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 Chapter 36 - Clasping Avalanche


At this time, Ou Nisi Te knew that even if he exerted all of his strength, it would not be enough. His keen sense had felt that the incoming attack was matchless and frightening.

Thanks to the talents of the beastmen as well as their impressive physique, they were incomparable to humans in terms of martial ability. A human's body could not develop so well, so though they created many techniques and methods, they were still always limited by their body and found it difficult to cultivate qi. Very few people were able to experience the martial schools' virtue, and though these people could even make a difference in the era of firearms, the era had also caused the downfall of the martial schools. After this, a large number of the theories stayed theories, and though Zou Liang had tried to link these up before it was needless to say there was not even a fart left. Not only would it be difficult to experience the strength of the techniques, it had all seemed like flowery footwork: very pleasing to watch but with little application.

But now he understood more and more and was being enlightened from his ignorance. Battle had let him feel all of this within his heart.

Ba Ji Quan 1 -- Clasping Avalanche!


A heaven-shaking, earth-moving, explosive he, sou sounded......

Pa da......

The snacks in Ao Li Quan Ya's hands dropped to the ground. Ou Nisi Te was already no longer seen in front of Ya Se; he had flown ten meters away and-for a while-he was unable to stand, as if he wasn't in control of his body.

Zou Liang walked over and pulled Ou Nisi Te up. "This technique is very suitable for you. Not only that, when you perform this technique, it will be many times stronger than when I do it."

Ou Nisi Te's eyes emitted a green light as he asked, "Big Brother, can I really learn this? Really?"

"Nonsense, have some faith in yourself; if I say you can, then you can!"

"What is this style, what is this technique?"

Zou Liang let out a smile. This was one of the few invincible skills of our 2 number one Chinese ancestor; it was only a pity that there was no way to put on airs in this place.

"This is my school. The name is called Clasping Avalanche."

"Clasping Avalanche, so grand, and it holds so much power; if it was not for the duvet, my bones would be in pieces."

"Heng, how could this technique be only this much? I held back my strength to decrease the vibrational power else even an iron panel wouldn't have been enough."

Ou Nisi Te's chin almost fell to the ground.

"Big Brother, how is this practiced?"

"Clasping Avalanche is one of the eight mantras. Remember, when one collides they will explode like lightning."

"When one collides they will explode like lightning!" Ou Nisi Te repeatedly nodded his head. Normally he would not understand it if he was only told this, but he had experienced it with his body and thus understood it entirely.

"Okay, watch my footsteps; first step, second step, third step, but footwork is dead and humans are living 3 The footwork is meant to coordinate the strength, but the important part is that at the moment of collision you must utilise your Berserker Mode's strength burst out."

"Yes, Brother."

"Start tackling now." Zou Liang scratched at his head. In the Beast God Continent, the only thing that was not lacking was trees and since each and every one was thick and solid, Zou Liang pointed to one.

"This one will do. Tackle it, and if you knock one over then swap to another."

Zou Liang did not intend to introduce the concept of qi straight away as it would be too hard for Ou Nisi Te. After practicing knocking down trees, he would slowly grasp the feeling of how to exert strength; though beastmen would not be able to control Beast Spirit Power like he could, they could at least gather enough strength.

Ou Nisi Te's reactions were slow and a lively warrior's combat style would not suit him. This style of fierce, sure-killing attacks was the best design for the current him.

Zou Liang picked up the duvet and swept away the dust before hanging it back on the string and resuming to hit it. You can lead a horse to the pond but you cannot force it to drink; it was easier to say in words, but to understand it thoroughly required one's perception. This was the same both for Ou Nisi Te and for himself.

Looking at the snacks all over the ground, Ao Liang Quan Ya knew that she had been "bullied" again by Ya Se. She had thought that his entire body had something wrong with it and did not think that he could be this powerful.

What kind of skill was this? 4

Someone who could send a Berserker flying ten meters was unheard of. Spirit Engraving Master? Warrior?

