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 Chapter 42 - Envy, Jealousy, and Hate

Tuo Ma Si calmed his spirit. When he had originally sent Ya Se's design up, he did not think too much about it or imagine that he would receive such a verbal attack for it. After the temple's evaluation was over, they had determined that the design was an indulgent fantasy, a farce designed to appeal to the masses.

Facing the mocking ridicule, Tuo Ma Si had let out a bitter laugh but didn't have any way to refute it. In these sensitive times, being attacked by others in such a way was only normal, and it wasn't as though he had no selfish wishes, himself; any Head Priest that did not wish to become a Red-Robed Head Priest was not a good one.

Someone had come in to interrupt during such an occasion, and judging from the clothing it was a Priest from Ye Lu Samo City: the attendant that Tuo Ma Si had brought along with him.

"Tuo Ma Si, what is this? Your subordinate lacks etiquette. Does he not know that we are discussing important matters?"

The person who spoke was the Head Priest from Kan Fei Si City (Kǎn Fēi Sī), one of the people within the competition who also held connections within the Holy Province. If he could also attract the attention of a higher-up, the Head Priest would increase his connections and take a firm step forward with the backing as a bargaining chip. The Holy Province needed someone with a firm and steady personality like him to take the position, not someone dimwitted.

Tuo Ma Si knew that this subordinate of his would only intrude if the news was especially important and thus endured.

"Head Priest, the seven-feather falcon has sent a message."

"Oh?" Tuo Ma Si let loose a breath. If a seven-feather falcon was used to deliver it, it would definitely be big news and it was unlikely that it was negative. Despite Tuo Ma Si's good temper, being mocked and ridiculed for half a day had made it hard for him to endure any longer.

Opening the letter, Tuo Ma Si's depressed face flashed with an expression of happiness. Slowly standing up, anyone could see from his expression that he was feeling like a Fu Ke Si even craftier than an old fox1. This smile did not escape everyone's notice, either; for him act this confidently showed Ye Lu Samo City's competence.

"Lord Shaman, that disciple of mine that is supposedly not worthy of respect has completed his first Spirit Engraving."

"Oh?" Sibalu's reply was neither kind nor cold, but was also judging Tuo Ma Si in his heart. Putting a disciple's business before this kind of crowd was a bit over the top, and even if he had created a 1~5 with his first time, this crowd was still inappropriate for this.

The others were all waiting for the punchline to a joke.

"Head Priest Tuo Ma Si, just what did that strangely talented and smart Bi Er disciple create? Enlighten us."

"Could it be that he managed to break through to the mighty 1~6 on his first try?"

Everyone proceeded to laugh. At this level of competition every Head Priest had to show their true abilities; there was no use relying on connections, since if one could not convince of their merits then they could not obtain the position. This level of attack on Tuo Ma Si's credibility could not be stopped even if it was Sibalu.

"It's not 1~6." Tuo Ma Si indifferently replied, shaking his head. The surrounding people all showed predictable expressions, and even Tuo Ma Si's good friends were a bit disappointed by his performance today. One mistake in chess would welcome attacks, and in times like this he needed to be more cautious.

"Even though it was not 1~6, my disciple's luck wasn't too bad; it was 2~5."

Tuo Ma Si recorded all of the Head Priests' expressions within his heart. After that single moment, all of their expressions were frozen followed by a burst of laughter; even Sibalu's facial expressions were a bit ugly.

Only Tuo Ma Si was normal. In reality, after seeing the layers in the design, Tuo Ma Si had already suspected this.

"Tuo Ma Si, one needs to take responsibility for what they say here."

"Lord Shaman Sibalu, this was specially delivered by a seven-feather falcon; it must have already caused a sensation in the temple. If it was not luck, then I believe a new era has come."

Tuo Ma Si's posture had already been adjusted upright, his cold eyes sweeping across everyone present. He also had a thread of uncertainty about the news, however a seven-feather falcon would never transmit false information, and he trusted his judgment of that design.

