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 Chapter 9 - Burp

"You guys have arrived."

"Thank you for your invitation."

"Don't mention it, I've increased your troubles in the library, it was only natural to invite you. I have a private collection here as well, I know you are very interested in the history of the mainland, they're all collected over that side."

Ai Wei Er had a small selfish motive in the depth of her heart. She wished to see whether this person, who was always calm and collected was always unaffected by anything, would react to this incompatible environment.

Anger? Inferiority? Or another emotion, however she was disappointed once again. Or it could be said that she wasn't disappointed by her expectations since the later was still calm and collected, as if this kind of stage wasn't much.

Ai Wei Er could see that this was not just a pretense, however she could not figure out his origins unless he was just born optimistic.

"My brother just loves to eat, please provide him with fish and meat, it's a rarity to be able to experience luxury, so he had to grasp the opportunity." 1

Zou Liang laughed, rather than hiding away concealed it was much better to directly ask.

Ai Wei Er nodded her head replying, "This is only natural, I will make sure all the guests receive hospitality."

There has never been a person that has had the kind of request Ya Se had. Ai Wei Er only thought this was natural; one who did not put on false pretenses was hard to dislike.

When Ou Nisi Te heard anything on the subject of food he could only be happy. Steward Fu Na had also prepared some fish and meat, it seems that what he said earlier was not just for courtesy's sake.

Even though Zou Liang did not make any remarks, but on earth this kind of hospitality could be given ten points.

Zou Liang had an expression of indifference to his surroundings, however he did have a lot of interest in Ai Wei Er's book collection.

"Wei Wei, they can't be the people you were waiting for, right? I thought it would be some handsome person.", Bei Ji remarked with a face full of disappointment.

"Wei Wei, these seem like the two wastes of the academy, how come you invited them along?"

"Wei Wei probably wanted to create a happy atmosphere."

Ai Wei Er shook her head and replied, "They are in fact the guests I invited."

"That can't be, this is a study salon, from the moment the Bi Er's are born they have no dealings with books.", Bei Ji exaggerated and gestured as her deep cleavage was moulded into a valley.

Of the large beast tribes the bear tribe is the tribe that has changed the least. The bear tribe in general admired strength; even though the bear tribe was a noble tribe they were still attached to this point. So a normal Bi Er tribe member that liked reading books would even cause the roadside stones to laugh.

"Remember the lyrics I recited earlier? They were learnt from his tongue."

"For real, he couldn't have just heard it from somewhere right?"

"It must be."

The others no longer gave more attention to these two after their initial interest, the subject was then changed. Ai Wei Er didn't explain but in all honesty it was very hard to explain as she herself held a lot of suspicions, so much that she didn't even know why she had invited them.

Even if the stage was different Zou Liang would naturally still come. Though he had no interest in the beast tribe historical biographies here but the information here about Spirit Engraving Masters greatly interested him. The library only had very vague introductions and he must find out about what exactly a Spirit Engraving master was for Ou Nisi Te and his own sake.

One does not only need to be able to recognise an existence but also need to have knowledge on their inner workings.

Zou Liang had did not wish to let his fortune be laid in someone else's hands.

After reading a few Spirit Engraving master introductions, these unique entities definitions were very simple. If you could could feel and move someone's beast spirit then congratulations, as this was the qualification to become a Spirit Engraving master.

Even if one became a very common Beast Transformation Engraving Master, they would not have to worry about their basic provisions.

Feel? Move?

Zou Liang didn't know about these, he wanted to find deeper knowledge however there was nothing to introduce it.

"You're interested in Spirit Engraving Masters? This may prove trouble, things on the Engraving Master can be considered as top secret, these people regard their engraving techniques to be as precious as their own lives. These techniques are not passed onto females but are passed down through disciples, but not son's-in-law. They also must have the qualifications to become a Spirit Engraving Master to enter the guild."

Ai Wei Er explained.

"How about a entire explanation, not including explanations on specific designs?"

"These exist however there are none in my collection, if you wish I can go and help you borrow some."

"Then thank you .", Zou Liang laughed, only now did he directly observe Ai Wei Er. Today Ai Wei Er wore a conservative white gown, however this could not hide her cuteness.

