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 Chapter 185 : Adventurers Guild Conference (Part 2)

(ED: I am changing Guild Leaders to Guild Leaders because the context makes more sense)

The adventurers guild meeting was halted abruptly and was stopped....the reason was,

"Oi. Mofisu, tell us the secret already."

"Secret? Of what?"

Despite the conference still going on, most of the Guild Leaders were seated around Mofisu. Everyone knew that he was something secretive, but slowly, the mood of the other Guild Leaders were slowly turning worse at Mofisu's detestable attitude.

"How long do you plan to keep up this act, tsu! You, you were the same as us........your hair is as thin as grass."

"What? Same as us? You're saying that I had hair as thin as grass, please don't make such a kind of misleading remark."

"Th~is guy, bastard!"

"You betrayed me and used it for yourself........"

While Mofisu and the Guild Leaders of each city were bickering; a man, who was covering his ears at the table, stood up. He was the guild leader of Shiraskusa and a male elf, he couldn't stand it anymore and opened his mouth.

"How long are you going to keep bickering........about such an irrelevant topic. Because of you all, the meeting has stopped."

From the words of the Elf man, all eyes, which were concentrated on Mofisu, were now directed towards him.

"Irrelevant.........you say?"

"Thats right. We can't waste our time talking about hair. Time is precious. It should not be wasted."

"It's....only........hair you say?"

"Oi, do you think you can understand our feelings!?"

"Yare, Yare. This can't be helped anymore."

The Male Elf heaves a huge sigh while shaking his head left and right.

And then, he swished his golden elf hair prominent in the elf tribe to the back.

"Wa........war........it's war"

"Bastard........he is trying to show off, tsu."

"Are you provoking me? It's time for payment! Alright, bring it long ears."

"I was such a fool........considering your age, your hair will only continue to grow narrower, what if you go for my hair length?"

"Ah, ah, N? Your age is old enough to be my grandfather."

"I am talking about the age of the the mind. If you can't even understand that........I can't even understand how you guys were able to bear the heavy responsibility of being a Guild Leader."

"This bastard long ears! Don't you dare disrespect us!!"

Due to the words of the male elf........The Guild Leaders were provoked, all the resentment was directed towards the Male Elf from Mofisu.

"Please stop. We are in a meeting! Ah, mou! Let's take a quick break!"

Even though the Guild Leaders heard the voice of the Female Dwarf, none of them replied and the break was put into effect, and the meeting was resumed after.

"Nuhahaha~. [Rock wall] Fugo took quite a long time to reach A-Rank."

"Thats right. At that time, when he became C-Rank, everyone considered him to be a prodigy.

Besides, if it comes up........I remember! Thats right, that! Arune Foma, he was defeated by Fugo, but was also considered to be a genius."

"Arune.... He was considered to be a genius magician but, but he retired from being an adventurer as soon as he had a child at the time the guild leader Haremondo (Almond) was desperately trying to hold him from going."

When the break was in effect, all the Guild Leaders were talking to each other and their people.

While at one side of the corner of the conference room, the Guild Leaders were trying even harder and threatening Mofisu....

"Alright, we shall now resume the Meeting.

After the expedition of the Urumi mine, there didn't seem to be any more monsters commanding them, then the monsters fought for control of the turf, but since no new monster appeared to command, succeeded peace gradually returned. Continuing-----"

The Dwarf Female continued to read the information about the problems occurring inside the continent of Rem. Since the information had previously been passed out to all, there were no questions to be raised, and so the meeting proceeded pleasantly.

"A demonic man was rampaging across the northern parts of the Derimu empire, since it had no horns and equipped both hands with shields, the culprit is probably...."

"There is no doubt about it. Its that perverted Mazo........he's at the Derimu Empire capital huh."

All the Guild Leaders started murmuring with each other.

"Yes. The eleventh diamond Rudi laid down his life over there, there is no doubt about it. The Derimu empire seems to have sent their troops for an expedition, but had the tables turned against them. They had asked for help from the Adventurers guild for the suppression, but the guild remained neutral."

"It would have been the same no matter how many I sent for that blockhead."

