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 Chapter 31 - Exposed Little Lamb

Such colossal entities like the temple and the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild wouldn't haggle over something meager; they only cared about their own operations, connections, and influence.

This was the pope's tactic since the theocracy was suffering from the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild. The amount of experts in the traditional households and occupation guilds had increased in the past years, and the temple needed to put away its high airs and start excavating for talented youths wherever they could find them.

Ya Se smiled and reassured, "I know, Master. However, I have still decided to let Ou Nisi Te go down the path of a Crusader. Don't worry; I'm his older brother and there is no way I would harm him. Though Beast Transformation is very strong, it fixes your attributes and is not a way to display the pinnacle of your abilities. Perhaps in the beginning it will bring a lot of benefits, but in the long run its effectiveness will drop. As for Elder Mo Fei Si Te, any occupation would be strong when you attain that kind of level."

Zou Liang would not be blinded just because of the Berserk Mode. The Berserk Mode was only a state and one couldn't enter it endlessly again and again during a fight. He did not wish for Ou Nisi Te to turn into a monster and Zuo Liang would have more instruction and control over his progress if he went down the path of a Crusader. This way, he could make Ou Nisi Te's specialty in defence even stronger.

In order for Ou Nisi Te to become stronger, he still needed improvement in many areas.

No matter what Tuo Ma Si said, Ya Se was firmly determined on Armour Transformation. Ou Nisi Te would also follow his lead and Elder Tuo Ma Si had no other means to change this; he could only pray that this rascal would not mess things up.

Tuo Ma Si did not know what to say to this strange disciple. He had already handed the blueprints over to his superiors and was a bit nervous in his heart; he did not know how the superiors would respond to the design. Hopefully it wouldn't be too bad.

In the room, Ou Nisi Te was soundly asleep and Zou Liang was relieved to find that his Beast Spirit had no peculiarities.

Sometimes beastmen were very stupid. This Berserk Mode was very similar to doping; if it was to be used at the climax of a situation then so be it, but to use it as an everyday occurrence would not be good. Of course he understood Mo Fei Si Te's strength, but-aside from Mo Fei Si Te-who else was there?

There were far too many Berserk Mode warriors that died in their youth. Why? Because of the Berserk Mode overdrafting their life force.

Berserk Mode could only be used as a lethal tactic during the most critical moments.

One's abilities still had to be measured by their normal circumstances. Zuo Liang observed his Beast Spirit and found he had already obtained some Beast Strength. Even if the growth was slow, he was not worried; Ya Se's body had originally received very heavy wounds and being able to preserve this much strength was already more than he could ask for.

During this period of fighting, Zuo Liang had been rapidly maturing. Every night he would ponder over how to fight and how to combine this with his body. His control over battle-on one hand-could be said to be his own natural talent for fighting techniques, but on the other there was also Ya Se's hard work that he had neglected to consider. Because of this, his body was already well-accustomed to battle; having lost 81 matches would not be without benefit.

The Spirit Engraving knife costs 5 points of Beast Spirit to create, but since he needed to preserve his own fighting strength he needed to have at least 5 points of Beast Strength left over. It seemed that before the formation of the team, he needed to quickly gather 10 points of Beast Strength. Though Zuo Liang's Beast Spirit didn't grow as much as his brother during training despite being just as hard-working, in the end this didn't bother him; he just needed to thoroughly master his techniques and he could obtain more Beast Spirit from the Beast Spirit World.

He had already studied a great deal of material on the underworld, as only if one knew oneself and one's enemy could they emerge from a hundred battles unscathed. Demon Beasts had thousands of ways to attack, and between the beast tribes and Demon Beasts lay unsettleable grudges.The Meng Jia Empire encouraged the warriors to enter the underworld to fight in order to extinguish the Demon Beasts, yet even after a millennium the Demon Beasts still existed. As long as the situation remained the way it was, the Demon Beasts could only continue fleeing underground while the large guilds would reward the warriors who defeated high-grade beasts.

If not for the subjugation of the Demon Beasts, the beast tribes would have long been swept off the face of the Among De Beast God Continent.

