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 Chapter 30 - Not Walking Down Orthodox Road

At this time, Ya Se did not know that he and Ou Nisi Te had become the center of a great storm. Though Lin De-being a complete little attendant-had hung around like a tagalong while Ya Se looked after Ou Nisi Te, he was eventually shooed away by Ao Li Quan Ya; these types of people to Ao Li Quan Ya were like weeds on top of the walls 1.

"Big brother, I'm fine; it's only a small wound," Ou Nisi Te comforted, knowing that whenever he was wounded, his brother would have a depressed look.

Since Ou Nisi Te had lost a tooth, his smile would immediately show a large gap that completely matched his ditzy expression. Seeing this, Ai Wei Er and Ao Li Quan Ya couldn't help but smile, and Zou Liang almost couldn't hold his smile either.

"Congratulations, Ou Nisi Te," Ai Wei Er smiled.

Aside from Ao Li Quan Ya, Ai Wei Er was the only other person to help these brothers before; consequently, Ou Nisi Te was very reverent towards her.

A bit embarrassed, he shook his head before explaining. "I originally didn't know about this, but after hearing big brother's howl, I felt a surge of strength rush into my mind."

"Right, if you hadn't said anything I would've forgotten. Ya Se, your howl had some kind of war song sensation to it," Ao Li Quan stated, measuring Ya Se up as though he were a monster.

Ai Wei Er's heart held even more questions. Since the first time she had met Ya Se she had felt that he was different, but since she was unable to pinpoint exactly what was different it was very hard to bring up the subject. Ever since hearing the Prelude to the Water Melody 2 she had known that this was a person that could not stay in a small pond, but she did not expect him to soar into the skies so soon.

"Wei Wei ah, unfortunately I'll have to burden you with this time's expenses. I'll repay you in the future," Ya Se told her without restraint. 3.

In the past, he had dealt with the wounds by himself but this time they would have to use all kinds of medicine and even fix a tooth; the amount of money spent for this would not be a small figure.

Ai Wei Er smiled and nodded. For Ya Se to be like this-to act neither inferior when he had nothing, nor overbearing after becoming an Engraving Priest-showed he had indeed taken her as a real friend.

Honestly speaking, an Engraving Master was very prestigious, yet Ai Wei Er did not let this intrude upon their relationship; she was merely happy to have a friend.

"No need to borrow, Head Priest will pay!" Ao Li Quan Ya asserted, extremely vigilant against the equally pretty Ai Wei Er.

Ya Se wouldn't argue over this kind of thing. With his first taste of victory, Ou Nisi Te had finally taken a step forward. When Ou Nisi Te had been beaten before Zou Liang had wanted to stop the fights thousands of times, yet he had endured; he knew that in this world, the fighting would never end. He could have stopped this fight but if he couldn't stop them forever, the only solution was to let his brother face it himself and become stronger.

He was sure that he and Ou Nisi Te were the same.

They were warriors.

The sky had already darkened by the time they returned to the temple, and Ao Li Quan Ya had been jumping about all along the way. Today was the happiest day in her life; not only had they just gained prestige, but the unjust had received their just deserts. She was like a bird chirping, speaking without end. 4

Zou Liang knew that from this day onward he and Ou Nisi Te would be the target of others and that their peaceful days had passed. The battles they would have to face in the future would increase in number and intensity.

"Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te, what are you two going to do during the long Spring Festival?"

"Improve my battle techniques and hone myself in the underworld. There are currently too many imperfect areas and experience is the best teacher."

It was reported that the Among De Beast God Continent had many mysterious spaces underground and Zou Liang had set his plans long ago. The life forms that lived in these places were all demon beasts, and although their Beast Spirit was different from the beast tribes, it could still be used as a supplement. These were very important to a Spirit Engraving Master; if a Spirit Engraving Master wished to progress, they would need enough monetary support and demon beasts' Beast Spirit to experiment with or else their improvement would stagnate. On one hand he wanted real combat experience and on the other he wished to obtain Beast Spirit from the arena; this type of dilemma was something everyone had to face on their road to becoming a warrior.

