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 Chapter 28 - Do Him In

Ma Xiu Si stood in the middle of the competition grounds, the surroundings echoing with laughter. "I had thought you wouldn't come. Come and meet your death."

As soon as the draw had been announced, it was clear that Ou Nisi Te's luck was very poor; he had in fact matched with the strongest first year student, Ma Xiu Si.

Everyone knew that the first year in the War Academy was given just to build qualifications and the real learning started in the second year. This allowed each student to enter the specialized Academy they had practiced in for future cultivation, and the talented would even be scouted by their respective occupational guild. Since the occupational guilds monopolized all of the resources of that occupation and could pass on stronger battle techniques, this would allow one to attain success in their occupation easier1.

During the end of year examination, each guild's scout would also come and-if there were any good sprouts-they could recruit them in advance. Of course, this was only the first step; they still had to attain their Beast Transformation before the Spring Festival or else everything would be for naught.

Ma Xiu Si had wanted a strong opponent in order to display his strength; he didn't think he would be fighting against this moron Ou Nisi Te.

When Ou Nisi Te had arrived at the battlefield, Ao Li Quan Ya waved her hands and supported him, "Let's go Ou Nisi Te, come on, beat this guy prone!"

It was only a pity that no one in the field reacted; even Ou Nisi Te himself did not have a reaction. Everyone knew that Ma Xiu Si was powerful: his strength and battle techniques were very outstanding.

All of the students looked at Ao Li Quan Ya stunned, shocked by her beauty. However, were it not for the white priest robe that made everyone hold their tongues 2, her actions would have caused people to audibly sigh.

Ai Wei Er glanced at Ye Se who she had not seen in a long time. His expression was still calm; could it be confidence?

The battle had begun. Ma Xiu Si rotated his arm and announced, "Dumb idiot, since you made me wait for so long, you have to pay the price!"

He snarled before he charged, Ou Nisi Te's body subtly arced to respond to the attack. Ma Xiu Si's mouth curled into a faint, cold laugh before fiercely pouncing towards Ou Nisi Te, taking advantage of his superior arm length and his opponent's slow reaction speed. Though the collision staggered Ou Nisi Te he did not fall, but soon his arm was grabbed by the advancing Ma Xiu Si before he was viciously taken down.


Ou Nisi Te's gigantic body smashed into the ground before Ma Xiu Si spun him in a circle. "Stand up, this has only started, such a disgrace to our Bi Er clan!"

Ou Nisi Te picked himself up and charged towards Ma Xiu Si, his arms wide open in wrath. This time, Ma Xiu Si forcefully bowed into an arc and clutched onto Ou Nisi Te's waist to lift him up, and soon Ou Nisi Te was once again sprawled out upon the ground 3. At the same time, Ma Xiu Si leaned his body to the side before viciously slamming his elbow straight into Ou Nisi Te's stomach.


Liquid splurted out of Ou Nisi Te's mouth, his breakfast knocked out of him.

Ma Xiu Si stood up, raising his two arms and snarling. This was a Bi Er member's strength and combat technique, and the audience resounded with an applause of whistles. The warrior guilds observed with a calm demeanor whilst recording their notes; evidently they had seen far too many battles and could only use a very standard criteria.

This Ma Xiu Si's attribute combination was pretty decent: not only did he possess the bear tribe's innate strength, but his battle sense was not lacking either. As long as he achieved Beast Transformation, the Guild would consider accepting him.

Suddenly the cheering stopped. Ou Nisi Te who had been lying on the ground had stood up, though the blow from before was heavy enough that the current Ou Nisi Te was swaying left and right.

The observational officers that were getting ready to leave also found it a bit unexpected. This battle did not have any suspense; the final results were already evident, and it appeared that there was no longer a need to continue.

Ao Li Quan Ya almost did not have the heart to continue watching. She did not know that a fight could be so cruel, especially since it was her friend that was being beaten.

