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 Chapter 132: Causing trouble at the Yun Sect

It was a truly unprecedented face slapping method!

It didn't matter that a single person was playing ten games of chess or that a single person was competing against a hundred people. He had not only won, but he had calculated every step and won the ten different boards at the same time!

Such a strange method!

His dazzling technology was so dazzling that it made people crazy. Chu Tian was probably the only person in the world that could do this!

Not to mention the people on the scene who had personally experienced it, even Yun Tianhe and Yun Yao were both thoroughly shocked.



Gao Haoran had been proud of his symbol technique achievements, but it was all a joke in front of this young man. When he saw how the deadlocked boards had been completely broken and when he saw those obscure perfect symbol arrays appearing on the array patterns.

He gave a loud roar.


He spat out a large mouthful of blood.

He was like a withered straw falling in the wind, weakly falling to the ground.

"Brother Disciple!"

Li Tai flew into a rage.


"I will kill you!"

Li Tai's claw like hand shot out as fast as the wind, aiming right for Chu Tian. Since things had come to this, only by tearing him to pieces could he resolve the hate in his heart!

"You can't bear to lose! Is this really how the Yun Sect acts?"

"Shut up! Die!"

Right as Li Tai's attack was about to hit.

Netherworld Flickering Flames!

The Netherworld Sword began to move and the blue and white flames was released. The beautiful flame was like a dragon as it swirled around his body. Li Tai was carried away by his anger and did not care about anything. His claw slashed through the flames, but the moment it made contact.

An evil and cold corrosive power attack him.

The flames began to burn away his body protecting spirit energy, instantly destroying half his attack and causing Li Tai to suffer a heavy counter attack.

Li Tai did not care about it that much and just rushed through the flames. He only had one goal, he just wanted to tear Chu Tian to shreds!

But at this moment.

Chu Tian activated his sword art and disappeared from within his flames.


Too fast!

It was as if Chu Tian had disappeared in an instant.

Li Tai did not have the time to turn around before a strong sword glow came from behind him, heavily slamming onto his protective spirit energy. Li Tai gave a pitiful cry as he was sent flying.

The little fox took the chance to jump on Chu Tian's shoulder and forcefully spat out.


A dark red small needle shot out and pierced through Li Tai's protective spirit energy. It stabbed through his chest and came out behind him, then it turned around and came back.

Li Tai's meridians had suffered a heavy blow.

His spirit energy began to scatter.

Then he heavily fell down on the floor and completely lost his battle potential.

The little fox caught the small flying needle and happily jumped on Chu Tian's shoulder. It kept squeaking at him, trying to take the credit.

Chu Tian rolled his eyes, "Even if you hadn't taken him out, I still would have been able to easily deal with him!"

The crowd never would have thought.

Not only was this young man's knowledge shocking, he even had such a strong battle strength!

Li Tai was a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator. Although he was frenzied by his anger and chaotically attacked, his cultivation was still very strong, how could he be an easy person to deal with?

This young man had instantly defeated a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator.

How many people in Central State could accomplish this?

This was a very miraculous young man!

"You've gone too far!"

A terrifying aura was released!

Yun Guangyan drew his sabre and a swift and strong sabre qi shot out at Chu Tian.

Although Gao Haoran and Li Tai were 3rd Awakened Soul Layer Cultivators, they were scholars so they didn't have a strong battle potential. Of course they wouldn't be that powerful.

Yun Guangyan was also at the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer, but his cultivation was much deeper compared to theirs and his source spirit was battle orientated. Even if those two old man fought together, they still would not be an opponent for Yun Guangyan!

When Yun Guangyan's aura locked onto him.

Chu Tian could feel that the opponent was very strong, he was close to the same level as Chu Tongwen. With this kind of strong expert, Chu Tian had to careful with how he dealt with him.

"Ha, ha! Come, come, come! I'll fight until I'm satisfied!"


His spirit energy condensed!

