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 Chapter 162: Two young misses coming by cart

Two days later, a normal caravan entered into the main city. This caravan had a total of less than three hundred people and it had massive beast carriages pulling along heavy cargo. There were two beautiful white rhino beast carts in the center of the caravan with eighteen silent black robed people guarding it.

Central State had a bustling trade business with countless small and large companies.

Who would care about this normal caravan?

The curtain of the beast cart opened and a beautiful face was revealed. The wind exposing her forehead, showing beautiful eyebrows, jade like skin, and a small cherry mouth. There were two strands of hair on her cheek being gently blown by the wind making her look even more seductive. A pair of sparkling eyes that was like a pool of water contained a bit of mischief and naughtiness, but it was also very clear and intelligent.

This girl seemed like she was around fifteen-sixteen, but her body was absolutely perfect. With a long green skirt that tightly gripped her waist, she exuded youthful and lively aura.

"Wa! The main city is so bustling, it's much bigger compared to South Sky City. It's also much cleaner and prettier, this is Yingying's first time here!"

The young girl was naturally South Sky City's Meng Yingying.

Chu Tian had disappeared without a word and she had been stuck in South Sky City for half a month. She was already feeling impatient and she left immediately when the time Chu Tian had set arrived.

The two sisters had good luck.

They decided to come right when the Central State City Great Games were happening and the Four Great Families were focused on the Great Games, so they did not care about the changes with South Sky City. As a result, the two of them did not meet any danger or trouble on the way here and smoothly entered the main city.

A girl with a long snow white robe which could not cover her proud figure. This country destroying beauty was incomparably beautiful. With smooth white skin, cherry red lips, ink black hair, and a pair of shining water like eyes, she was like a beautiful crystal. Overall, she gave a mature and dignified feeling to anyone that saw her.

Meng Qingwu was sitting in the beast carriage in front of Meng Yingying. Even the calm person she was could not contain her excitement. She was finally taking this step forward!

Main city!

The heart of the Central State County!

The location where all the major powers in Central State resided!

This was the most bountiful location in all of Central State, but it was also the place with the most competition. Those that could establish a foothold here were the top powers of the Central State City.

Chu Tian had come to Central State City two weeks ago, but they did not know what his current situation was.

Could a single person really stir up a big pool like Central State City?

It would be best if he could achieve this, but if he couldn't, they just hoped he did not mess up. Chu Tian was the soul of Miracle Commerce and if Miracle Commerce did not have Chu Tian, their achievements would be limited.

When Meng Qingwu was feeling anxious.

A husky uncle with a face filled with excitement came back, "Young miss, you won't believe this. The entire street is talking about the Chairman and I have obtained news on the Chairman! There was no effort required at all!"

"What? Shouldn't he be trying to stay low key? If the entire city knows about him, then something big must have happened to him!"

Meng Qingwu's heart felt heavy.

If Chu Tian caused trouble in Central State again, it would not be easy to solve it.

Xiong Tianyan had asked around and learned that Chu Tian had met the Heavenly Sword Young Master when he first entered the city. He had resisted a single slash from the Heavenly Sword Young Master and had destroyed the legend of the Heavenly Sword Young Master's one slash kill. Then he had gone to the Yun Sect to cause trouble and had inspired admiration in the Yun Family. Finally he had united Nangong Yun and the Yun Family to establish the Qilin Hall which had caused a giant sensation in Central State City.

Then the most shocking thing was.

Chu Tian had participated in the Central State Great Games, defeating all the other competitors in the Great Games and instantly becoming the most dazzling genius in Central State City. The three great families had worked together to kill him at any cost, but Yun Tianhe, Chen Bingyu, and the Divine Wind Marquis had all worked together to stop them!

The Meng Qingwu sisters were completely shocked.

In just two weeks time, Chu Tian had turned himself into the center and turned himself into someone with influence in Central State City? How did this fellow do it!

"Where is he now?"

"The Chairman is in the Miracle Commerce Headquarters. It's said that the Yun Family gave the Chairman a Yun Sect Headquarters to act as the Chairman's Central State headquarters!"

"Let's go!"

Meng Qingwu was overjoyed.

Chu Tian is so skilled!

Who didn't know the Yun Family? The Yun Family being willing to give a newly built institute to him, it was very clear to even a fool that they were trying to win him over!

Not only had Chu Tian caused trouble in Central State, he had even won over a few allies for Miracle Commerce, he had even found a headquarters for them. The two sisters had come just in time to move in!

This was something completely unexpected for Meng Qingwu!

The Meng Qingwu sisters directed their carts to the institute and got out. They carefully examined this castle like building several times. With high walls, strong buildings, and heavy guards, it was like an iron fortress. Even the area it covered was huge and just this alone was shocking enough.

There was no need to worry about this place being attacked.

With medicine fields, breeding farms, laboratories, and cultivation rooms, this was built with the most state of the art technology and equipment the Yun Family scholars had!

"Damn!" Meng Yingying stamped her foot and her two cheeks puffed out, like she was dissatisfied. She loudly shouted, "I've been worried for nothing over the past few days! That bad fellow was living such a good lifestyle!"

Meng Qingwu couldn't help smiling, "Why aren't you calling him out yet?"

Meng Yingying followed her orders by pulling out a loud speaker and running to the door as she shouted, "Chu Tian you fool! What are you doing? Come and welcome us!"

Meng Qingwu revealed a smile. This little girl had been so worried that she barely ate, but now she could be relaxed!

The front door slowly opened.

Nangong Yun was like a red tornado as she charged out, "Ha, ha, ha, ha! Yingying, elder sister Qingwu! You're finally here! This old lady has missed you! Come give me a hug!"

