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 Chapter 8 - Invitation

Watching Ou Nisi Te having his battle with the horse stance, Zou Liang started on his own training. During this time he no longer required luck to perform some techniques, though he was still unable to perform the more difficult techniques; three or four chain techniques could be performed smoothly. Zou Liang understood that techniques must be well practiced or else they will lack killing power, therefore being physically strong was not enough as they would have their flaws taken advantage of by their opponent.

However if there was an immediate problem that needed to be addressed that was Zou Liang's firepower. The previous three chain combination included a lethal strike to the neck however it still only made Ou Nisi Te numb for a while. His firepower could only be said to be lacking however Beast Spirit was similar to qi, therefore it could solve his problem. However if he wished to incorporate qi into his techniques there was only one method; to practice.

Beast Spirit Strength is similar to explosive strength 1, doing this allows one to achieve the strongest power they could muster. When defending, one can move their Beast Spirit to the area attacked, consequently increasing their defences.

Beast Spirit could be considered the foundation of one's safety and fate. It didn't matter how advanced ones techniques were if others could slap them to death. Zou Liang understood that one with this kind of strength could defeat ten people experienced in martial techniques.

This did not worry Zou Liang, as having something as good as the Beast Spirit World, how could one let go of such a good opportunity.

Zou Liang's lips carelessly curved into a devious smile as he thought of obtaining justice for Ya Se through glory.

His skeletal structure could also be considered as another combat strength, to a combat fanatic this was considered as an innate characteristic. After a short moment of perplexity he had been enlightened.

"Does fellow student Ya Se happen to be in?", asked a Fu Ke Si (Fox) old man tha had just arrived at the entrance. This old man looked around at the squatting Ou Nisi Te and Ya Se who was performing random maneuvers with a strange look; these two were in fact weird creatures.

"I'm Ya Se, is there some matter you need me for old man?"

"Fellow student Ya Se, my houses young lady would like to invite you to attend a studying salon2", the Fu Ke Si old man replied with a polite nod and a slight bow. This was the Fu Ke Si's speciality, every influential household would hire one of the Fu Ke Si as a steward.

"Is your household's young lady Ai Wei Er?", Ya Se asked as he was very clear of the people he knew in school. Other than Ou Nisi Te the only other candidate could only be Ai Wei Er though he was not very well acquainted with her.

The Fu Ke Si old man nodded his head and replied, "Here is the invitation slate, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon a carriage will come to receive you."

Fu Na (Fú Nà) had been serving the Rui Bo Te (Rabbit) tribes family for around 20 years now. The young lady would often organise these study salons, inviting some of her close friends. This friend however wasn't an aristocrat or a rich merchant however, this time a member of the bear tribe was cautiously invited.

Seeing the place that they lived in could only be considered as the poorer type of the school. Only people who lacked power or influence and also lacked talent would be left to these remote backwater areas.

"This....", Zou Liang hesitated, he had no interest in attending this study salon as he had a lot of things he needed to do.

Fu Na didn't display any look of astonishment and stated, "Fellow student Ya Se, the young lady said that you could view her book collection, one must know that our young lady's book collection in Ye Lu Samo City 3 could be counted as outstanding and all of the people who are attending are intelligent people, therefore is a very good opportunity to establish connections"

Zou Liang thought for moment, since he had to survive in this world, external interactions were a must. He nodded however he saw Ou Nisi Te's look of envy and therefore he asked "old man, would it be possible if I bring my brother along?"

"Of course you can, you can even bring your friends."

"Then thank you very much."

"Are there things to eat at the salon?" Ou Nisi Te immediately asked after hearing he could take part.

Fu Na nodded though being in a slight daze and answered, "If you have anything you need, we will prepare it."

Although this guest was a bit strange but being a Fu Ke Si (Fox) Steward he wouldn't have the slightest bit of contempt as this was a tradition of Fu Ke Si stewards.

"Older brother, let's eat less for lunch, I heard that large family tribes have very nice things to eat."

Ou Nisi Te suggested while touching his legs which were weak from squatting.

"A large tribes family, is Ai Wei Er's family very prominent?"

"Older brother, the Rui Bo Te (Rabbit) tribe is separated into five large families and the family Ms Ai Wei Er is part of is considered the top family amongst the five. Ms Ai Wei Er is very famous at school.", Ou Nisi Te reported whilst making a strange face as he thought it was strange that his older brother didn't even know this much.