"Please don't get so agitated. Continuing on, the Mandoga Kingdom's Black sheep army fought against the Immortal Army mercenary group. 'Bare Handed Merrit', The 20,000 soldiers led by Mandoga Kingdom Black Sheep army's Vanguard against Merrit were unable to stop them even though he was single, the Army was defeated and was split into two. The Panicking Mandoga Kingdom asked for reinforcement from the neighbouring countries, the reinforcements coming from the countries increased the manpower to 70000, and from the Kingdom of Kanomuneto came the 'Hero the Kanomuneto', 'Hero of Storm', and from the Baharagutto Kingdom came 'The Witch of Bahara-dom', and the 'Sage of Flaming Thunder', and from Hameln, one of the 'Hameln Eight Champions' was also present."

"That's quite the extravagant line up for the order of immortals who don't even number a thousand. It doesn't seem that the end will come up anytime soon."

"I looked at the report for a few minutes. The current situation seems to be a stalemate, there still doesn't seem to be an end to it yet."

"Nuhahaha~. Fighting without regular weapons or armors, and only using bare body and using unusual weapons 'Bare Handed Merit', his dual wielding hammer is quite interesting."

"The free country of Hameln, the Eighth Jet Black Army suffered quite the amount of damage, there are reports of the 'War Hammer King's' disappearance from the Udon Kingdom, and has entered the Set Republic"

"Oi, oi........the activities of the undead are becoming more and more apparent. What are they planning?"

"I don not know. Their behaviour from before was half baked for a long time, they would go on a rampage once in awhile."

"N? The information on the undead is not up to date."

The Guild Leader's eyes stopped on the information about the Undead activities. The other Guild Leaders also glanced over at the information and puts that to the back of their heads and moves on.

"The Leader seems to have finally appeared."

"Wait, what did you say about the 13 undead? Didn't the 13th die?"

"According to the reports, the New 12th undead had died, but the column of the 10th has been erased."

It's the information of the dead which is shared in each country, but even it would only be know to be about half. The amount of information that travels to the adventurers guild is not the same as the one that the country holds in Rem Continent.

The adventurers guild even knew almost all of the deeds that the Order of the Immortals had committed.

"As described in the document, the leader has been unknown for many years, and has finally made her appearance by showing up at the Urban Comer. In this particular case, a man who was wearing a mask, and the fox girl claimed that a man was sick, this was also confirmed by the adventurer, Joseph Jolm who belongs to Comer."

"Joseph, you s~ay! 'Spear of Heaven' bumped into such people and they didn't die!!?"

"Please calm down, as for the matter of Joseph, it would be hard for me to explain it. Therefore, guild leader Mofisu, would you please explain it to them."

When the Dwarf Female urges him to explain, Mofisu pours water into a cup from a bottle and then drinks it to moisturize his throat.

"Umu. I shall first tell you all in advance that this has still not been confirmed, only the other person has told me about it after all."

"Still, it's information that must not be neglected, as it could be the trace to find the unidentified leader of the group."

"Although it may be founder, it is not a foxman, but a demon of the demon race holding the figure of a fox. Joseph said that the man who had the mask on called her the leader, and that masked man was a human being. This is that man's intuition."

"Could they not have been killed?"

"They seem to have fought, but were capable enough to prevent it."

"Shit, if they were taken down right there, it would have saved us a lot of work."

"What has been confirmed from the death of the 10th?"

"I shall explain that. The 10th has been killed from the 'The Pit and the Craters'."

"What did you say!? Who did that? That man was a person who was not able to be captured from Five A-Rank adventurers."

"It is a story that has been obtained by adventurers who had come to sell information to the guild, but it seems that the place where he died is the North east of the Republic and that the opponent was not even close to having an intense battle, which was seen by four people. We are sending out an Identification team later for the adventurers guild, but the site cannot confirm the body due to intense destruction of the battlefield. The report says the four people are...."

"12 Devil Butcher huh?"

"Yes, you are correct."

The Female Dwarf nods to the response of the Male Elf's question.

After that, the information about the death had been shared.

"And then, lastly, the three goblins have been taken down........"

"Ha? Goblins?"

"What was the last activity of the Goblins before they died?"

"Are you making fun of me!?"

"Sto-Stop, please keep quiet!"

"Can I remain silent even after that."

