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 Chapter 62 - A Male that Requires Protection

The party had not walked very far before they encountered four Rock Beasts, a common low-grade demon beast approximately four meters long with a body covered in thick scales. Even though this beast had teeth, its main method of attack was to collect into groups and charge, attacking with their strength in numbers.

"Old rules: Patelisi and I will pin them down while we get rid of them one by one!" Lan Di instructed. This was not the first time he had encountered this type of demon beast and he was very familiar with these monsters' habits.

Before the talk had finished, Lan Di had already charged out while Patelisi took off towards the sky. Arrows shot forward as the alarmed Rock Beasts responded with an angered roar and charged out like tanks.

"Ou NIsi Te, head out!"

Zou Liang had given his order due to how great a training opponent these monsters would be. Ou Nisi Te charged without a second word and one of the Rock Beasts responded by charging towards him.

"That's dangerous! The power of a Rock Beast's charge is very high; don't meet it head on!" Ke Te yelled, but he was already too late.

The charging Ou Nisi Te that was wildly charging suddenly lit up as his shield appeared, Hong......

Ou Nisi Te had already collided with the Rock Beast at the same time the warning was issued, giving everyone present a fright. Rather than being hit flying, however, Ou Nisi Te had blocked the Rock Beast instead.

Ke Te wildly howled as the long sword in his hand stabbed towards the Rock Beast's neck. He needed to stab parallel to the scales' arrangement for the attack to be effective.


The Rock Beast continued to struggle with his life on the line while Ou Nisi Te displayed the unequalled strength of a Bi Er and forced the Rock Beast's head down.

Honglong, the Rock Beast finally fell to the ground at the same exact moment Lan Di brought over another one.

"Ou Nisi Te, can you block another?" Ke Te asked in high spirits. Originally they would have to expend quite a bit of effort to kill a Rock Beast, but with Ou Nisi Te's help it had become too easy.

Ou Nisi Te had probably never been relied upon like this before. In the past, people had always held him in disdain, but now he felt like a true member of the team.

This time did he not charge but instead braced himself and prepared to block.

Lan Di flashed aside and the Rock Beast proceeded to collide with Ou Nisi Te's shield, hong......

Ou Nisi Te was pushed back five meters by the Rock Beast. Since the Rock Beast was a demon beast with low intelligence, it only knew how to keep pushing with its life. Ou Nisi Te-stupefied-decided to play its game and resisted in the same way.

If it were Zou Liang, he would definitely flip these Rock Beasts onto their backs, but it was better for the person to use the method most suitable to them. For Ou Nisi Te, this was the most effective manner of settling the issue.

Ke Te lurked to the side. The Rock Beast would be on its highest alert at this time and it would not be the optimal moment to strike; he could only wait for Ou Nisi Te to resist.

Ou Nisi Te was silent, the rocks at his feet gradually slowing the momentum of the collision to a halt before he fiercely flipped the Rock Beast over. Ke Te had yet to move before then, yet a red scene was soon presented as the Rock Beast's belly was slit open.

Ji Na then gave Ou Nisi Te a cheery compliment, "This big guy's strength isn't low."

With such a strong meatshield like Ou Nisi Te, the four Rock Beasts were annihilated in no time in an unexpectedly relaxing and delightful manner. Though this kind of performance still wasn't over in an instant, that was due to the beasts' rough skin and thick flesh; if this was done as it was in the past, it may not have been settled even in half a day.

During the entire process, there was a priest in training that stood like stone, offering nothing other than that one sentence that was yelled earlier. Even Ao Li Quan Ya had given an inspiration-based war song.

Ai Wei Er brought out a Spirit Gathering Gourd and stowed the four demon beast spirits away; the earlier they were gathered, the better the results. These were the same things Zou Liang had used when he was practicing Spirit Engraving.

Ou Nisi Te suffered some small wounds so Ai Wei Er moved to treat them. Consecutively fighting four Rock Beasts would allow Ou Nisi Te to be proud; to have a teammate that could resist such attacks would make combat a lot easier.

