortuitous encounters!

So if they did not have a 100% confidence in this fight.

The three of them would not have come out!

If they fought now, Chu Tian's group would definitely be defeated!

Yun Yao was clear on these problems and she understood Chu Xinghe's strength more than Chu Tian and Nangong Yun's. Even if she did not fear Ye Tianlang or Luo Xianglong, this person was strong enough to pose a threat to them.

His inherited sword art was just too strong!

Before they could even control the puppets, they would be instantly killed!

Chu Tian's mind quickly paced and he immediately thought of an idea, "Since you have the ability to come here, then that means you also have a map! I think you guys know that this is the core of the giant's labyrinth! The majority of the treasures buried in the trial space is here!"

"So what!" Luo Xianglong gave a cold laugh as he said, "We'll take care of you pieces of trash first and then search for the treasure!"

Chu Tian said with a taunting look, "The treasure room opening is related to the mirrors and is quite hard to figure out. You couldn't even solve the cube puzzles and you want to solve the treasure room's secret? Isn't this the dream of a fool?!"

He was clearly looking down on them!

The three young masters' hearts fill with rage!

But Chu Tian was right. They could not even solve the cube puzzle, so how could the open the legendary secret stash?

"Bullshit!" Ye Tianlang hated Chu Tian to the depths of his bones and his killing intent was released as he shouted, "So what if we can't get the buried treasure? Stop trying to stall for time! I will take you dog life now!"


A golden treasure sword appeared in front of Ye Tianlang.

Ye Tianlang's face fell, "Chu Xinghe, what are you doing!"

Chu Xinghe ignored Ye Tianlang and coldly asked, "Can you open the treasure stash?"

"I don't know, but if we're talking about who can open the treasure stash, other than me, who has the qualifications to do so!"

In terms of knowledge!

Chu Tian was peerless!

Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang both had impatient appearances, they did not care about the hidden stash at all!

Killing Chu Tian, crippling him, and sending him out was worth more than this illusory hidden stash!

Who knew whether or not he was just speaking nonsense and stalling for time?

Chu Xinghe asked, "How long?"

Chu Tian replied, "Around an hour!"

"Chu Xinghe, can't you see it yet? This sly bastard is just stalling for time!" Ye Tianlang resolutely argued, "We can't fall for his tricks! No one has been able to open the hidden stash, so why would you believe that he could?"

"They are just pieces of trash, what are you scared of?" Chu Xinghe gently snapped his fingers and the golden treasure swords floated out around him, "My swords can instantly kill them, so we'll give them a bit of time!"

Chu Xinghe's confidence was not without reason.

The puppets Chu Tian controlled could not compare with the giant guards and they had been seriously injured, so their defense had dropped. If they were to fight, Chu Xinghe was confident in winning. Moreover, Chu Xinghe's «Imperial Sword Dragon Transforming Art» was ever changing and was more than enough to kill the three of them!

Not to mention the three puppets not reaching the True Soul Realm, even if they were at the True Soul Realm or beyond that, if the controller died, what use did they have?