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 Chapter 19 - Cheap Master

Zou Liang was absent mind and in a daze.

"Let's work hard together."

"Sure, first let me hear you call me your senior sister.", Ao Li Quan Ya cheerily said leaning towards him, waist bent.

"Senior sister? What senior sister?"

"You don't know? I am also the Head Priest's disciple, so even though you're the closing disciple, since you entered the tutelage after me therefore you have to call me senior sister."

Thinking about how she was going to become a senior sister, Ao Li Quan Ya's eyes had curved into a crescent, an appearance that caused males to forget oneself.

As Zou Liang head was sent into a daze, he had actually senselessly called her senior sister, she was still young, but her beauty could already bring down a city 1. It would be disastrous when she grows up, God... Beast God's protection, he also needed to withstand it himself.

"Good junior brother, senior sister will look after you!" 2

Today was in fact Ao Li Quan Ya's happiest day, coming to this place was in fact the correct choice. The first Bi Er Spirit Engraving Master in centuries was found by her!

Seeing Ao Li Quan Ya's crafty look, Zou Liang had to reevaluate his judgement of her; in the beginning he really had treated her as an oblivious damsel.

Under Ao Li Quan Ya's tour, Zou Liang managed to understand the regular operations of the temple. Priests were categorised as Spirit Priests or Combat Priests, Engraving Priests and only a small group of priests minded their own business.

The Combat Priestess that Ao Li Quan Ya wished to become was the War Song Priestess, they used Beast Spirit Power to arouse resonance, which momentarily raises the fighting ability of warriors.

However a War Song Priestess was a dangerous occupation, this occupation's Beast Spirit Power was mainly used on the helmet, consequently and drastically increasing Virtue. Their defence and close combat on the other hand was pitiful, becoming primary targets when in battle and were the favourites of Shadow Hunters.

Ao Li Quan Ya rarely met someone dumber than herself: one that didn't know this or that, a totally curious child. If one wanted to know, the other was willing to answer, thus harvested substantial results. The two conversed about this and that and had consequently forgotten the time.

Only until the two became hungry did they remember the Head Priest. In fact the Head Priest was already worried and had sent priests to find them, but was afraid to make it public.

Carefully sail a ten-thousand year boat. 3

A brand new white priest gown was already laying in front of Tuo Ma Si, he had to immediately grab hold of Ya Se. If the news got out to foul handed, shameless people like Sa Mu Andun, who knew what methods they would use.

Fortunately the other party was a Bi Er, if he was something like a Fu Ke Si (fox), it would be very hard for him to wait. Speaking truthfully since it was a Bi Er, which are quite the eyesore, there was more promise.

It seemed that Ao Li Quan Ya was really a lucky star, the first time she helped someone she had brought back a treasure.

The more one thought, the more pleased they would become, but the Head Priest Elder was still anxious; where had those two rascals ran off to?

Only until Ya Se and Ao Li Quan Ya appeared in his vision, did the Head Priest let loose a smile, "Come Ya Se, try on your Priest gown, even though you're my disciple, you still need to start as a basic priest."

Lovingly and solemnly, it had been a long time since the Head Priest Tuo Ma Si had adorned someone with the sacred staff.

Seeing the other party working so hard Ya Se obviously had to cooperate, then stated "Master, I'm hungry."

"Ah, my memory is still good, I have already prepared something for you, relax, in the future Master will not allow you to go hungry."

Tuo Ma Si sighed with sorrow, seeing that this perverted world had starved such a genius to this degree.

"Master, I have a little brother, he's still hungry, I cannot eat this much myself."

"Good, good, good, deep affection, that is what good citizens of the Beast God should have. Give me the address, I'll send people to pick him up, in the future you brothers will no longer have to worry about such things."

Tuo Ma Si immediately burst into joy, if this youth was affectionate to his relatives, then if he treated him well, he would wholeheartedly follow him. The future glory of the temple would have to rely on him.

While Tuo Ma Si was laughing, Zou Liang monitored Ya Se's face's sincerity but was also laughing deep inside. Ai, our meals in the future could finally be counted as resolved, of course that was only if this place did not only eat vegetables.