Ma Xiu Si very impolitely grabbed Ou Nisi Te's shoulder and threw him over his back. Ou Nisi Te was thrown once again and fell back towards the all-too-familiar4 ground.

Ou Nisi Te's head smashed like a rock into the ground and a grain-like tooth fell out. However, Ou Nisi Te still struggled and stood back up again.

Ao Li Quan Ya pulled on Ya Se's clothes and begged, "Ya Se, don't let him fight anymore, let him admit defeat."

Ya Se did not move; he did not even look at Ao Li Quan Ya.


On the competition field, Ou Nisi Te was thrown once again and Ma Xiu Si circled around his prone opponent, jeering, "Stand up, come on, stand up again moron!"

This waste actually dared to try and compete with him!

Ou Nisi Te worked hard to stand up once again. Truthfully, he did not like fighting with others. He knew he was very dumb, yet his big brother never ignored him and only encouraged him. He wished to obtain a victory for his brother who was a noble Engraving Priest; only through this could he become a proper bear warrior and obtain the qualifications to stand next to his big brother's side and protect him.

Ou Nisi Te had only stood up halfway from the ground before Ma Xiu Si stomped him rolling back. The bear tribe's strength was not a joke.

"Come on, get up, you and that waste of a big brother are both morons, throwing away the face of our Bi Er tribe. Thankfully we won't be meeting you next year!"

"You cannot insult big brother!" Ou Nisi Te exclaimed as he rushed over and-with a strength no one could find the source of-hatefully clutched at Ma Xiu Si's waist.

Ma Xiu Si wrapped his left arm and ruthlessly strangled Ou Nisi Te, pushing his balance downward. This waste wanted to trip him up; he must've been dreaming.

Ma Xiu Si ruthlessly smashed his right elbow downwards and the point of contact let out a pengpeng sound, echoing throughout the entire battlefield. This sound actually came from Ou Nisi Te's mouth, yet he was still unwilling to let go.

"Let go you waste, let go, let go!"


Ao Li Quan Ya could no longer endure it. She had seen similar scenes in the past, however they had never been as unbearable as this. She used to think that fighting was the glory of the beastmen.

Ai Wei Er silently looked at Ya Se. She was very clear on the relationship Ya Se shared with Ou Nisi Te; their emotions were deeper than the bonds of blood brothers... so why? Why would Ya Se stand there indifferently?

At this moment, only Ya Se could stop Ou Nisi Te. If this continued, Ou Nisi Te would only be brutally beaten to death.

Since it was during battle, no one would say anything.

Peng...... Peng......

With every thump, Ou Nisi Te's body bent over and he felt his consciousness blur. He had given it his all, but he was indeed very weak; he could no longer carry on.

Ou Nisi Te's hand slowly loosened.


A sound that shook the heavens and shifted the earth howled out, a sound even the deaf could hear. His consciousness blurring, Ou Nisi Te's eye's suddenly became blood red.


This was the howl of an angry beast. Ou Nisi Te abruptly grabbed Ma Xiu Si's arm and twisted it a revolution and ruthlessly pulled it inwards, Ma Xiu Si's entire body's bones tensing as an enormous strength erupted.

The Bi Er tribe: this was the most gifted tribe by the Beast God in terms of raw strength.

Strength was the only criteria to grade the bear tribe!

Ma Xiu Si put his life on the line to try and gain a grip on Ou Nisi Te's arms. Yet, Ou Nisi Te's arms were as if forged from steel and had already tightened and picked Ma Xiu Si up.


Pure strength!

Ma Xiu Si clenched his teeth, using all he could muster to resist this enormous power, but the opponent's strength did not falter; instead, it surged forward like the roaring tides.

Chinese idiom allow one to soar into the skies ↩

Chinese not to speak nonsense ↩

Chinese idiom means to be sprawled on the ground with all fours arms and leg sticking up in the air. ↩

Chinese uses which can also be interpreted as intimate. ↩