In the beginning he had been hesitant, but now that Ou Nisi Te's battle sense had awoken, Zou Liang only needed to create a large shield to allow him to display his strength.

"Ah, this idea is too good; I will have to go as well," Ao Li Quan Ya applauded, clapping her hands.

"Hehe, get past the obstacle of Head Priest before you say anything."

"Heng, I have my ways. Either way, you have to take me or else I'll ignore you," Ao Li Quan Ya pouted.

There was no need to say anything further; Zou Liang had no way of refusing.

"Sure, however going to the underworld is very dangerous so you'll need to be prepared. We'll be needing a few more members."

Zou Liang nodded.

"Everyone is a child of the beast tribes so who would be scared of danger? Also, I have lots of uses; I'm a War Song Priestess and my War Songs are really outstanding!"

Ao Li Quan Ya very confidently patted her diminutive chest after giving her emotional speech.

Zou Liang pulled back his gaze. It seemed as though she had only just hit puberty 5 and he could not figure out why this damsel was so attractive. In his past life he had loved voluptuous girls; since when did he become a lolicon?

In the horse carriage, Ou Nisi Te happily snored away, the victory a treasure for him. Even if he didn't understand much, even he understood that he had won!

Everything is hard in the beginning. After clearing the first obstacle, it had taken one issue off of their plate.

"I really did not think that Ou Nisi Te would possess the Berserk Mode of the Bi Er warriors. He really is suited to go down the path of Beast Transformation."

Ao Li Quan Ya sighed. She did not think that Ou Nisi Te would have this kind of ability while his brother was so cunning.

Zou Liang slightly shook his head with a resolute response, "I do not plan to let him undergo Beast Transformation."

Ao Li Quan Ya was so startled she almost hit her head against the carriage. "What did you say???"

The same look of surprise appeared on Tuo Ma Si's face. He had just sent off the messenger from Headmaster An Qi Luo-his old friend-with pride.

That old man wanted to invite him for a meal! That poor, stingy old man had invited him for a meal; Tuo Ma Si knew that An Qi Luo had not invited anyone over for a meal in ten years!

The Beast God must have felt his devotion and sent him two geniuses. The first had been an Engraving Priest that stood out amongst the masses, and now he had been given a Berserk warrior; it was truly a pleasant surprise beyond his expectations.

But hearing that Zou Liang wished to have Ou Nisi Te walk down the path of a Crusader, it had almost scared the Head Priest's hat right off of his head.

Tuo Ma Si swallowed his saliva and started to reason, "Ya Se, ah~, I understand your wish to make an armour set for Ou Nisi Te; your brotherly bond would make even the Beast God very emotional. However, all of the Berserk Mode Bi Er have gone down the path of a Berserker: there's the mighty General of the Empire Mo Fei Si Te, the warrior guilds' President, and the top of the empire's ten experts is a Berserk Mode Beast Transformation warrior."

Ou Nisi Te's existence would become the temple's way of keeping good connections with the warrior guild in the future. The temple was inseparably tied with each guild and the more affiliations a person had, the more it would increase the temple's influence.

Especially since the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild's influence was increasing day by day, the temple would have to pay even more attention to this aspect. Even though the priests were the Beast God's servants publicizing the Beast God's glory, the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild was seen as more direct and dependable. The other large guilds had a love-hate relationship the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild: they loved how only they were capable of creating the best Spirit equipment but hated the harsh fees this black-hearted group charged for them.

This is a Chinese idiom for people who hang around but will blow whichever way the wind blows. In less appealing words, superficial friends. ↩

This was the composition he recited in the Salon in Chapter 10 ↩

in Chinese is a strange phrase it sometimes can mean ettique other times it can be politeness and other times it's restraint ↩

Second time it's been her happiest day since birth; last one was Ya Se's Spirit Priest test. ↩

Censored ↩