Where would Zou Liang know that a girl from the rabbit tribe had such a large influence? He had been a bit narrow-minded as he thought that only the strong had large family tribes however this was not the case, as a strong empire must have hundreds of flourishing tribes. Large beast tribes who governed had powerful quantitative strength, however this was to control the population, but when it came to individual's, strength didn't mean that a beast tribe did not have a large family tribe.

In the temple and the Engraving masters guild the Bisi Mai swan tribe and Tian Mei (Tiān mèi) tribe 4 were very prominent. A beast tribe looking after other beast tribes is a customary tribal concept, this concept is the reason why the Meng Jia Empire stayed powerful. To have a tribe living on it's own is a very rare sight.

For development to occur the harmony and cooperation of the beast tribes is inevitable.

Although he did not know why Ai Wei Er invited him but there's no harm in going to a place where there was food, drinks and books to read.

After the two had a simple lunch, Ou Nisi Te proceeded with his horse stance, while Zou Liang also kept practicing his maneuvers grasping the movement of his beast spirit in time with the tempo of his body movement. Perhaps he was a genius in this aspect as he did not find much difficulty practicing.

Time passed very fast while concentrating as it was 3 o'clock, the carriage had arrived promptly and was waiting at the entrance. As this was Ou Nisi Te's first time sitting in a gorgeous horse carriage he was quite excited. He would let his eyes wander, touch objects and occasionally let out a laugh with a large grin spread over his face.

Fu Na silently observed these two Bi Er's: the one which was taller was very normal, he could even be considered below average. The other Bi Er looked a bit fragile however he was indeed different, he was very taciturn and a glint would often appear in his eye while in seemingly deep thought, to see this temperament was indeed uncommon.

Fu Ke Si's naturally excel in observation, especially to a guest who the young lady had put at such high importance.

However throughout the road trip he had not realised anything else that was special.

"Wei Wei, who are you waiting for that hasn't arrived yet?"

"En, I've invited two special people."

"Oh, Yi Ka Bo De (Yī kǎ bó dé) has been quite impressive lately, he has achieved a plain grade beast transformation. Also his transformations system 5 is considered very good."

"No wonder he didn't come today."

"He's born in 4th terrestrial branch 6 and is to become the top expert of this generation;He must've diligently worked hard."

This so called study salon was actually a place for nobility to gather, gossip and make friends. Of course Ai Wei Er sent out the invitations with studying as the purpose, with many people reading books and discussing the most recent trends, it was a place that friends enjoyed.

"A guy eh, so boring, however Yi Ka Bo De is indeed very handsome; those blonde curls make him extremely sexy."

"Oh your heart strings are starting to tingle.", Ai Wei Er mocked. 7

Si Nai Ke snake tribe's ladies would never avoid conversation on relationships 8. They believed that Yin Yang was a gift bestowed by the beast spirit world and to reproduce was a glorious thing.

Bei Ji (Bèi jī) charmingly laughed, the corner of her mouth revealed a small beauty mark which left a very sexy, enticing feeling. 9

"Apparently Ke Te (Kē tè) captured a three legged Qi Mei La (Qíměi lā - Chimera) 10 preserving all of its demon power. It seems like he is also planning for his beast transformation."

"That was when Yi Ka Bo De had finished his plain grade. So how could he not be worried."

"The beast god festival is arriving again, we can have a holiday again."

"Yeah but knowing the directors character he'll come up with some kind of weird mission again." 11

Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te had already arrived, the two of them in this kind of setting were a bit incompatible. Ou Nisi Te couldn't feel it, while on the other hand Zou Liang did not care.

1. Explosive strength means to have high power output in a short amount of time

2. Salon is a gathering of intellectual people to amuse each other and increasing each others knowledge through communication more can be read at ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salon_(gathering) . Don't be like me and think it's where you go to get a haircut.

3. If one has forgotten this is the city they live in it is a parody of Jerusalem and desert

4. New tribe but I have no clue what this tribe is derived from the tribe is called for sky and for charm suggest demon, elf and phantom

5. Consider system as stats ie agility, strength, vitality etc

6. 5-7am in the second solar month (6th March - 4th April) of the year of the rabbit

7. Persons name is censored -.-

8. The raws are censored it's suppose to be a type of conversation probably s****l judging from the paragraph

9. The beauty mark is usually a mole on the side of ones lips http://chinesehoroscop-e.com/face-reading/mole-placement-meanings.php is a very simple summary however there is not many articles written on this so unless if you understand chinese it may be hard to find much information of actual placement.

10. Chimera is an mythical creature with three heads, a goat, serpent and a lion.

11. Gender is assumed at this point as the gender character is not necessary in chinese grammar, also censored again