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 Chapter 23 - You are my Master

As soon as Ou Nisi Te saw Ya Se, his body weakened suddenly falling, Zou Liang took a few large steps and caught Ou Nisi Te, of course the bowls had accomplished their fated mission.

Ao Li Quan Ya had only taken a single step before she felt a flash fly past her ..... Such fast speed.

The two lifted Ou Nisi Te back, this brother only have strength left in him to breathe. All his muscles were sore here and there; he had successfully passed through hell and back.

If it was Zou Liang he probably would also be broken, however Ou Nisi Te had forcibly persevered. Ou Nisi Te's reflexive reactions may not be very fast however these kind of stubborn perseverance exercises would allow his to stand out amongst the masses. The armour set that Zou Liang had created was specially for this characteristic of his.

"Ya Se, can Ou Nisi Te still eat if he's like this?"

Ao Li Quan Ya worryingly asked, this kind of situation would need a medical Priest to take a look.

The originally muddle headed and blurry eyed Ou Nisi Te heard the subject of eating food, his eyes opened as wide as balls exclaiming, "I want to eat!"

As he sat down, a miserable shriek sounded out as he toppled off his seat. "There's no problem, just muscle overuse, he'll recover after resting for a while. Wait a while, I will get them to bring the food in."

There were already priests waiting at the entrance, they did not know what kind of serious matter had occurred, but no one in the temple would neglect the Head Priest's orders.

"Priest Ya Se, Head Priest is waiting for your esteemed self to eat."

Save this priest in training, in this city the amount of people who the Head Priest would wait for were scarce. Who on Earth was Bi Er member?

Older brother, tell the Head Priest to bring the meal here, after I eat I will go and find him."

Ya Se smilingly responded.

Ma Ni (Mǎ ní) had already served in the temple for a good five years, even though Tuo Ma Si's temper was good, it was something that could definitely not be tested. However this year there was even someone that the Head Priest waited for, this small existence must be tired of living, but the Beast God did not zap him to death with lightening.

However before coming, the Head Priest had instructed them that no matter what was requested it must be achieved even if it required them to beg.

"Yes, I will inform the Head Priest."

Ma Ni stood and then lightly ran to find the Head Priest, being able to share a meal with the Head Priest was an honor that every priest wished for. If it was another Ao Li Quan Ya then it could be dismissed as this damsel seemed to have some kind of background and was only here to play for a few days before she would leave. But this Bi Er member could be recognised as a Ye Lu Samo citizen at a single glance, yet he dared to neglect the Head Priest in such a way.

Ma Ni had boundless suspicions while on his way to find the Head Priest, preparing himself for the approaching thunderstorm. However he just smilingly nodded his head and instructed, "Quickly deliver everything that has already been prepared, tell him that I will be in the book room and that there's no need to hurry."

Tuo Ma Si held the silk scrolls as if he was holding a baby 1, what eating, just looking at this was enough to feed him. The more he looked the more immersed he became, the reason was that even though Tuo Ma Si was only a bronze grade Engraving Master by his standards he could already engrave silver grade armour sets. The only problem was that he did not have any suitable designs, therefore could not complete a silver grade Armour Transformation..

Even if one had the ability of a silver Engraving Master. What did Engraving Masters compare?

It was imitations!

Anything else as long as one held status and wealth they could find a way to obtain it. However, good designs are accustomed to priceless treasure. An imitation which was created for an original person would be unrivaled, but making a design for a specific person could only be achieved by a gold grade Engraving Master. The result would not only be very glamourous but it would also be able to bring out the innate qualities of their attributes.

This blueprint was evidently inclined to defense. Tuo Ma Si was not an idiot, it didn't matter what the strengths of the design was. This main point was this junior had only studied for one day, one fucken day and was able to design such a thing. There was also no small amount of steps that he didn't understand, if this wasn't a peerless genius what was?

Whilst carrying books the Head Priest continually inclined his head to the sky and howled!

The priests along the way all looked at each other with dismay, had the Head Priest lost his sanity? Could it be that he was calling the Beast God?

Ma Ni respectfully stood waiting, the three people in the abode were not to be offended. Whatever they said he could only have one reply - Yes.

Ou Nisi Te could not budge anymore, thus Ya Se acted as his attendant, feeding Ou Nisi Te piece by piece. Everything in Ou Nisi Te's vision: Fish, meat all quickly entered his stomach.

It seemed that the chef knew that Bi Er members lived eating fish, thus in this meal there were three different types of fish. Ou Nisi Te had never had such delicious food before, thus he continually stuffed himself with his stomach on the line. He wasn't scared of his body being entirely stiff, as his mouth seemed to be able to do high stress exercises.

