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 Chapter 32 - Blessed Shadow Hunter

Zou Liang also examined this Beast Form warrior in front of him. Feeling the opponent's killing intent, his mouth curved into a faint smile.

In a flash, Ka Xi Lisi (Kǎ Xī Lǐsī) pounced towards his mark. A Leopard's movement was sharp and fast; his sharp talons swiped at Zou Liang's shoulders while he bit at his neck.

Certain kill!

Zou Liang's body tensed and pulled away ever so slightly, arching backwards with his left foot braced to the front. When the Leopard-form warrior had his reach fully extended, that would be the moment to attack!

By the time the Leopard member cleaved his two talons downward, Zou Liang had already entered his stance.

This was the reason he did not wish for Ou Nisi Te to undergo Beast Transformation; though Beast Transformation was fierce, in the eyes of an expert the flaws would be great. The body would become ferocious, but at the same time they would lose their martial flexibility.

Just like this Leopard warrior's fierce pounce, the style would be very hard to change. Once the trajectory was seen through by their opponent, the result was......


Without a sign, Zou Liang launched his fist. The first fist went into his opponent's gut, and it was even possible to see his stomach contract; this was indeed his weakness as a Leopard-form warrior.

A head of bronze but a waist of tofu.

Under the Leopard-form warrior's fast, ferocious, and agile transformation, it was very hard to grasp this weakness.

But with Zou Liang's combat ability, it was a silly form.

The first attack was only the prelude!

The silent Zou Liang finally burst out with an expertly chained frenzy.


On the other side, the Leopard who had prepared to adjust his body was rained down upon by explosive blows. This barrage of fists landed on his abdomen without allowing a single chance for breath.

Not every attack was supposed to be heavy, but a mixture of heavy and light. Light attacks were used in combination in order to grasp the rhythm, while heavy attacks were meant to send the enemy to his death.

The consecutive punches had destroyed the Leopard-form warrior's delusions. After ten punches, Zou Liang charged forward, grabbing his opponent's hind leg and viciously slamming him over his back!

A normal back throw?


The Leopard warrior released an ear-deafening shriek of misery.

Was a normal back throw enough?

If it had only been a standard back throw it would not be enough, but Zou Liang had added joint techniques and swiftly broke his opponent's ankle.

The struggling Leopard-form warrior only felt the sky darken and saw a black shadow flying towards him from above.

Zou Liang had already chained a knee from the sky: this was the heavy blow!

The target was the Leopard warrior's weakness --- the abdomen.


The Leopard-form warrior's suffering came to an end, dim Beast Spirit floating out to be absorbed by Zou Liang's body. It was a complete point of Beast Strength: an unexpected surprise.

Under the arena, not even a pin drop could be heard. It had ended, and it had ended just as fast as expected: with the winner reversed.

"Which idiot told me that he was a Shadow Hunter!"

"This is the explosive strength that only a Bear member possesses!"

"Nonsense. The Bear tribe indeed has this kind of explosive strength, but this fellow's body type is definitely of the Lai Yin tribe."

"F**k, how much strength does this guy have?"

Only Armour Transformation and Beast Transformation could show attributed values... though even if one couldn't see the values of the body itself, even if it was strong, just how strong could it really be?


Zou Liang's fists were slightly sore. If he had attacked the Leopard-form warrior's head then unfortunately the heavy attack he had just used would probably have had to be repeated consecutively at least three times. Since he targeted the warrior's weakness, he had only needed to attack once.

Slightly warmed up, Zou Liang tried to strike while the iron was hot, slowly gazing over at the warriors under the arena. The warriors that met his gaze all hung their heads down low one after another.

This was the prestige of the strong!

His reputation preceded reality; reality had surpassed his reputation. 1

However, the rumors were slightly false: this rascal wasn't a Shadow Hunter, but a fierce warrior!