The Female Dwarf, because of the matter of the Goblins, the other Guild Leaders who heard it, started to try and calm down the Dwarf. The Dwarf ignored the voice of the other Guild Leaders, probably because the blood had rushed to her head, her strength started to increase. The Dwarven Female finally caught the Dwarf, and she started to ask Karl Hainz, who was over at the next seat.

"Quickly, quiet down!"

Mofisu's angered voice sounded all throughout the meeting room. Everyone was surprised at the tone of his voice, the Guild Leaders subsequently quieted down.

"Will you please explain to me, why you have been delegated here after being Guild Leaders of the adventurers guild? It's not to squabble over petty matters!"

(ED: Lol, kind of like congress ;))

Silenced, as Mofisu looked over the interior of the meeting room, he urged the Dwarven Woman to continue reporting. The Dwarven Woman started to smile with tears still in her eyes, she briefly bowed to Mofisu before she started reporting again.

"Th-then, a black goblin had been witnessed frequently in the A-Rank labyrinth, 'Devils Prison', but the first adventurers to witness it were on the 32nd floor against a Greater Demon. When the adventurers party was almost wiped out due to the Greater Demon, and escaping was not an option, it was the Black Goblin that helped save them. At first it was not noticed as a Goblin from it's appearance, but then, it was confirmed through 'Appraisal' before it left. Many other adventurers had also reported similar events after that. Though this Black goblin actions helped the adventurers many times, its danger level is classified as 6, as it is very dangerous because it has the capability to slaughter Greater Demons quite easily."


"Wa-What is it?"

"The Rank is currently 6 right? At first, the report of the Goblin sightings by the adventurers report rank was Five."

"According to first eyewitness reports, the adventurers Rank was Five, and the species was a Dark Goblin."

"Dark Goblin? That's not what I heard. And moreover, the Greater Demon is a Rank 6 monster of the upper category, zo. How was a Rank 5 goblin able to take it down?"

"First of all, a Rank 6 goblin, never heard of it in the first place."

"Is there no mistake?"

The Guild Leaders are unable to accept it, it's an unbelievable occurrence.

"Please refer to page 232 of the document."

"L-lies!? What is this........this is not the status of a goblin........and the species is a Dark Goblin?"

"All the equipment that was used is cursed........"

"The last sighting was at Floor 49. It is possible that it has gained more levels, if that is a possible estimation, then it's probably Rank 7."

"What do you mean? Is there no one to confirm it?"

"I'm sorry, we are unable to conduct surveillance. The adventurer who tried to do so was immediately found out, and was warned to not do it again in the future. If he was found out, it would be considered hostile intention. It is also able to use 'Appraisal' and 'Analysis', so if anyone was to try and surveillance it, the possibility of getting caught is quite high."

"It is also able to speak."

"That is unfortunate, 'Speech' skills are not possessed by regular Goblins. It would be a huge trouble if there exists other Goblins or even Orcs with such kinds of power, that would be a very bad thing for us."

"The 'Speech' skills don't seem so unusual. But, if it's the same as the Goblin King and is able to use the skill, 'Subordinate Servant', then that would get out of hand."

"Where did such a Goblin come from?"

"More than such a thing, how do we take down such a Goblin?"

"If it's an A-Rank Party, then one pair. If its a B-Rank party, then about three pairs may be enough to defeat it."

Initially, the Guild Leaders thought it was stupid to talk about a Goblin, but now they are quite seriously discovering how to take it down. Among them, there was only one man who looked sorry about it. It was Mofisu.

"Guild Leader Mofisu, what is the matter?"

"U, Umu. Ah, wha, what. That huh........what about it?"

"Oi. Mofisu, what are you thinking about from quite a while?"

"What are you thinking about? Please speak clearly."

"That's true. I am talking about this Goblin's matter, do you think if we leave this Goblin alone it would be fine?"

"What did you say! Did I hear you correctly?"

"Ah, please stop screaming. Moreover, has there been any attacks on the adventurers by this Goblin?"

"There are! There are Ten adventurers who were killed by it."

"Was the Goblin the first to attack?"

"N-No, both times, the adventurers were the first to attack."

"Mofisu, do you know about this Goblin?"

From the attitude of Mofisu, the Guild Master Samantha thought that he knew something else, so she asked,

"Umu. That Goblin is a subordinate/familiar. Moreover. it belongs to Yu Sato. It's common knowledge in the city of Comer, all the adventurers know about it."