"Good, good, good, an excellent start. Everyone is far too outstanding," Zou Liang unceasingly clapped after the fight came to an end.

"Lazy pig! Why didn't you help earlier!" Ao Li Quan Ya scolded with her hands on her hips, though her eyes were still revealing a happy expression. It had been her first time participating in a battle and she had even utilised a war song: far too satisfying.

"When have you ever seen an Engraving Priest charge out and enter the fray?" Zou Liang replied as shameless as ever, not even the slightest of embarrassment on his face.

"Ao Li Quan Ya, don't blame him. This kind of battle can easily wound someone, so for a priest to stand at the back is necessary," Lan Di laughed, thoroughly pleased with the fight. Eliminating demon beasts and comparing notes between beast tribes were two entirely different things; though Ya Se knew some knife-play, he would be at his wits' end when attacking a scale-armoured beast like the Rock Beast.


"'Bootlicker' again? Well, what can you do about it1!"

After learning the butterfly knife-play from Zou Liang, Lan Di would even bootlick full of self-confidence and justice with his head held high.

"Seems like these small fries cannot entice your interest, Priest Ya Se," Ji Na remarked while putting her own dagger away. When s*x appeal was paired with danger, it would become an uncontrollable temptation, and Ji Na was the kind of witch that would use this to strike.

"Miss Ji Na is very skilled so you'll have to make sure to protect me well."

Ji Na was dumbfounded; this rascal was far too cowardly. Could it be that her expectations were too high?

Even if he did not have ability, the beast tribes' virtue and pride was in their bravery. How was it that this did not manifest itself in this person?

Had she made an error in judgment?

Three days of battle had passed and the party had already become accustomed to fighting with demon beasts and penetrated deeply into the underworld. Since this was the first trial by fire Ou Nisi Te and Ao Li Quan Ya had participated in, they were filled with interest, but Ai Wei Er was silent with the occasional frown.

The party had named their team "The Shockwave", clearly owing to some creativity from Zou Liang.

"Ai Wei Er, what's with the long face? The gains we have received these last two days have not been small," Lan Di asked, his mood exuberant.

"Yeah Big Sister Ai Wei Er, this kind of achievement is pretty good! Ou Nisi Te is so awesome, unlikely a certain someone!" Ao Li Quan Ya added; she had already made attacking Zou Liang like this a kind of pleasure. Over these two days of observation, Ji Na seemed to have lost interest in Zou Liang and stopped pestering him when there was nothing to be gained, and with Ji Na's methods the three girls' relationship quickly became harmonious. Were it not for Ao Li Quan Ya's tireless prodding, the team would have long forgotten they even had an Engraving Priest.

Ou Nisi Te who had been complemented scratched at his head a bit in embarrassment. Who knew that his display would prove to be of such importance? He could pretty much be considered as the Rock Beast's perfect nemesis, as not even a Berserker would dare collide head on.

Zou Liang would be unmoved even if lightning struck, but truthfully he also thought something was strange.

"Could this be a Rock Beast map? Is that why we haven't met any other types of demon beasts yet?"

"I think it's strange too, not to mention that we haven't met with any other adventurer teams," Ai Wei Er agreed. This was what had made her doubt the situation, as although the price of the map had been considerable, the person who had sold it to her could not have sold it to only one team. It was far too odd.

"If there aren't any others then it's even better; that means all of the Rock Beasts here are ours. This way we can take our time to fight and once we have had enough, we can return, hehe," Lan Di laughed, not caring about such a matter. With Ou Nisi Te's ability as a Shield Bearer to block attacks, Shadow Hunters could have all of the room they wished for in order to display their capabilities; anyone would be willing to cooperate with a teammate like this.

"There's nothing wrong with that kind of map, is there?" Zou Liang asked.

"There shouldn't be. Patelisi, come have a look."

Patelisi who was in charge of scouting from the sky landed and agreed. "There is definitely a problem: there are around fifty Rock Beasts currently charging in our direction!"

In Chinese literally means you come bite me, but actually means I've already done this what can you do about it? ↩