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 Chapter 6 - Lecherous

Zou Liang had already seen all sorts of occupations, but did not have much of an interest in any as he already had his own plans. To participate in the existing theory of consistent combat and the mixed martial arts he had read studies about, such as Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do and boxing, all among the mess of things that he needed to do. He needed to become accustomed to these types of things and did not have to study these backwater martials arts. In this sense Zou Liang could be described to having the ability to haughtily despise all under the heavens.

These all had one common key point which was the strength that the beast spirit provided. In actuality since yesterday his body had an extra warm presence. Though this previously existed it was not as noticeable, it was like a small mouse stubley moving around its holes. Zou Liang could use his mind to control it to move around, this was recognised by beastmen to be beast spirit power. If beast spirit power was likened to our era it could be counted a special type of qi.

In the fight with the Tai Ge combatant, the last kick was executed by focusing all his qi into his thigh else it wouldn't have had enough power to kill.

After looking over some information, Zou Liang realised a problem. Beastmen are unable to utilise qi instead they must exert their beast spirit strength externally before it can be useful. Leaving it inside the body served no purpose, also as soon as one battles in the beast spirit world, the more beast spirit you have the more you would lose when you lost. 1 So therefore people would hastily try to make a breakthrough in their transformation arts when a sufficient level of beast spirit was reached.

Zou Liang pondered this whilst he read, sometimes frowning, sometimes laughing bitterly and other times laughing soundlessly; no one understood Ya Se. This kind of character was the type to be neglected, left to their own corner.

Night fell and the library once again was left in a mess. If it was the previous Zou Liang he would've had a complaint session, however he was tidying it up in a hearty mood. He was very grateful that Ya Se had left him this job else he wouldn't know what else to do. The books in the library were normally not allowed to be borrowed not to say that anyone wished to borrow them anyway but to Zou Liang this rule was far too convenient.

"The Bi Er tribe actually has people that like reading books." A melodious voice sounded in Zou Liang's ears.

Zou Liang lifted his head to see the hard working beauty from the Rui Bo Te Rabbit tribe who came rather frequently these past two days. If it was in the past when a beauty talked to him it would definitely be to mock him, however right now he was not in the mood for it.

"Just bored so I'm randomly browsing."

"Really? I don't feel like that's true", Ai Wei Er returned with a smile, as it is very clear when one is concentrating or fooling around.

Zou Liang shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Ms Ai Wei Er, I've already finished work and lectures start early tomorrow."

A slight surprised look flashed across the dazed look in Ai Wei Er's face, but soon remembering her manners nodded her head and responded, "thank you."

Zou Liang impatiently closed the library, not forgetting to take a few books and ran towards his dorm. This poor tattered tent like place had become Zou Liang's most desired place.

Ou Nisi Te was out doing manual labour that could help cover some of their living expenses. Zou Liang impolitely used the crystal ball as a free of charge light source. If it was any other household they would treat this crystal ball as a sacred object bestowed unto them, although Zou Liang was an atheist, he reckoned that old man beast god was a very open minded and generous person, therefore he must use something to its fullest extent.

After the battle, Zou Liang's daily life for the past week had been very regular, waking up at dawn and watching Ou Nisi Te acting out his daily practice by randomly jumping around or just sitting around and staring blankly into nothingness, in the morning there were classes, the afternoon was spent holed up in the library and at night was along with the crystal ball to study.

Ou Nisi Te thought his brother was a bit insane.

Their life style still remained unchanged, Ou Nisi Te often still came home beaten up, the two were still subjected to others relieving their boredom through mocking them.

When one is enlightened the world does not turn a new leaf, the leaf that is turned is yourself.

The War Academy's course timetable allowed for a lot of freedom which was very similar to university on earth. Zou Liang had grown completely used to it now, the fruits of this week were very bountiful, allowing him to be less confused and he started to develop a plan. Truly ones capabilities was ones worth, if he wished to live in this more dangerous environment he must increase his and Ou Nisi Te's capabilities.

