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 Chapter 22 - Demonic Drawings?

Zou Liang came to realisation that he was being a bit indifferent thus egged, "Really? It couldn't be that your singing ability1 isn't much right?"

"Heng, trying to rouse me up doesn't work."

Zou Liang returned a smile, before starting to rummage through books. Teasing the pretty little princess had lifted his mood; it seemed that this world was not only just an embodiment of cruelty but actually did not lack things of beautiful nature.

After Zou Liang had immersed himself, a whole new world of creativity had opened before his eyes.

Some basic introductions were written inside, leaving him with a feeling of unmatchable comfort. This was as they included a large amount of mechanical concepts, structural concepts, the technology in this world was far from the technology of his world. Thus Zou Liang was more at home than anyone else could possibly be.

As soon as this became apparent, he realised he stood at the forefront of the great scholarly Spirit Engraving Master position. Perhaps there were still a few techniques he had to practice, however in terms of theory and insight you would be hard pressed to find a suitable opponent.

Zou Liang did not ponder further and immersed himself; this was like in his previous life where he had lived for 27 years and in those years the only skill he had was manufacturing engineering 2. Using this kind of knowledge to create weaponry structure was a trifling matter. Other than playing his fighting game he also enjoyed creating his own weaponry models. In his previous world he did not have much interest in future prospects, however in this world it could be considered like the arrogance of the powerful 3.

Zou Liang had completely forgotten about the flow of time, forgotten about Ao Li Quan Ya beside him. People needed a lot of recognition in life, perhaps the occupation of being a Spirit Engraving Master could make up for the regret he had in his last life, allowing him to live a radiant life 4.

This was not a dream it was reality; his reality.

Ao Li Quan Ya had also followed, flipping through a few pages however she had quickly lost interest. Even though her talent was exceedingly good and she had the ability to become a Spirit Engraving Master, Ao Li Quan Ya's aim was to become a War Song Priestess: Thus she had not achieved anything in this area. Consequently she sat on the side with her chin resting on the palms of her hands staring, at Ya Se.

The patience of a Bi Er was never good, when a Bi Er reads a book they would become annoyed after a few minutes. Especially since Spirit Engraving Master materials were the most meaningless and hard to understand. Therefore as soon as they reached a part they did not comprehend they would be hard pressed to continue. However this situation was quite the opposite, Ya Se would casually flip through pages in the beginning but instead had gradually become more concentrated as time went on.

"Get me a pen and some paper!"

Zou Liang requested without even turning his head.

Ao Li Quan Ya pouted her mouth as she had never been neglected like this, but the other party's voice seemed to carry an unquestionable strength. Although Ao Li Quan Ya was not very willing but she still handed Zou Liang a pen and paper; Zou Liang then started to start drafting.

Ao Li Quan Ya had changed positions multiple times, she had even tried to tempt the other, however his concentration was completely immersed in the book completely forgetting about his surroundings.

When a male was concentrating he would be exceedingly handsome, especially when deep in thought. Of course Ya Se was not a poser he actually was taking notes.

Watching this Ao Li Quan Ya propped her head on the table and fell asleep, while Zou Liang repeatedly drew; disposing of paper leaf by leaf, continuously drawing.

It wasn't until night had fallen that Ya Se decided to stretch; rotating his neck, it had been a long time since he had worked so hard.

"Ah, it's night time, there's no more food left in the dining hall!"

Only when Zou Liang observed his surroundings, being so entranced in his work, did he remember that this was not school anymore. Using his own understanding, he had already completed an armour set variation for Ou Nisi Te.

Ao Li Quan Ya also lifted her head; bringing her body upright, she covered her mouth yawning, "You can even read this boring stuff for an entire afternoon, you seem to have a future ahead of you."

Zou Liang smiled, he had regained a lot of his touch. When he had first arrived it was like a dream; a fantasy, but after he had experienced a fight he had received no small amount of influence from Ya Se's soul. This influence made him feel as if he was in his teens however he had forgotten. He was Zou Liang. Even if he was reincarnated in another world he was still himself.

Watching Ao Li Quan Ya acting like a veteran 5, Zou Liang felt that she was like a little girl from an orphanage. It felt like this rascal wished for other people to recognise her as an adult.