His black sword source spirit loomed above him. It looked very simple like it was forged from black jade, but it released a mysterious and vast aura. It seemed like it came from the ancient era and seemed to belong to a terrifying demon god.

Such a strong source spirit!

Yun Guangyan never would have thought that the source spirit this young man owned would actually be a sword source spirit.

The most famous sword cultivating family in Central State was the Chu Family. That was because of the famous «Soul Sword Secret Art» being the strongest attack cultivation technique in Central State.

Yun Guangyan had fought countless times with the Chu Family geniuses and experts, so naturally he had seen countless strong sword source spirits. But if he compared those sword source spirits with the young man's source spirit, they would not even be on the same scale.

Looking at the aura that the source spirit emitted.

It was definitely the highest level source spirit he had seen up until now!

But a sword source spirit was a pure combat source spirit and would only increase one's attack power and destructive might, it would not affect any other attributes. Generally those that owned sword source spirits would be a battle centered cultivators.

He never would have imagined that someone with a sword spirit would actually have this kind of profound knowledge.

This sword spirit did not affect his studying abilities at all and it did not help him at all!

This young man was too terrifying!

He definitely could not leave!

Yun Guangyan's eyes shined with killing intent, "Since you've shamed my Yun Sect, you will have to pay the price!"

"I didn't not insult the Yun Sect, your technique is just inferior." Chu Tian sarcastically rebutted, "So you're just a bunch of scholars that can't accept loses and are now saying that I've insulted you?"

Yun Guangyan seethed with rage, "Even if it was a Chu Family swordsman, he still would not act so disrespectfully in front of me. Is your sword stronger than the Chu Family's «Soul Sword Secret Art»?"

What did the «Soul Sword Secret Art» count for? It was only a piece of an ancient sword cultivation technique.

The «Netherworld Flame Sword» Chu Tian cultivated was from the great ancient era and evolved from the remnant of a sword art. In terms of strength and profoundness, the «Netherworld Flame Sword» was miles above the «Soul Sword Secret Art».

Of course the «Soul Sword Secret Art» conformed with most people so it was suitable for being a family inherited cultivation technique. The «Netherworld Flame Sword» was very strong, but it had a strong limit and normal people wouldn't be able to cultivate it and was only suited to being a secret art.

The sabre in Yun Guangyan's hand began to emit bolts of lightning and instantly condensed into a sabre of lightning, "You use the sword and I use the sabre. Let's compete and see which is stronger!"

Yun Guangyan's body was covered in lightning and his spirit energy condensed into a lightning sabre.

Sabre source spirit?

Yun Guanyan had a sabre source spirit and like Yun Yao, he had a lightning attribute source spirit, but it wasn't as pure as Yun Yao's. This sabre source spirit only increased his lightning powers by a bit.

With his source spirit's power added in, the long sabre in Yun Guangyan's hand bloomed with lightning that were just like silver snakes winding out. Wherever it went, the air trembled, visibly showing a strong might.

"Thunder Slash!"

Yun Guangyan stepped off the ground and soared in the air. His long sabre was covered in lightning as it streaked at Chu Tian.

Yun Guangyan had a strong battle potential, but with power of the lightning added into his sabre, each slash was also covered in lightning. Not only did it increase his destructive might by ten times, it would also deal strong after effects to the opponent.

Lightning was a very wild form of energy.

Not only could it restrain evil spirits, it also contained a frightening destructive might.

Yun Guangyan's long sabre was covered in lightning and as long as the sabre could form a current, whether it was with the enemy's weapon, armour, or even the energy surrounding their body, the current would spread across their body and instantly numbing the enemy, making them lose their battle strength.

"Then come!"

The Netherworld Sword was covered in blue and white flames. Without running or dodging, he was choosing to clash directly.

This idiot actually dared to directly block Yun Guangyan's sword. Was Yun Guangyan's sword that easy to block? Even a 3rd Awakened Soul Layer expert would not dare to block it head on!

The Netherworld Sword and Thunder Sabre clashed together.

