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 Chapter 43 - Honestly Pulling a Leg

"I pay my respects to Elder Shizu1."

"Good ah, good ah, you're one of my people so there's no need to be so polite. Young one, you're not singing the songs of someone who has amazed the world2 even though this old one hasn't hurriedly journeyed in a long time."

Sibalu's face settled into an affable smile. If the other party had been a Lai Yin member, a Tai Ge member, or any other tribe, Sibalu would have some concerns; if any large tribe had such an ability with Engravings they would not in the temple. The Spirit Engraving Masters Guild could give better conditions and didn't have so many restrictions and regulations like the temple where contribution and resources were necessary to be promoted: at the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild, ability was all that mattered.

Ya Se scratched his head and clumsily laughed. He had learned this type of expression from Ou Nisi Te, but this kind of act made Lord Shaman Sibalu laugh even more heartily.

"Little Ya Se, I heard that you created a 2~5 Defence shield. Is this true?"

"This is true, Elder Shizu. I made it for my little brother, Ou Nisi Te," Zou Liang replied with an intentionally muddled voice; he knew that he needed to lay low right now and mustn't be agitated to reveal his skills before he understood which way the wind was blowing 3.

"Master, Ou Nisi Te is cultivating in the back yard. I have already sent people to find him," Tuo Ma Si interjected, looking at Ya Se with a look full of praise; this child was a lot more hardworking than he was. The Head Priests' conference had truly infuriated Tuo Ma Si to the point it was unbearable, otherwise he would not have reacted in such a way and created this extreme situation.

Sibalu nodded his head, looking Ya Se up and down as though weighing his value. Though Zou Liang felt uncomfortable during the scrutiny he still maintained his composure4; if this was a Fu Ke Si observers would think that something was amiss, but since it was a Bi Er it only created an impression of honesty.

In a few short moments Ou Nisi Te also entered only to be shocked after seeing Sibalu in the seat. From the day of his birth to now he had not seen such a high-ranking person; to him, being able to meet the Head Priest was already like a dream, and yet now he had even seen the Shaman.

"Big Brother."

"Ou Nisi Te, Elder Shizu would like to see your shield."

"Yes," Ou Nisi Te agreed without a second word, his body giving a slight shake before the tower shield appeared in his hands and he respectfully handed it over.

It was also Tuo Ma Si and Sibalu's first time seeing this. Originally, they had wanted to remain dignified in front of these two little brothers, but when they saw this shield their eyes immediately became focused and unblinking.

Shaman Sibalu also walked the path of an Engraving Priest and held the qualifications of a gold-grade Engraving Master, else he could never have obtained the position of Shaman. Originally he had high hopes for Tuo Ma Si as well, however Engraving Priests had it harder to advance now compared to the past.

Sibalu softly caressed the shield's surface while Tuo Ma Si clicked his tongue in wonder 5, though of course the two were qualified Spirit Engraving Masters and cared about the characteristics, not just its appearance.

"Ya Se, how did you achieve this?"

"Master, it was what you had told me, the two types of structures so I tried to do it."

"You're saying that blueprint you designed can be brought into reality?" Sibalu asked, feeling and touching at the same time, caressing the shield with even more concentration than one would with a beautiful, n**e woman.

For Sibalu who had already achieved the gold grade, he had to be calmer than the others. In front of him was not only this special design, but also a newcomer who could not have achieved such intricate work down to small details. The bevel at the border of the shield that gave it a slight curvature... experts would see at a glance that it would successfully increase defence.

One a half-century of age, the other almost a whole century, both held the shield and examined it from top to bottom, side to side as if to verify its existence. Ou Nisi Te to the side had his mouth cracked open in a grin; this was his brother's work, a work that even Lord Shaman valued as important. His older brother was far too amazing.

Zou Liang did not dare to be cocky, diligently keeping to his honest appearance. The two would ask him questions while examining the shield and Zou Liang would respond with half-truthful statements.

