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 Chapter 51 - Portraits exist in this world?!

Beast God Martial Artist?

Was it a Beast God Martial Artist?

Only the rumored Asura could be multifaceted to this degree!

The beast tribes were heated up, madly displaying their tribes' warcry: the beating of the chest of the Bi Er, the roar of the Lai Yin, and the howl of the Tai Ge.

This warrior had seemed like a blank slate with nothing at all. He had looked to be the weakest one here, but instead turned out to be the strongest.

Buaina was completely dumbfounded; how could this be!

A person who possessed the entire skillset of a Shadow Hunter, could emit the tyrannical strength of a warrior, and now even incorporated and displayed the War Song Priest's techniques.

And it was just as complete as the other facets. It had even managed to shake a prideful eagle member from the skies; aside from the Bisi Mai tribe, there had never been another to do so.

"Buaina from Kelong City, give him to me!" Mo Fei demanded, losing control over his lust1 for battle.

"Da Luo Si's Mo Fei, he is my prey. I will avenge my good friend, Andongni-Lika."

To the beast tribes, to triumph over this opponent would bring enormous glory!

That war song made it difficult for anyone to suppress their battlelust 2, but Zou Liang evaded; he was tired by now and his physique placed a large restriction on him.

What displeased Zou Liang the most was that this poor person's Beast Spirit was far too lacking. It was obvious he had used all of his Beast Spirit to create his plain grade gear and had very little remaining. F**k, were all experts so cunning?

Zou Liang had scampered away in the worked up, hysterical mood. He left the beastmen behind without a way to vent their energy, causing them to start fighting madly amongst themselves.

After returning from the Beast Spirit World-with Ou Nisi Te snoring away on his own bed-Zou Liang also laid down to sleep. He had directly managed to find his weakness: though this body was very nimble, its physical endurance was lacking when facing experts or difficult situations. This was a problem that he needed to fix in this trial by fire.

Being wildly attacked by the opponent had indeed depleted a lot of strength, and Zou Liang fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Of course, his dreams were filled with complaints about how little Beast Spirit that person had.

The Beast Spirit World was engulfed in flames3; was this person really an Asura?

Shadow Hunter, Warrior, War Song Priest, these three occupations were not very compatible with each other. It wasn't impossible for a warrior to know a few phrases of a war song and to have some nimble movements... but a warrior who could force a Shadow Hunter to retreat and suppress their tempo, a warrior who could sing the Flight Restriction War Song that only the Bisi Mai tribe possessed? Scariest of all was that this was all done solo, the Flight Restriction War Song that he used was one that nobody knew, and he still had the explosive attacks that only a warrior possessed.

Any master or War Academy teacher would say to cast such impossible daydreams 4 aside!

But this impossible thing had happened.

Was this a Beast God Martial Artist?

A completely new Flight Restriction War Song had appeared, thoroughly shaking the Meng Jia Empire. The most frightening was that this was a message signifying the Bisi Mai's monopolisation over the war song had ended; a person who was not a member of their tribe could also create the same effect.

The news swept like a hurricane through the temple, War Academy, and all of the occupational guilds.

At this time in Ye Lu Samo temple, Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te were sleeping soundly, filled with curiosity and excitement for the trial by fire tomorrow. Zou Liang was even more pleased to have dreams about teasing Ao Li Quan Ya.

At the same moment, Head Priest Tuo Ma Si had received the battle report from a priest. High-ranked priests had a few special privileges in the Beast Spirit World, and some of them were in charge of the affairs that occurred there. The situation of each city's outstanding warriors, for example, was obviously important and recorded using things like assessments; this was something that all the large guilds were doing.

"Beast God Martial Artist? Warrior, Shadow Hunter, War Song Priest... interesting. What does this person look like?"

"The drawing will be released tomorrow morning. At this moment, all of the large occupational guilds are looking for this person."

"Hehe, a genius like this... whether he is an Asura or not, it would be worthwhile to rope him in. Our temple also needs a Beast God Knight of Order with high potential; once the drawings come in, make sure to search."

"Hehe, if the Asura was also in our hands it would be amazing. Adding in Priest Ya Se, slowly but surely the exuberant days of our Ye Lu Samo City would come."

"Alright, alright. Words are inferior to actions."

Tuo Ma Si laughed. Honestly speaking, he was already very pleased with the state of affairs, and the Beast God had said that being overly greedy was another type of sin.

Though those who had risen to the ranks of Head Priest would be troubled over finding youthful warriors, there needed to be a balance. For an expert with high potential to become strong, the road they had to walk was very long and during this period a great many things could happen.

The amount of people to achieve the gold grade was few. The number to reach higher grades was even lower.

This was not merely determined by talent or diligence; it was also determined by - Fate!

As soon as the skies brightened, Ou Nisi Te rushed out of bed even earlier than normal. Ya Se-who had been disturbed-could not return to sleep, so the two brothers trained before having a shower and eating a meal5. Afterwards, Ou Nisi Te waited in the main hall while Zou Liang went to bid farewell to Tuo Ma Si.

The Head Priest had also woken up early-specifically to practice the Dual Engraving Method-and he revealed a smile after seeing Ya Se. "Have you finished preparing?"

"Yes, Master."

"This is an unusual experience for that damsel Ao Li Quan Ya. You must look after her."

With Tuo Ma Si's fox-like cunning, Ao Li Quan Ya's little secrets would not escape his eyes. However, Tuo Ma Si overlooked the situation with one eye open and one eye closed; though he knew of it, with their group's capabilities they wouldn't meet any dangers on the first floor, and Ao Li Quan Ya had some divine artifacts on hand as well.

Zou Liang only nodded his head; there would be no need to hide something in a conversation between two intelligent people.

Priest Ma Lu6 respectfully saluted as he saw Zou Liang walk in, though Zou Liang himself was still not very used to an old man with a complete head of white hair giving him such a greeting. Since Zou Liang had achieved such advancement in Spirit Engraving, someone like Ma Lu-who knew the full details from the inside-was full of reverence towards the Zou Liang who had created the Dual Engraving Method. In fact, it was only natural to admire him; while Ma Lu had already practiced for a few days yet was still unable to grasp the concept, Zou Liang could complete it with relaxation.

"Head Priest, the Asura's picture is finished."

"Oh, so it is. Give it to me for a look and let's see if he really has three sets of arms and heads," Tuo Ma Si laughed as he turned towards Ya Se. "This is a battle genius that has appeared in the Beast Spirit World. It is rumored that he has already used three different occupations' techniques and is very intelligent; he's very similar to the rumored Beast God Martial Artist. Come and see as well in case you meet him so you can help our temple win him over; you two are both like twin swords with boundless potential."

Zou Liang's heart skipped a beat. He was finished. His personality in the Beast Spirit World and reality were different; he would have taken more precautions in reality, but in the Beast Spirit World he followed as his heart desired thinking he would not be found out by others. Who would have thought that he had underrated the beastmen's capabilities?

"Right. Right now, all the large guilds and the temple have divided up their manpower to search, though his value is still short of our priest Ya Se."

Ma Lu was one of those old priests that had dedicated their entire life to the Beast God and Spirit Engraving; in his eyes, Ya Se was the miracle bestowed upon the world by the Beast God instead of the Asura.

Tuo Ma Si received the painting and began to unwrap it. Zou Liang's hands started to sweat a little and he was forced to restrain his impulse; the people had already been dispatched so even if he stopped it now, it would be of no use. If the situation before him continued, it would become dangerous.

The Head Priest exclaimed when he saw the painting, giving Ya Se a look before handing it over to him. "You take a look."

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