This made Zou Liang recall the wonderful, youthful campus and the time he had squandered his life playing games. Of course in an engineering university there were hideous people left and rights, becoming another reason why they submerged themselves in the virtual world away from the love of springtime. 2

"So you were here Wei Wei just before I thought of a pretty good phrase" a Fu Ke Si (Fox) youth spoke as he walked over, leering at Ya Se with hostility.

Zou Liang was left speechless, this friend could only come off as an idiot. If he wished to find enemies don't come and count Zou Liang in.

"You guys can continue, I'll have a looking around.", Zou Liang remarked as he had little interest with these nobles who had nothing better to do. He had originally thought that it was really to study however it was just a place for a group of youths to mingle and pretend they had culture. To be honest most people were here just to join in the liveliness.

"Fellow student Ya Se is very accomplished in lyrics, why not come have a listen?", Ai Wei Er suggested.

"Sure, since it's Wei Wei's guest, come and join us for a while.", replied the Fox tribe youth, not wanting to let Ya Se go.

"Baron Ka Long (Kǎ lóng), isn't this forcing someone? We can just study together.", Bei Ji charmingly remarked.

Seeing someone calling him with honorifics, Ka Long's facial expression could help but show a pleased expression. For one to be so young and inherit such a title, their family must have had a long and glorious history.

"Sure, to put on an ugly display is no better than just hiding and I'm hungry, eating would suit me.", Zou Liang laughed as there was nothing left to see and he was hungry.

To put on an ugly display is not better than to just hide, the three people pondered for a while before they understood. Ka Long then returned a look of contempt, beast tribes would proceed with things bravely, so to hide themselves was considered cowardly.

However the two girls had comprehended a different type of emotion.

"Ou Nisi Te, leave some for me."

"Older brother this barbeque smells so nice, I have left you the best meat, come and quickly eat older brother.", Ou Nisi Te responded merrily guarding it from the surrounding people.

"Wonderful!", Zou Liang responded as he was indeed very hungry. What they ate at school was very poor; it had been a while since he had fresh meat. Therefore this time his appetite was very worked up.

The two brothers started eating without any conscience for their surroundings. Even to the point that even the people in the surroundings that did not care started to despise them.

Ai Wei Er who was the host was a bit embarrassed asking, "Ka Long, let us hear your great work."

After saying this a few youths gathered around Ka Long, it seemed that he had good social standing.

Ka Long loved this kind of feeling where he was in the spotlight, after clearing his throat he recited, "Silent night of spring, unwilling to detach itself, birds chirping at the last light of dusk. Missing the missed, dreaming of dreams, my lonely heart like the last light of a candle. Single sided enmity is a fragrant festival, under the court lilacs bond as of single mind. Night mists disperse, dawn awaiting to show off its splendour, a pair of swallows in spring."

After a short while, an applause sounded out, Ka Long concluded with a extremely elegant bow.

"Very good, it really had a lot of meaning."

"Of course, Ka Long is the best out of all of us."

"I hear that reciting lyrics are very popular in the empire right now. With this level of lyrics you can start publishing books, Ka Long."

Ai Wei Er also nodded her head as this really did attain the appropriate level. Everything about Ka Long stroked his feelings of superiority. He was extremely talented,with the status of a noble, a background that no one could beat and he can also keep up with the current trends of the empire.

Beauties did love brave warriors, but also loved this kind of top grade outstanding talent. Since the high grade development of the Meng Jia Empire it was no longer an era filled with muscle heads.


Ou Nisi Te let out a very untimely and long burp, thoroughly destroying Ka Longs self satisfactory moment. Zou Liang glamorously let loose a spray of saliva. 3

The neglected Xi Bo Lai brothers then became the center of attention.

1. In chinese is similar to "sorry to inconvenience you" but however it doesn't quite fit in the context as it is more casual so I'm not sure what to use in English

2. Dinosaurs is a way Chinese use to describe ugly people but I don't think it has those connotations in the english

3. Think of it like a pft...... action which one makes when something cringe worthy happens unexpectedly