"""Subordinate, you say!"""

"I see. No wonder, beating a Greater Demon even at Rank 5 isn't unusual."

"Idiot, have you even read through the reports? The Greater Demon is a Rank 10! Even if it's a strong familiar, it is still unusual."

"No matter what you say, it's still a familiar. If we don't stop putting our hands into this, we will only make useless sacrifice's. The guild will not make a profit on its subjugation, so let's leave it alone."

No one had any counter to Mofisu's words. Although, they took serious priority with dangerous variables, if possible, they also wanted to avoid useless efforts since it would be better to focus on better things than waste efforts on something unrequired.

"Then, with regards to the matter of the Black Goblin, employ a stay and watch tactic is better?"

The Dwarven Female looked at the long lines of Guild Leaders, and then at Karl Heinz, who nodded. Obtaining the signal, the Dwarf started to move to the next report.

"Continuing, the next is about the 2nd Goblin, but this one works in a party with the 3rd Goblin."

"Party? What are you saying?"

"At first we thought that the goblins were working apart from each other, and had no connections, but later it was confirmed that that was not so, and that they were moving with the same objective. These two Goblins are active inside St. Jade Rock, but they were not attacking the citizens or anyone else. They are moving from west to east while destroying related structures such as Forts and and Castles.

"Hmm, hmm. Will you look at this? This one is a Silver Goblin."

"The other one is a Golden Goblin........"

"The adventurers guild of St. Jade Rock dispatched two B-Rank parties and three C-Rank parties to subjugate the matter, but only one of the adventurers survived."

"Are you serious........!? The weakest race of monsters are the Goblins. The undead and the goblins, is this a revelation that something big is going to happen?"

"The adventurer who survived brought back the information about the goblin. He was actually left alive........"

"Left alive?"

"As a messenger. The Silver Goblin is called Shruntig, and the Golden Goblin is called Goldin."

"Oi, Oi. That name is familiar, isn't that the name of the Goblin King who rampaged about in the Derim Empire and the Halemn Kingdom?"

"There is no way that such a fancy Goblin would come out!"

"Nuhahahah! Hilarious."

The laughter echoes through the room from all of the Guild Leaders on the table.

"What if that was truly the case."

To the remark of the Dwarven Female, all laughter stopped from the Guild Leaders.

"It was alive, huh. This is quite surprising."

"No, no, no. It's not something to be surprised about. According to the records of the Halemn Kingdom, the Goblin King had about 20000 Goblins under it's command. It can be........It definitely can't be the........"

"What was the message? Was it about some divine revelation? What did the surviving adventurer say?"

"They seem to be searching for the sinners."

"Sinners? What does that mean?"

"Even I couldn't believe it when I heard this. They said that a few months ago someone set fire to the Outer walls of the Grimm Castle."

The inside of the meeting room became very silent as soon as they heard this piece of news. After that, Guild Leaders stood up as if an explosion had just occurred.

"Wa........Waaaaaat!? When you say Grimm castle, is it that Grimm Castle? Th-th-the Castle which contains the Three Major Demon Kings?"

"When are they going to do it!? Those stupid fools! That is the place of the Three Major Demon Kings, you can't touch that place without notifying the Rem-allied forces or the adventurers guild!!"

"Buhaha. Did someone really set fire to that place? Are those two Goblins really the subordinates of Dorim? What are they doing!?"

"Quiet down, please quiet down already! I haven't still been able to confirm who had set fire to Grimm Castle as of yet. Even the Supremacist of St. Jade Rock would not dare to touch Dorimu. Besides, the Outer Wall of Grimm Castle is thousands of kilometers long, as if to make a divide, and there is a constant patrol of Lesser Demons, Greater Demons, and Ark Demons etc. It is impossible to survey the entire stretch of thousands of kilometers in such an environment with only the power of the adventurers Guild."

A rough sketch is shown to the Guild Leaders. The Dwarven Female placed the paper on the desk. Their sights fell onto the paper. When the Dwarf Female confirmed that all the voices and sights had subsided, she told the words left by the Goblins.

"We shall not rest until we find the Sinner.

We shall find the sinner and make it compensate for their sins."

The Guild Leaders were all wondering what should be done about this situation, but only Mofisu had a pale face and was sweating profusely.