He did not blindly exercise however, it was to test the agility and mobility of his body. To achieve this he would split up an action and see if he could perform it, later he would train to exert different amounts of strength. As Zou Liang grasped the process of improvement very clearly just as he had learnt in his masters in mechanical engineering: if the foundation of something is poor the future will only result in problems upon problems.

When it came to dozing off, it was to observe Ou Nisi Te since in the end brothers were brothers, but Zou Liang would not be able to refute that his brother was truly dumber than anyone could possibly be. His attacks and reactions could only be graded as poor, his movements were also too clumsy, this was a matter of talent. Seeing this Zou Liang had a headache thinking about the training he planned the day after tomorrow.

One's weakest part can also be considered as their strongest strength, this was what Zou Liang had learnt from his proficiency in 3D fighting games, however to put this into practice, in reality was not as easily said than done.

To make Ou Nisi Te stronger is one thing that is necessary for him to survive in this world.

As Zou Liang gazed at the moonlight, the only thing that was similar to his world, he suddenly missed home, missed his school mates, the ones that were kind to him and the ones that weren't....

"Haha, what made you melancholic like this?", Ai Wei Er laughed. As it was the yearly examinations the library had also became slightly more populated. Of these people Ai Wei Er was the most diligent as she came to the library to study rather than to find things to help cope with the exam.

Although she did not wish to, she could help but notice this Bi Er member as she had never met a Bi Er that would read and study. Not only was he not overbearing or haughty but instead seemed to carry a slightly noble aura, however he was known as one of the two wastes of the academy. Could it be that the rumors were false?

"When does luminous moon shine, with this wine I inquire the clear skies, to the concealed heavenly palace, from past to present what time, I do not know...... " 2 Zou Liang emotionally sung. Thinking back on his years in the university dormitory as a group of banded brothers on a night like this held a bottle of beer each and lecherously partied. Only today did he understand the meaning of this song.

Seeing Ai Wei Er's suspicious look, Zou Liang knew he had rambled too much.

"When does luminous moon shine, with this wine I inquire the clear skies, to the concealed heavenly palace, from past to present what time I do not know. This is?" Ai Wei Er fixed her eyes onto Zou Liang.

"Haha, I don't know either, just nonsense, just nonsense.", Zou Liang replied whilst shaking his head. Subconsciously thinking that even if he explained it there would be no point.

He didn't know that in this world there were also lyrics however these kind of things were only popular among the aristocratic and noble beastmen. They were recited by the ancient tribes in the gods language, however after centuries have produced developments, changes happened in the social hierarchy, a few new noble tribes rose, however they did not know the gods language therefore they used beast language to act as if they had culture.

Since Ya Se had denied it, Ai Wei Er did not question further, however more doubt had gathered in her heart. The weak and small Bi Er member in front of her was even more calm and collected than those of the noble tribes. These lyrics had never been heard before, however Ai Wei Er was very well versed in lyrics so she was very sure about this, however this person had purposefully avoided her question why was that?

Zou Liang didn't wish to squabble with Ai Wei Er, tomorrow was the day off for the week, and was also the day he wished to use to train himself.

Ai Wei Er watched Ya Se rushing busily around in the background, thinking whether she had been too concerned about this person. A thin and weak Bi Er member, ai, she herself was busy and couldn't afford to be distracted, but that phrase was truly brilliant, the start already had a profound meaning, the end must be even more amazing.

1. This sentence is censored so I came up with a vague meaning

2. This is a chinese song however it is very profound and hard to tranlate to english without pretty much losing its entire meaning you can find this at ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuidiao_Getou however I do not like the translation that is on this wiki as though it sounds good I do not believe it is true to the song. Another version our TLC posted: How long will the full moon appear?,Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky. I do not know what time of the year 'Twould be tonight in the palace on high.