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 Chapter 63 - Apprehension's Bewilderment

Everyone's expressions immediately changed. "There's no way. This is a third-ranked map so how could there be so many? There aren't even any high-grade demon beasts and Rock Beasts do not gather in such large groups," Ke Te questioned; he had also believed something to be wrong.

Patelisi took the map, his pupils contracting before the map strangely began to change in his hands at a gradual pace.

This was an identifying technique that the eagle tribe excelled in; the eagles' eyes had the ability to see through disguises.

"Blood Red Rose" transmogrified into "Rock Beasts' Thunder": a fifth-grade map.

Everyone looked at each other. A fifth-grade map was one that only bronze-grade teams could use and definitely exceeded the scope of their ability. Someone had schemed against Ai Wei Er and cast a net of deceit and others were had been trapped like fish in a pond in the process.

"This... where did this map come from?"

Ke Te had already come to realise the severity of the situation. This map was actually only half complete, and the perpetrator was certainly sinister; the path of entry had definitely been there, but after revealing the disguise the entrance had disappeared. The most crucial point was that they had already infuriated the Rock Beasts and created a hatred for this team; as long as the beasts felt their presence, they would pursue to the death.

"This isn't the time to be discussing anymore. Let's withdraw," Zou Liang said.

"It's too late, prepare for battle," Ji Na stated cool-headedly. They had been played-heavily played-and the chances of success were close to zero. In reality, she struggled a bit too; a Shadow Hunter had the highest speed and the most agility, thus if she ran now she and Lan Di would have a chance to live. In the end, though, she stayed, her beastman's pride refusing to let her desert her party.

"Everyone run. Each one we shake off counts, and there's no chance of success anyway!" Patelisi said, his words impolite but also truthful.

A trial by fire was not a game. Every year, countless young beastmen would die; they would not be the first nor would they be the last.

"Fifty, huh? How many are there specifically?" Zou Liang suddenly asked while everyone was hesitating.

"It's already like this! There's no point in asking, let's leave quickly!"

Ao Li Quan Ya could already feel the ground shake before a horizon filled with Rock Beasts appeared. There was no jungle that could hide them and they were left with only the highs and lows of the cliffs.

"Fifty-seven of them," Patelisi answered since he could affirm it this time.

"Everyone cover your ears and control your inner state of mind. There could possibly be some illusions." Zou Liang performed some chest enlargement exercises and groaned, suspending his vocal chords.

"Big Brother, you guys go. I'll block them!" Ou Nisi Te resolutely said.

"Block what, your head? What can you block? Move aside and cover your ears as well. What are you guys stunned about, hurry!"

Zou Liang yelled while Ai Wei Er and the rest looked to each other. It was too late for them to run, but this situation was akin to trying to swim against fate1.

At this time, Zou Liang was very, very curious. There was a song that had been buried in his heart for a long time, and a microphone hog like him2 had never sung for real before. The reason...... was that the illusion was far too dangerous, but at this place he finally released his song loudly.

The name of the song was -- Apprehension3!

A o~

A o hey~

A si de, A si de~

A si de ge de ge~

A si de a si de ge dou~ 4

All of his Beast Spirit poured into this deep sound and rushed outwards, but the Rock Beast horde kept charging as though nothing had happened.

Zou Liang had completely entered into his optimal state; the charging Rock Beast horde had enticed his interest. For him to face this horde of monsters alone, he must have some kind of perverse mental disorder.

A o~

A o hey~

A si de a si de~

A si de ge de ge de~

A si de a si de ge dou~





There was a sudden raise of pitch and an extreme change of tempo, and paired with the Beast Spirit as a catalyst the Rock Beast horde began to show symptoms. Zou Liang did not have only this song, but thinking of Du Wenze5 he immediately changed and his voice became even crazier.

This song had been suffocating in his heart for a long time!

Tai ge de tai ge di de tai ge de ge dou.........

The Rock Beasts were only thirty meters away from the party, but in a swift moment the Rock Beast hoard collapsed and started mutually attacking each other and rolling on the ground, completely insane.

It was not only the Rock Beasts that had such a feeling: even the people around Zou Liang were pale, and it was clear that Zou Liang may have been overly passionate.

After Zou Liang overbearingly sighed with an "Aiya......" to finish, the Rock Beasts on the ground were already foaming at their mouths. The ones still alive could only groan out, and there was even one on the ground that tried to struggle with his life to keep a distance from Zou Liang.

In Zou Liang's heart only the word "satisfied" remained. This was what you called singing, though his audience's inner qualities were a little lacking.

Silence...... Absolute silence.

With pleasuring running through his entire body, Zou Liang turned his head to see his friends dumbstruck. "Good, settled. Ai Wei Er, you can gather the Beast Spirit now; don't waste it."

"Ah? Ah!" Ai Wei Er had not yet come to her senses.

"F**k me, what kind of war song is this! It's mothefucking powerful!" Lan Di exclaimed while pinching his thigh; his mind was also a little disarrayed.

"The Apprehension's Bewilderment War Song. It's good, no?"

Zou Liang laughed. It was needless to say that the beast tribes' music industry was primitive. The war songs that Tuo Ma Si had taught were also war songs, and the war song's power originated from the user's Beast Spirit as well as from the rhythm. If he had used his cheap Master's techniques this time, they would have been stomped into meat patties a long time ago.

"Are you an Engraving Priest or a War Song Priest?" Ji Na muttered.

"Heihei, my master-Head Priest Tuo Ma Si-is an Engraving Priest as well as a War Song Priest, so how could I as the disciple shame his name?"

Zou Liang discourteously threw the responsibility onto Tuo Ma Si's shoulders. It was very convenient to immediately divert anyone's questions about his roots, and the Head Priest would have become used to it eventually.

"Head Priest Tuo Ma Si......" Ji Na repeated, her heart also filled with suspicion; this name was not especially famous in the Holy Province.

"Hehe, Big Brother, you're still the strongest. You killed so many in such a short time," Ou Nisi Te praised, both Ya Se's number one admirer as well as his number one enthusiast.

"Damned Ya Se, storing such a powerful war song! The Head Priest sure plays favourites; I'll pull out his beard when I return!" Ao Li Quan Ya angrily pledged.

Ai Wei Er was also very pleased when she gathered the Beast Spirit; the Spirit Gathering Gourd was already full meaning she had completed her mission ahead of time.

Hearing what Ao Li Quan Ya said, Ji Na made her assumptions: she had been tricked by this utterly "honest" Bi Er in front of her eyes. Could it be that her beauty alone was not enough to make him join the fray?

Full Title: Chapter 63 - Apprehension's Bewilderment War Song

in CHinese means to prescribe a dead horse how you would a live one. ↩

Someone who will not relinquish the microphone when they are at a karaoke bar. ↩

:///watch?v=nFrcKYA1EL4 for those who want to know how it sounds like. Remember he's male so it'll be a lot more darker than a woman singing it. ↩

These are just sounds and have no meaning... Well if they do I don't understand it... ↩

A famous Asian actor ↩