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 Chapter 180: Treasure room

The might of the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman was not something a True Soul Realm expert could block!

This could clearly be seen from the rewards given by the trial space. Killing a powerful queen bee awarded twenty points and killing a Raging Flame Divine Craftsman rewarded thirty points, which clearly showed that the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman was much stronger than the queen bee!

The queen bee dropped a priceless Spiritual Pearl after dying, so how could the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman leave nothing!

A purple key.

A long giant hammer.

A scarlet red jade slip.

A scarlet red magic orb.

These were all the pieces of loot the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman dropped. The purple key was used to open a treasure box, the scarlet red jade slip seemed to contain some secret techniques, and the giant hammer and magic orb seemed like strong items!

Chu Tian picked up the two meter long hammer, and his hand sunk down a bit. He felt a bit awkward holding it.

A good heavy weapon!

If one did not use their spirit energy, it would be hard to fight with it. It seemed like one could not use it without incredible strength.

The jade trial slip sent information into his mind and Chu Tian nodded with satisfaction, "The Magma Hammer, this is a good soul weapon!"

This weapon was not weaker than the Divine Wind Marquis' Divine Wind Sword!

Chu Tian picked up the scarlet red magic orb, "Flame Avoiding Bead, it is a special defensive item. It can absorb all kinds of flames, which makes it impossible for the user to be hurt with flames."

A strange treasure and a valuable Magma Hammer!

"This cultivation technique is called «Strength of Lava» and one will be able to release high temperatures like the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman if they practice it." Chu Tian looked over the jade slip and then gave the jade slip and the large hammer over to Nangong Yun, "These two items suit you, so take them!"

He was really worthy of being the head, giving this kind of reward!

Nangong Yun held the two meter long giant hammer. This hammer had a round head that was even bigger than a person's waste. It had a dark red body and a metal build, being completely covered in glowing runes. It was like magma was flowing over it, slowly releasing a strong energy.

Everyone was shocked!

This was a weapon worth tens of millions of gold coins!

Yun Xiao was covered in a cold sweat. Elder sister was a very violent person and now she even had this giant hammer in her hand. It had to be said that it was very suitable, but.....it was also a little scary.

Nangong Yun raised the giant hammer and swung it around a few times. She created a strong breeze that made others fear approaching her. She then gave a satisfied laugh, "It's quite strong! It's also easy to use! I like it a lot!"

With a dong sound!

The hammer pounded onto the floor!

Fire red spirit energy crushed the ground in a three meter range to pieces. Everyone was caught off guard by the floor shaking and they almost fell to the ground!

"Strong and fierce!" Nangong Yun did not dislike the hammer's exaggerated shape at all. Gently kicking the hammer, the hammer was raised from the ground and she swung it over her shoulder, "Thanks boss, I finally have a convenient weapon now!"

Yun Yao secretly spoke to Yun Xiao beside her with a serious expression, "From now on, stay a little further away from her, do you understand?"

Yun Xiao rubbed the cold sweat on his forehead, "I understand. I still want to live for a few more years!"

"This «Strength of Lava» does not conflict with your family's inherited cultivation technique, so I believe you will be able to cultivate them at the same time! I believe that with this cultivation technique and this giant hammer, your battle strength will at least double!"

The weapon and cultivation technique did not suit Chu Tian, so he gave them to Nangong Yun who would have the most use from it.

The Flame Avoiding Bead he would keep to use.

Finally there was the purple key left. What use did it have?

Everyone searched around the main hall and found eight silver keys and even a golden key that came from the normal giants.

In the trial space, the highest level treasure box was the gold treasure box!

Then what use did this purple key have?

"Take the silver and gold keys to find the treasure boxes." Chu Tian shook the purple key, "I will see what use this purple key has!"

There were many gold and silver treasure boxes in the craftsman palace!

Because they could not waste time, Nangong Yun immediately took the keys and excitedly charged out to find the treasure boxes.

Chu Tian carefully studied the purple key the Raging Flame Divine Craftsman had dropped. This should be a key with a special function. Chu Tian looked around the hall, and a giant copper stove appeared in front of his eyes.

The Raging Flame Divine Craftsman had appeared from behind that stove!

Chu Tian went behind the stove and found that within the roaring flames of the stove, there was actually a glowing treasure box releasing a purple glow.

He had found it this easily? This was a bit beyond his expectations!

A new problem had arisen!

The purple treasure box was inside the giant's stove, and this stove could even melt iron. If Chu Tian's flesh body entered the stove, wouldn't he be turned into charcoal?

The Flame Avoiding Bead did not represent flame immunity since it had a limit to what it could absorb. This energy in the stove was very strong, and even True Soul experts could not withstand it, so Chu Tian was not that willing to rush to his death.