"Good. Very good. Ya Se, since you are Tuo Ma Si's closing disciple, we're of the same family. If we ask you questions you must answer honestly," Sibalu said, finally turning his gaze away from the shield.

"When you dual-engrave, what are the odds of success?" This was a more pragmatic issue. In truth, they had already received some information from a Priest on the way back that the entire process had only taken six hours. This structure was so complex that even a gold-grade Engraving Master like Sibalu would find it hard to complete after understanding its structure, and it contained no small amount of detail. If one failed in the process, it could be likened to throwing away a fortune to chase after a penny6.

It would be similar to Ya Se using gold grave Engraving abilities just to create plain grade equipment.

Ya Se scratched his head. "Elder Shizu, Ou Nisi Te and I are brothers; I am very familiar with his Beast Spirit which makes creating with it very easy, though perhaps if it was a different person it would become very difficult. The more time spent, the higher the chance of failure and the greater the depletion of Beast Spirit; if it does not result in perfect values then its merit would not be very great. If I was the one creating it and the Beast Spirit bonds were strong, then it should certainly succeed.

Sibalu nodded his head. This should be an honest explanation; as a silver-grade or above armour was in the process of being Engraved, the Spirit Engraving Master had to take a week to understand the other in order to drop the number of conflicts to the minimum.

"Very good. Since this was not a coincidental achievement, I will name this method of Engraving the Ya Se Engraving Method," Sibalu said, his mood considerably calmed by now.

Zou Liang knew that next would be the negotiations of sharing interests, and-normally speaking-large entities would give thoroughly enticing rewards7. The point was to share the Engraving Method, as without them the blueprints were of no use and these details were only achievable by those who held a deep understanding of structural and mechanical engineering; trying without this knowledge was like acting blindly.

One mustn't focus only on Zou Liang's speed, but also that he had seven years of mechanical engineering skills. It was also based on the things that were done in the background but were not actually as profound as people thought them to be.

Zou Liang shook his head. "Elder Shizu, you cannot name it after me."

Not only Ou Nisi Te and Tuo Ma Si were stunned, but the one who could see through everything-Sibalu-was as well. It was impossible not to know that this was an extreme honour; every engraving master would dream of having a system named after themselves, and no one cared whether it was plain grade or not, it would still scatter their name under the Heavens.

"Explain your reason," Sibalu laughed.

"Elder Shizu, there are two reasons that this disciple is able to create such a thing. The first is Master's teachings, and the second is the favor bestowed from the Beast god; this disciple does not dare to claim the credit," Zou Liang respectfully explained.

"Hehe, Tuo Ma Si, to have this kind of disciple is your sky-wide fortune," Sibalu exclaimed as he stroked his beard, incomparably pleased. Youths around this age would often have their noses in the sky8 after even a small success, thinking themselves to be invincible under the Heavens. Who would've thought this youth revered his master to the point that nothing else concerned him.

Tuo Ma Si on the side gave a nod of his head, his heart exceedingly moved. He had not expected such a large repayment for the few fundamentals he had taught him.

"Ya Se, this is a completely new Engraving Method and it needs a name. Do you happen to have any ideas?"

"Elder Shizu, this is from the Beast God's glory; it could be named Ye Lu Samo Divine Engraving Method. Actually, I experienced a divination and suddenly was shown all of these things, thus I feel that it was the Beast God's instructions."

Ya Se recounted, pulling their leg in such an honest manner.

Luna Note: Shizu is the term for your master's master. ↩

Chinese is to sing the songs of one who has achieved a feat that amazes the world. In other word arrogance and pride. ↩

Understood the situation. Chinese phrase is . Meaning understanding which way the wind blows ↩

Chinese idiom without a word or movement (literal translation) else it means to keep one's composure or to remain calm and collected ↩

in chinese is an equivalent idiom for this. Literally translated it is to be astonished. ↩

Chinese idiom to lose everything over a single basket. ↩

In Chinese it say sweet dates but that's not at all relevant in English. ↩

Chinese is tails in the sky but this is the English equivalent. ↩