Evidently the Head Priest has underestimated the Bi Er tribes appetite, especially Ou Nisi Te's. They were like the wind, sweeping the food away only leaving the Head Priest and Ao Li Quan Ya to observationally participate in the meal.

Zou Liang was obviously unselfconscious, since the High Priest wished to win them over in this way, the kind hearted Zou Liang had to give him this chance.

"Ya Se, you should live in the temple, I need to help you initiate the Engraving Masters foundational training. Though your talent is decent you still have to go through arduous training and hard work before you can become an outstanding Spirit Priest. "

"Master, I still haven't taken my test yet.", Ya Se unclearly stated, with a large chicken drumstick in his mouth. He did not know if it was the same as the chickens on Earth.

Towards Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te's coarse language, Tuo Ma Si was did not have the slightest bit of dissatisfaction. Instead he was quite fond of this uncut jade and the Bi Er's cute innate nature.

On the other side Ao Li Quan Ya took very dainty mouthfuls, seemingly having appreciation for the other two's way of eating was more meaningful than how she ate. Perhaps there has never been people who have eaten their food in this manner in front of her.

"This is a small matter, I will go and pay An Qi Luo (Ān Qí Luō) a visit.", Tuo Ma Si replied affectionately, gazing at this disciple.

"There's also Ou Nisi Te."

"They're all small matters, I see that Ou Nisi Te's body type is extremely suited for Beast Transformation", Tuo Ma Si laughed and proceeded to suggest, "In the future he could become your companion"

The brothers on a battlefield, it could be common if one chose Armour Transformation, the other using Beast Transformation. Usually one in Beast Transformation would be ridden as a mount thanks to their bloodline, because of this their fighting ability was extraordinary.

Ya Se had read and found this out after reading history books, however shaking his head he replied, "He will undergo Armour Change."

Both Tuo Ma Si and Ao Quan Ya found it strange and asked, "Why is that?"

"I do not have a habit of mounting my own brother.", Ya Se indifferently responded, perhaps to people of the Among De Continent this was very normal but this wouldn't do for him.

Tuo Ma Si and Ao Li Quan Ya both let out a peculiar expression, Ao Li Quan Ya's beautiful eyes also let out a look of admiration.

Tuo Ma Si also would not dwell on and entangle such a small matter, he only saw Ya Se's ability. However whether this kind of ability could show its full potential will depend on Ya Se's perception.

For the Head Priest to attain his current position he would obviously not be worried, after eating, he had prepared a room for the two. On the other hand he sent people to the academy for convenience, as this kind of small matter that could be solved in a greeting.

Ou Nisi Te and Ya Se inspected their spacious and sparkling room, found it a bit hard to accept. "Ou Nisi Te, we will be temporarily living here in the future."

Zou Liang laid down on the bed, it was indeed very comfortable, eating someone's provisions, receiving someone's help; the Head Priest would help in this way. Therefore he definitely had to give it his all, seeing that his talent in Spirit Engraving was pretty good.

Ao Li Quan Ya was very disappointed that she couldn't go out to play, however having two extra friends wasn't bad either. The damsel also fulfilled her duty, if they were missing anything she would quickly take a short run and find it.

"Big brother, Miss Ao Li Quan Ya is a good person", Ou Nisi Te stated while touching the back of his head, this was as expected, as apart from their late old man and his older brother no one else had treated him this way.

"You're not bad yourself, Ou Nisi Te, the training in the future will have to have an increase in difficulty, we need to repay everyone."

Ou Nisi Te strongly nodded his head, Zou Liang laid on his bed, he had calculated, no matter what others had planned for them if it was for their own good, one must conduct themselves with sincerity.

This is a very famous situation from the three dynasties where Liu Bei's wife caused strife between the Liu dynasty and the Cao dynasty ↩

This sentence ",!" actually make no sense at all so I tried my best to come up with something appropriate. ↩

Figuratively in English this would be translated as one carefully treading their steps.