Immediately after, the conference hall exploded like a boiling pot, each Head Priest whispering from ear to ear no different than a collection of traders at a market. If Tuo Ma Si dared to say such a thing in this place then it was definitely no joke, and if it was a false report then he may as well just pack up his things and leave2.

But if it was real? Those two points in the Beast Power's lower range would shake the entire Meng Jia Empire.

Sibalu rapped the table; the Lord Shaman was still calm and collected, even if his inner heart was surging. "Tuo Ma Si, return immediately. No, I will return with you, and before the news is confirmed no one is to spread it."

This time, Sibalu thumped the ground with his scepter: the symbol denoting the full authority of a Shaman.

All of the Head Priests stood up one after another and gave their bow of respect. "In the Beast God's name, we shall follow Lord Shaman's orders."

Jealousy, envy, doubt...... all types of emotions pervaded the conference hall. This work was done translated by YaFed and Editors, Fade and Actias Luna please read this from lightnovels.world . Any other place does not have permission to this translation.

"Seal off the design. Until we return, no one is to approach it!" Sibalu commanded to his follower.

"Why is a martial order in place? We can't go out and play like this!" Ao Li Quan Ya pouted discontentedly.

Zou Liang let out a faint smile. It seemed as though the temple had started to take action, only that the results were slightly larger than his expectations. Ao Li Quan Ya was more innocent as to what was going on3, but Ai Wei Er definitely understood.

"Ya Se, it seems that you're not the slightest bit worried," Ai Wei Er spoke unconsciously. Whether it was good or bad could only be left to fortune's will 4. If Ya Se's supernatural design was just by coincidence it would not be a large matter; however, if it was not by coincidence, then this would be a massive blow to the Spirit Engraving Master's guild. After shaking the fundamentals of such a massive entity, it would not be a small matter.

"Ai Wei Er, there's no need to think too much about it. I do not believe that the people of the temple are incompetent 5; there will be news soon."

"What are you two talking about so mysteriously?"

"Nothing much. Ai Wei Er is worried that the Engraving Masters Guild will bring us harm."

"Heng, the Engraving Masters Guild is not that powerful anyway." Ao Li Quan Ya snubbed 6.

Zou Liang could see that it wasn't that Ao Li Quan Ya wasn't sensitive to the situation, but that she stood on a higher pedestal. Naturally he had weighed up the situation, and though he wasn't worried he also had killing techniques to fall back on.

Not long after the temple had been shaken, the temple initiated martial law: they could enter but not leave. It was evident that the situation was clearly important, and at the same time the temple cared a great deal about whether this event had been only a coincidence or a controllable occurrence.

Whether it was one or the other made a huge difference.

Ou Nisi Te had already started to train. After he had gotten his shield, he had trained as though his life was even further on the line; with such a glorious shield in his possession, he had to work at least this hard since he did not wish to humiliate his older brother.

Tuo Ma Si returned after a day's wait accompanied by the Priest of the highest status in the Holy Province: Lord Shaman Sibalu.

A group of warriors sealed off the temple, and-as expected-Zou Liang received a personal summons from Lord Shaman Sibalu himself.

It was still the same room that Zou Liang reported to before; the only difference was that boss Tuo Ma Si stood respectfully to the side while on the seat was an even older man.

"Ya Se, this person is Lord Shaman Sibalu: your master's master." Tuo Ma Si merrily introduced the two.

As soon as he arrived, he needed to reveal the main points to show that this was his ally and Ya Se had to present himself well.

Ya Se's face displayed the most sincere and honest smile and-combined with the Bi Er tribe's widely known characteristics-it became lovingly truthful.

This is a play on words that the author used with his tribes, basically meaning more foxy/craftier than a fox. ↩

In Chinese it means to pack up and roll out but that doesn't quite fit in English. ↩

Censored T_T ↩

This was an earful good or bad relies on fortunes will ↩

Originally calls them vegetarians which means unable or incompetent in Chinese ↩

Chinese actually says she slanted her lips down (like a frown, but she's not frowning) to act all high and mighty ↩