At this time, the warriors in the area were not idle and many of them sent messages everywhere else. The extraordinary free dish of meat had appeared and had just now killed a Leopard-form warrior in a matter of seconds.

The people from the surrounding arenas all rushed over; this kind of extraordinary warrior was rarely seen.


"What a strange weakness-targeting attack," a clear, gloomy voice sounded out from the outskirts.

A Shadow Hunter walked over, the surrounding people slowly making room. Though the Shadow Hunter wielded only a single plain-grade dagger without a single armour piece equipped, all of the surrounding warriors demonstrated an air of reverence; this lone dagger was a show of his status.

It was a trainee from the Shadow Hunters Guild, and for a Shadow Hunter that was chasing after his limits, an armour set would only prove to be a hindrance and in the goal of achieving plain grade, the Armour Transformation was also unimportant. Though it was difficult 2 for a normal person to achieve Armour Transformation, this was not a problem for them; the guild would hire a good Spirit Engraving Master so that they could display the best of their strengths.

But to a real Shadow Hunter, a dagger was all they needed.

A 1~5 attack dagger perhaps does not mean much, but the +1 blessing on it showed it had achieved at least twenty victories and won the attention of the Beast God.

Foluolun Sasi's (Fóluólúnsà sī) Fu Ke Si genius -- Andongni-Lika (Āndōngní - lì kǎ) !

People had names just as trees had their shadows! 3

When Andongni-Lika had appeared, people had naturally parted to form a path; after the meat dish had beaten a stage one Beast Transformation Leopard warrior, he had attained the qualifications to fight against the experts.

This single point of blessing was a gift bestowed by the Beast God to those warriors who possessed courage, intelligence, and strength. With it, his 1~5 attacks could display power closer to their maximum 4.

In a battle against an expert, this point from a blessing could decide the outcome and even claim one's life.

The two's vision collided and Lika's expression grew heated; this was the person he wished to find. If he defeated this person, then he would be able to complete his own plain grade set.

This was the same situation for Zou Liang as well as his current motive.

These people who had met no doubtedly caused sparks to fly. The winner would receive a large promotion-a battle that would win four or five victories' worth-while the loser could only start all over again.

Confident people like this existed in the Beast Spirit World by relying on their extraordinary talents and outstanding techniques. They were not anxious to quickly complete their first grade of Beast Spirit Transformation, they had only a weapon and used battles to temper their techniques. By facing adversity they would raise their strength more than if they had only rushed to attain their Beast Spirit Transformation; when they achieved it they could become even more powerful or could collect more Beast Spirit, perfecting their Armour Transformation even further.

Naturally, if one failed the results would be severe, but there was no lack of brave individuals in the beast tribes.

Shadow Hunter: an occupation that danced upon the edge of the knife.

Every Shadow Hunter wished to reach the limits of offense and mysterious footwork. As for defence, they wouldn't even consider it; a Shadow Hunter was an occupation that devoted their lives to offense.

Andongni-Lika. Everyone in the Beast Spirit World knew him; he was someone that should not be overlooked.

The approaching fight between the crafty fox Andongni-Lika and this unnamed meat dish had aroused the attention of the surrounding warriors; this was a battle between geniuses full of self-confidence.

This was also the most cruel battle in the Beast Spirit World as they both had the same motive. Each held equal risk, both having confidence in themselves and their ability, yet these two had met each other in the arena.

One would succeed. The other would fail.

Luna Note: A very nice and lovely line for something more complex. People had already made rumors and held ideas about his strength before seeing it firsthand, but the reality of the situation was far beyond what they had thought. ↩

This is censored ↩

People have their reputations which are attached to them like a shadow; no matter where they go they would be unable to shake it off. A tree's shadow could be large or small just like how a person's reputation could be good or bad, famous or infamous, genius or waste, et al. ↩

So as explained earlier 1~5 means it adds 1 to your minimum and 5 to your maximum. The blessing gives you a greater ability to display the 5 points of power. ↩