Ao Li Quan Ya observed the situation with admiration; though they were not blood brothers they were even closer than the bonds of blood brothers. Thinking of this, her expression was a bit dim however it quickly recovered.

"Older brother, you eat too.", Ou Nisi Te repeatedly said with a mouthful.

"Here, Junior brother open your mouth let Senior Sister feed you."

Ao Li Quan Ya's small white hands picked up a large piece of fish and placed it infront of Ya Se. Seeing Ya Se, she let out a sigh, despite all the excuses she could make up, Ao Li Quan Ya had a very strong attraction to Zou Liang. Did this damsel not know that she was facing an upright, youthful, sturdy male?

But she still actually tempted him!

Perhaps the design had boosted Zou Liang egotistic self, thus he acted at will. Thus his uprightness floated away like clouds in the sky.

Zou Liang opened him his mouth like a sacrificial bowl 2, swallowing the fish in a single mouthful, eating the fish was a problem; but Zou Liang was unable to control himself, drooling over Ao Li Quan Ya's slender fingers, nastily taking a playful bite 3. Startled Ao Li Quan Ya jumped to one side, seeing Ou Nisi Te's suspicious look the damsel stamped her foot and held it in, not forgetting to give Zou Liang a hateful look.

Zou Liang glowed with youthfulness; as his face was thick, at this age how could one get frightened by a girl when they were teasing them.

After Ao Li Quan Ya finished her meal she left, one had to be careful of rest and take good care of themselves as girls. The room was automatically cleaned up by others.

When Zou Liang had found Tuo Ma Si, the Head Priest had just sunked into vexation as there were a lot of area's he did not understand. Seeing Zou Liang he stood up from his seat and asked, "Ya Se, this, this and this what do they mean? I feel it's correct and is very important however I can't figure out why."

"Hehe, what would you call it, it's part of mechanical engineering, involving a streamline, making it easier to block. If the shield is met with a frontal attack, then the opponents strength would be at its peak. However if it is manufactured with a bit of an angle and is processed properly the defense will no longer be as simple as the attributed value."

Zou Liang felt the sensation of being a professor, seeing the Head Priest whose hair was half white continuously nod his head was quite a pleasurable feeling.

"What is this drawing?"

"This is a combination Dialysis drawing, in simple terms, it is the layers, for this design I have separated it into two layers, as this will improve it a bit."

"Hehe, with this design I can become a gold grade Engraving Master, hehe!"

"Esteemed Teacher, this is the plain grade design I created for Ou Nisi Te, you can use it however you like; consider it being a little contribution of mine to the temple."

Zou Liang wasn't the type that would abandon his benefactor after reaching his goal 4 as after interacting with the temple's people, they were far better than the Spirit Engraving Master Guild 5. Also everything done sows karma, Tuo Ma Si also had shown him a lot of kindness if it weren't for him perhaps him and Ou Nisi Te would still be stuck in the the school yard left to rot6.

"No, No, make sure you never call me Master, you're my Master now."

"No this won't do, once a master, a master for life. If Master did not receive me, I would not have this kind of spiritual sense, being a master isn't merely just transferring techniques. This is all due to the Beast God's guidance. "

Zou Liang reproached, full of smiles, this reproach also left Tuo Ma Si full of smiles as they were both intelligent people.

Tuo Ma Si who thought he had taken advantage of the other unceasingly nodded his head saying, "That is true, it must be the guidance of the Beast God."

"Master, I would like to do an experiment to experiment on attributes."

"Hehe, good, good, good, If you need anything just say, oh right, you still do not own your own engraving knife right?"

"I wish to create a set in the next few days, I hope teacher can help me obtain some demon beast's Beast Spirit to experiment."

"Sure, Sure.", Tuo Ma Si immediately agreed, full of smiles, if the experiment succeeded and was announced to the shrine 7 it would be a great service. Tuo Ma Si thought that there was at least a 70 - 80 % chance of success.

This is censored and I'm unable to come up something with ** or a beauty embracing ** ↩

Chinese Idiom - also means to greedily exploit ↩

Sigh Chinese people and their biting cute things fetish, I thought only grandpa's and middle age men did this, not 27 year old people ↩

Chinese Idiom - To destroy the bridge after crossing the river. ↩

In the raws they didn't write guild but only master but I believe that is the point of this sentence ↩

Chinese way of saying neglected forever ↩

Like the headquarters of the temple