"Boring aye. To be honest, you didn't have to accompany me for so long."

"That won't do, I'm the senior sister. Come let Senior Sister see what you have managed to beat out of this afternoon."

Ao Li Quan Ya skipped in front of Ya Se, seeing an entire desk of drawings. She picked up a piece which had many numbers and markings. Body drawing, armour drawing, individual piece drawings; all drawings were three dimensional.

Ao Li Quan Ya frowned and asked, "What are these demonic drawings, you should probably throw them away or else the Head Priest will give a scolding. Ah, this is silk that is used for prayer service......"

How could the paper that Ao Li Quan Ya brought be enough, neither did Zou Liang notice what he had used. He had randomly grabbed things that could to be drawn on.

"What can't you let me see?", Tuo Ma Si asked as he walked into the room. He face stiff from putting on a smiling act all day.

"Xixi, it's not much, ah, it's time to eat, Ya Se, let go eat."

Ao Li Quan Ya busily tried to block the table, but with her size how could she possible block anything.

When Tuo Ma Si saw the silks on the table, his facial expression dropped. His ancestors, these were meant to be used to write sacred scripts. Tuo Ma Si rushed over looking with a heavy heart; these rascals were far too wasteful.

What were these demonic drawings?

Tuo Ma Si was not like Ao Li Quan Ya, luckily he was a bronze grade engraving master with decades of fervent passion for Spirit Engraving, thus quickly managed to discover it's profound meaning.

Quickly Tuo Ma Si's hands began to tremble grabbing one piece of silk after another; his eyes like to bronze bells 6.

Ao Li Quan Ya knew that something bad had happened, since the Head Priest was as angry as this, thus trying to alleviate the situation interjecting, "Uncle Tuo Ma Si, it was my bad, I shouldn't have randomly doodled, it has nothing to do with Ya Se." trying to take the blame.

Zou Liang being unafraid of trouble owned up, "These were drawn by me, Esteemed Master, this disciple feels that you are going to scold me."

Obviously he knew that Tuo Ma Si was not angry, if he could not understand these mysteries then it could only be said that his abilities were limited.

Tuo Ma Si shook his head like a rattle drum 7 replying, "Great Scholar, this is great scholar grade work, the Beast God has manifested, hehehehe!"

Tuo Ma Si hugged the blueprints dancing in joy 8, turning crazy.

Ao Li Quan Ya was dumbstruck; what had just happened? He was the highest person of a large city, the Beast God's spokesman, who had to be solemn, however, Tuo Ma Si had turned into this.

"Ya Se, is this really your imitation?"

Zou Liang stood up, wriggling his b**t he said, "aiya, I'm hungry it's hard to think when I'm hungry."

"Ah, food, eat, it'll be served soon."

The Head Priest's head was like a rattle drum, ever since he saw this blueprint, Ya Se's status had became something completely different.

Tuo Ma Si was very clear about who stood in front of him; this could be the person to reverse the disadvantage of the temples Spirit Engravings.

"Ao Li Quan Ya, let's go and call Ou Nisi Te, that rascal must be hungry."

"That's great let's go."

"Esteemed Master, would it bother you to make tonight's dinner more bountiful, I'm a bit more tired today."

"No problem, absolutely not a problem", Tuo Ma Si agreed. His face blooming like like a lotus.

When Zou Liang and Ao Li Quan had arrived at his dwelling. They found Ou Nisi Te's body trembling but evidently still holding on.

Zou Liang was also dumbstruck, this idiot had actually stood for an entire day. 9

Remember that they were talking about her wanting to become a War Song Priestess last chapter, I add this part in which are not part in the raws so that people who take a reading break do not become confused. ↩

I thought it was mechanical but apparently this time it is manufacturing ↩

Chinese Idiom Burnt hands can feel the heat, pretty much veterans with overflowing experience. ↩

Radiantly exist would be the exact Chinese translations. ↩

Chinese idiom means to be proud of one's experience ↩

Trust me bronze church bells are hella large I don't know how he achieved it ↩

://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pellet_drum ↩

Chinese idiom for dancing in joy it's literal translation is hands dancing, feet tripping ↩

I believe he means held the horse stance.