Yun Guangyan did not feel any repelling force and felt like he was slashing into cotton. He kept pouring out his energy, but it felt like he was just throwing it into a black hole that swallowed it all.

Everyone saw a strange sight.

The lightning on Yun Guangyan's sabre was actually visibly disappearing. On the other hand, the flame flow on Chu Tian's Netherworld Sword began to glow brighter as it turned the entire sword into a sword of flame!

Yun Guangyan's face fell.

What is with this fellow's sword?

It could actually absorb the lightning energy. What was even more unbelievable was the fact that the flame was burning the lightning energy and using it to fuel a stronger flame.


Chu Tian gave a low roar.

The Netherworld Ghost Flame erupted out and violently attacked Yun Guangyan's sabre. It broked the sabre into several pieces and sent Yun Guangyan flying several meters.

One move!

This fellow from who knows where.

Actually sent the elder flying in one exchange. He had even shattered the elder's prized sabre!

Yun Guangyan blankly stared at the shattered sabre in his hand. This was a high grade spiritual weapon and it was actually broken by the enemy!

The treasured sword in the enemy's hand was definitely not something ordinary!

Yun Guangyan had clearly underestimated Chu Tian's power. This young man was even more terrifying than he imagined, but now that he had made a move, he could not back down. Even though he knew this would be hard to deal with, he could only brace himself and move forward.

Even if he had to sacrifice himself!

He had to maintain the prestige of the Yun Sect!

Right as Yun Guangyan was about to release his wild counter attack.

"That's enough!"

"Are you not ashamed yet!"

A dignified old voice rang out in everyone's ears and a terrifying pressure covered the entire area.

Yun Guangyan's face fell, "Patriarch!"

Yun Tianhe flew down and landed in the center, then he coldly stared at him, "You still have the face to call me patriarch? The Yun Family's face has been completely lost by you! Starting from today, you will lose your elder position and will sent to the northern institute to do odd jobs for three years!"

Yun Guangyan's expression fell, but he did not dare to refute. He helplessly said, "Yes!"

Li Tai stood up with difficulty, "Old Yun, what are you doing! We gave our all to protect the Yun Sect and you're treating us this coldly!"

"Protecting the Yun Sect? You call what you did protecting the Yun Sect!" Yun Tianhe's terrifying aura was released and everyone felt like it was hard to breathe, "It's fine if we lose. When has the Yun Sect been unable to accept a loss? When has our Yun Sect become people that bullies others with our power and influence? From today on, you three disciple brothers are no longer members of the Yun Sect. We will compensate you double for the contributions you have given to the Yun Sect! Now, please leave!"

Li Tai was so angry he began to tremble, "Yun Tianhe, you are getting ahead of yourself!"

Yun Tianhe gave a cold snort and a terrifying pressure was released, forcing Li Tai to take several steps back, "I have the qualifications to talk evenly with Southern Summer's number one scholar Gu Qianqiu, what do you count for? Nothing but an arrogant junior! Stop disgracing yourself!"

"Good, good!"

"I hope you won't regret this!"

Li Tai never would have thought that Yun Tianhe would turn his back to him and shelter an unknown outsider. But Yun Tianhe had a deep cultivation and was a respected member of the Southern Summer academic community. Li Tai could only bear this loss and bring his disciple brothers away.

This splendid conflict had finally ended!

The Yun Family juniors began to applaud.


The Netherworld Sword returned to its sheath.

Chu Tian turned around to leave.

"Mister, please wait!" Yun Tianhe looked over at Chu Tian and quickly changed his expression. He laughed as he walked over and bowed as he said, "Mister truly is a natural talent, you have opened this old man's eyes. It is this old man's lack of management of the Yun Sect that caused this situation today. I'd like to invite this mister back, so this old man can show his hospitality!"

Yun Yao also walked over, "Alright, you can stop pretending now. I know you're here to see us! Come in and let's talk!"

Chu Tian shrugged and said, "Alright then."