When Meng Yingying saw Nangong Yun who she had not met in a while, she was filled with excitement and joy. She felt a sudden terrifying strength surrounding her for a moment, almost crushing her into a meat patty.

"Aiyo! Elder apprentice sister's cultivation has increased quite a bit!"

"You're not bad either, let me take a look. You're almost at the peak of the 1st Awakened Soul Layer, this progress is actually quite fast!"

"Of course!" Meng Yingying intentionally raised her voice just so the person coming from behind them could hear her, "I spent most of my time practicing behind close doors, using five large boxes of meteor grass. My Starlight Body is close to the peak of the Glass Body Realm and is close to approaching the Diamond Body Realm. Pretty strong, right!"

"You've almost reached the Diamond Body Realm!"

Nangong Yun was shocked. Was this not amazing enough?

Meng Yingying did not lie.

The Starlight Immortal Body required a lot of materials and as long as there were enough materials, one's cultivation speed would be quick. When Chu Tian left South Sky City, Meng Yingying had already reached the Glass Body Realm. If she really did cultivate daily, then it wouldn't be strange for her to reach the Diamond Body Realm.

The most important thing was that Meng Yingying and Meng Qingwu's source spirits did not have much of a battle strength amplifying effect, so they were doomed to be unable to practice most cultivation techniques. Thus, they could only focus on the defense route and focus on a suitable cultivation technique for them which will increase their progress speed.

Meng Yingying purposefully looked away from the person walking out behind them.

Chu Tian revealed a troubled face and said, "Aiyo! I was wondering why my right eyelid was jumping constantly as soon as I got out of bed! It's because this little girl is here!"

Meng Yingying looked over, "You don't welcome this miss?"

"How could I dare?" Chu Tian walked forward, "We haven't seen each other in so long! Give me a hug!"

Chu Tian went forth to give a big bear hug, clinging to a mass of warm of flexible cotton. This little girl's body has progressed once again!

Meng Yingying was stunned.

She couldn't resist, but she also couldn't not resist. Her face turned completely red.

This bastard is hugging me in front of everyone!


Bullying me as soon as he sees me!

Chu Tian released Yingying and walked in front of the young miss, "The young miss is even prettier now. Come let me hug you!"

Meng Qingwu's eyebrows raised and her beautiful long legs kicked out. In the end, it was dodged by Chu Tian.

"The young miss is too cautious." Chu Tian revealed an embarrassed smile, "We're all one big family, is there a need to be shy?"

Meng Qingwu's face turned red, "In front of all these people, you better not speak nonsense!"

Chu Tian helplessly shrugged his shoulders, "The new home has been prepared, so please come in two young misses! We have prepared a welcoming feast to help you wash away your travel fatigues!"

"Now this is more proper!" Meng Yingying gave a satisfied nod. She held her elder sister's hand as she walked in, "Go! We're going to our new home!"

Zhang Liqing and Xiong Tianyan followed them.

"Old Zhang seems even younger now. Your cultivation base is at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, it really is something worth celebrating over." Chu Tian said this and then looked at Xiong Tianyan, "Uncle Xiong's cultivation base is almost at the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, this quick progress is truly amazing!"

"This is all thanks to you!" Xiong Tianyan gave a crisp laugh, "If it wasn't for the Miracle Commerce's resources and the meteor grass, how could I have progressed so quickly?"

Zhang Liqing stroked his beard and spoke with a look of admiration on his face, "The Yun Sect is such a large organization and now they're treating you like an honoured guest. You little brat are not simple!"

"It's good luck, it's just good luck! Please come in!"

The Miracle Commerce staff began to move the items into the institute.

There were over one hundred barrels alone of refined Crystal Oil that they could take out to make Source Energy Batteries at any moment. This was a material that was used frequently. In addition to the meteor grass, there were countless items coming from the company.

What Chu Tian found strange was the cargo in the center of the caravan. What took up the most space was Meng Yingying's things, taking up a total of one hundred and fifty boxes.

Each box was large and heavy.

"What are in these boxes?"

"Reporting to the Chairman, we don't know either. It is Miss Meng Yingying's invention from South Sky City. She says it is a secret weapon and would be useful in Central State City!"

This really was a strange story.

This dumb girl could also make an invention?

Chu Tian entered the building and introduced Yun Yao and Yun Xiao to everybody. These two had helped Chu Tian quite a bit during his time in Central State, so he already considered them one of his own.

"Miracle Commerce has now settled in, so we need to move fast!" Chu Tian began to discuss the company's next steps with Meng Qingwu, "Tianchen Commerce has already secretly made two thousand phonographs and have already constructed a magnetic sound tower. There are several others being made right now and the factories are increasing radio productions. Now we must consider how to begin."

Chu Tian had basically spent all his money, but Meng Qingwu had brought twenty million gold coins with her.

With the interference of the Chu, Luo, and Ye Families, it would not be easy for Miracle Commerce to expand into Central State City. It would be very difficult for them to acquire a shop or factory. These three great families would exert a large amount of pressure and Miracle Commerce would not be able to buy anything no matter how much money they used.

The large factories and resource suppliers were controlled by the medium sized families and they would not dare to go against the three great families just to help Miracle Commerce.

"Let's open a source energy restaurant first!" Meng Yingying said this with full confidence, "The dining profession is managed by low level small companies, so they won't be worried about those families. We'll just spend several times the normal amount and buy them out!"

Meng Qingwu nodded, "I was thinking the same thing. Yingying has made quite a good canned food innovation and this is the perfect time to use it to grab attention!"

Chu Tian thought about those large boxes.

Was it really something Yingying invented?

Chu Tian was very clear on the young miss' personality. If even the young miss had confidence in this, then this would really be quite a good item!