Every ten years, all of the beast tribe male adults-females exempt and completely voluntary-had to go to the underworld to fight for a month; he and Ou Nisi Te had to fight during the Spring Festival. In Ya Se's group there was already a Crusader-Ou Nisi Te-but his main purpose was defence making him closer to a shield bearer.

The War Song Priestess was going to be Ao Li Quan Ya, and while he was very familiar with all of the occupations, this War Song thing was an exception; he was not very clear on how they worked at all, though there there was probably an 80% chance that it messed with someone's mentality. With this composition, they needed an attacking expert and a medic. Fighting in the underworld would be very dangerous without a medic, as not only was it hard to emerge unwounded, but the demon beasts' attacks often have secondary effects like poison or curses, which would need the help of a medic.

He pondered a bit, but he only knew Ai Wei Er and didn't know if she was willing or not; everyone would have made their own plans for the Spring Festival by now. They also still lacked an attack specialist, and since Zou Liang didn't have an Armour Transformation yet, his defence was an issue. Putting him as the attack specialist would be a pity since his strengths were in planning and helping where it was necessary.

It was unfortunate that he still needed to rely on Ai Wei Er to introduce him to a strong Archer or warrior.

Since the examinations had finished he would go and find Ai Wei Er tomorrow; the earlier he contacted her, the better.

After steadying his breath, Zou Liang approached the Beast World crystal 1, the Beast Imprint on his head flashing before he entered the Beast Spirit World. When one was taking risks they had to be completely prepared; if there was a suitable opportunity, he had to gather his ten points of Beast Spirit as quickly as possible.

A screen of white light.

Though this time Zou Liang wasn't on the arena when he appeared in the Beast Spirit World, it ultimately didn't matter. He neared an arena that had just finished its battle and immediately stood upon it.

With a complete understanding of how egotistical he was being, any occupation would be fine as an opponent. If he had to lose it would be better to lose in the Beast Spirit World since he would still have future chances; losing in reality would mean death.

As soon as Zou Liang appeared on the arena, the surroundings immediately silenced.

"Is it him?"

"It looks like him; except for him, what other meat dish would be this arrogant?"

Though Zou Liang's appearance caused a wave of discussion to spread, there was no fighter to immediately appear. A province in the Beast Spirit World was enormous, and-especially in these low-ranked arenas-there was a great number of people. Each time someone entered, it would be at a random spot and it was very difficult to meet someone you knew unless you had a heartfelt connection to them.

Zou Liang had roused everyone's attention. Though in the Beast Spirit World there were many free dishes of meat, there was only one that would arrogantly walk up to a battle arena in this manner.

Every battlefield would have famous people and if one was recognized by the masses they would be given the respect they deserved. This was because battles were not merely for Beast Spirit anymore, but also to improve one's battle techniques.

"This is the shadow that cruelly defeated the Tai Ge Crusader."

"That Crusader was very inexperienced, right?"

"No, apparently he was recognized by the warrior guilds. It seems he is an expert from Ye Lu samo City."

"Rumors are always exaggerated, is this fellow really that strong?"

Though the warriors were suspicious, some were itching to give it a try, and not long after the crowd separated a burly warrior jumped onto the stage.

A Leopard warrior: a Shadow Hunter's nemesis!

The tribe that had innate speed, agility, and possessed sharp talons: the Leopard tribe. On the arena they were an existence that preyed upon Shadow Hunters, and even more astounding was that this one had completed their first Beast Transformation: this would be akin to a Shadow Hunter who owned a full set of armour.

The Lai Bote (Lái Bó Tè) Family's warriors had the physical form of a leopard, the assassin of the jungle. The Leopard warrior-around two meters tall-examined his prey, his eyes flashing with a keen blue light.

It was rumored that this fellow had managed a few consecutive victories yet still hadn't undergone his Beast Spirit Transformation; his body must have stored up no small amount of Beast Spirit. The rewards for winning this fight would not be as stingy as a normal free dish of meat.

The Leopard warrior licked his lips. In the eyes of a Leopard that had completed his Beast Transformation, a Shadow Hunter without equipment was like an exposed little lamb.

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