Ao Li Quan Ya's pouting face curved into a smile. She must be a genius; the first person she had saved had such ability. No wonder everyone referred to her as a lucky star.

Tuo Mai Si listened to the report from the priests directly under his control, his face releasing a massive smile as he asked, "Was it really that exaggerated?"

"Reporting to Head Priest, this subordinate does not dare to exaggerate in the slightest. I'm proficient in the art of lip-reading; Esteemed Ya Se seemingly said that he did not exert his full strength."

Ji Feng silently nodded his head.

Of course Tuo Ma Si would believe his follower, but it was not easy for someone to receive such a high evaluation from Ji Feng. Not only had he obtained a high evaluation, but Ji Feng also seemed to show some interest; this junior really was a strange fellow.

"The struggle for power from the group of rascals above has become increasingly serious. That exquisite design was treated like a flower with no fruits 5."

After Tuo Ma Si laughed, he skimmed over the report that was returned. He had originally thought that there would be a reward, yet all he received was a large piece of criticism.

"Head Priest, the vacancy of the Red-Robed Head Priest position has made a lot of people's eyes fill with greed. In the holy province, there are at least seven Head Priests that have the qualifications, and since everyone wishes to enter the eyes of Lord Shaman, they must attack the merits of their opponents."

Tuo Ma Si massaged his forehead at the current situation of the temple. The temple was slowly losing power, and though a lot of this was caused by internal conflict it was still inevitable.

In the theocratic system, the highest existence was the Pope: the Beast God's representative. After this would be the great Shamans who guarded the eight great provinces. Every city had a Head Priest, and the most outstanding of these Head Priests would be granted the title of the Red-Robed Head Priest. However, this was not only a mere title but symbolised power and future prospects; though Head Priests might be considered influential figures in a city, in the empire as a whole they couldn't be counted as such since there were so many of them. If one became a Red-Robed Head Priest, they could participate in leadership meetings and could attend to large matters of the empire. It didn't only give them the ability to vote, but their status was entirely different and they even had a chance to become a Shaman in the future.

For a Head Priest to become a Red-Robed Head Priest was like a huge trench: once one crossed, their future would be boundless, but if they could not then the rest of their lives would remain without change.

"For now, do not tell Ya Se in case it happens to affect his activities. Through all of these years, I have not seen such an interesting kid."

The seated follower did not comment; whatever the Head Priest said, he would do.

Tuo Ma Si laughed, "Ji Feng, what do you think of this kid, Ya Se?"

"He is intelligent even though he appears stupid and he understands when to receive and when to let go; his future is boundless."

"Hehe, I haven't heard you compliment someone in so long. Sometimes I really suspect that his brain is from the Fu Ke Si with a Lai Yin body as lively as a Lai Bote (Leopard) and the strength of a Bi Er. Right, and we need to also add the Bisi Mai's (Swan) talent, only that he's missing a pair of wings."

"Our Meng Jia Empire is vast and plentiful. It does not lack in talents, but most important is their growth."

Ji Feng commented.

Tuo Ma Si nodded his head; when one was young, they could rebuke the heavens. Every few years, the people who would perish were far too many. After he had become the Head Priest, Tuo Ma Si had seen too many come and go, but the people who managed to proceed and persevere all became an overlord of some sort.

Tuo Ma Si was curious about what this junior would become. Thinking of this junior pretending to be stupid brought a smile to Tuo Ma Si's face; he was very interesting. Ah, Fate.

Chinese Martial Art ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bajiquan ↩

The author uses this as he is Chinese, obviously. ↩

Editor Note: This is rather profound to me. It effectively means that while the footwork is important, it still is 'dead'; it's not what is using the technique, it's just there to allow the (living) human to do so. Basically, it's important, but don't focus too much on it. TL: In simple terms it mean the given footwork is the "best case scenario" however one must adapt to the situation. ↩

Chinese means skill or kung fu. ↩

Looks good on the outside but hollow on the inside. ↩