"Since the stove is used for forging, there should be a way to control the flames!"

Chu Tian quickly discovered that there was a giant array lock on the side of the bronze stove. There were sixty four array designs and there were some designs that could control it.

"Gold, fire, water, earth, and wind?"

The stove clearly had different elements and when different elements fused together, the stove's function would change. Ancient refining techniques used different materials to create items, so this was the best way to create a stove with different functions.

First he had to reduce the fire element and increase the wind element!

An explosion came from inside the stove as the flames almost spewed out.

With the flame element being reduced and the wind element being increased, although the temperature was lower, the wind helped the flame rise, making it even more intense. It spewed out of the stove like a dragon's breath.

He understood now!

The sixty four designs represented the elemental energy inside the copper stove, some of which was fixed and could not be changed.

Chu Tian needed to change the other designs and find the optimal configuration to turn off the flames. One should not assume that reducing the amount of fire element would make the bronze stove safer, rather it made it worse. This one part fire element energy that Chu Tian changed into wind element energy made the flames even more intense.

But the difficulty of this was not too big!

Chu Tian understood the increase and decrease logic behind it. After grasping the array distribution of the copper stove, Chu Tian quickly adjusted the stove's function. Mutually suppressing elements and restraining each other, the stove's temperature quickly dropped and gradually achieved a balance.

"This should be fine now!"

There was still a flame burning in the stove which obscured one's vision, but the temperature was much lower now.

Chu Tian held the Flame Avoiding Bead as he walked into the sea of flames.

A protective layer appeared around him. When the flames came close, they were immediately absorbed by the Flame Avoiding Bead.

Chu Tian walked into the center of the flames but did not get burned at all. He knew that the Flame Avoiding Bead had a limit, so he could not stay here for too long.


The purple treasure box was opened!

Chu Tian did not even look at it before taking everything away. He rushed out of the stove as fast as possible, coming out unscathed without a single hair being scorched.

There was a strange square shaped crystal that the jade trial token called "treasure house key"!

A special jade talisman that the jade trial token called the "Substitution Talisman". It had the ability to substitute for a person when they suffered a fatal attack. This was an item of the trial space and could not be taken outside.

There was also an ancient refining technique jade slip. According to the information of the jade trial token, this was a slip full of ancient refining techniques, which was a priceless treasure in this era.

The last two were fine.

The one Chu Tian was curious about was the "treasure room key". Was this strange key needed to open some treasure later on? But, how was it used!

Nangong Yun and the others came back.

They all had a large harvest.

This place was a weapon refining palace, so the treasure chests did not contain medicinal resources or special items. Instead they contained various weapons, armours, other equipment, and even weapon crafting materials. There were many high level Soul Items and they had harvested dozens of them!

Dozens of high level Soul Items!

This was not a small number!

There were not many refiners in Central State City who could refine Soul Level Items. So for good quality Soul Items, even the Four Great Families did not have many of them.

This harvest completely satisfied them!

They had already been in the craftsman palace for quite a while, so they immediately gathered up their loot. Then they began to head for the giant's labyrinth's core, the giant's treasure room!

There was still a large distance between the craftsman palace and the giant's treasure room.

On the road, there were quite a few strong giant guards blocking their way and fighting their way through was not a sane thing to do. Chu Tian chose not to fight and ran through as fast as possible.


They had used three hours, but they had arrived at the center of the labyrinth, which was the giant's treasure room!

When they arrived at the giant's treasure room.

They were all stunned!

This giant's treasure room was too different from what they had imagined!

In their imaginations, they thought the treasure room would be covered in treasures, forming a magnificent palace. The giant's treasure room was the center of the giant's labyrinth, so it should have been a magnificent sight!

In front of them was now an empty palace.

The size of the palace itself was much smaller than the craftsman palace!

The most important thing was that the palace itself was completely empty, other than giant mirrors placed randomly around the hall.

Ground, walls, and the ceiling!

Every area was covered in giant mirrors.

The mirrors were three meters tall with golden bases, and they could be turned. Their surfaces were very smooth, with not a single piece of dust on them. Each mirror was enveloped in a special energy that released an ancient aura.

At the back of the crystal mirrors, there were mysterious totems painted on.

It was shaped like a wolf man, looking like a fierce monster. It wore scaled armour while wielding a long trident in its hands. A pair of blood red eyes stared at intruders as if telling them to stay away.

There was nothing else here at all!

There was not even a treasure box!

What was happening?

Where was the treasure room!

This was clearly an ordinary palace, how could this be the center of the trial space? Where was the mysterious hidden eternally lost question!