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 I barely said a word when I saw this scene. What I can do was sitting like a fool while listening to two old people talking about their families. But my eyes were carefully observing.

There was a small road which connecting to the village entrance and the outside world. It's only enough for three people to walk side by side. In my memory, the top of the road was covered with cyan blocks. But at that time the grass was so flourish that the cyan blocks was completely invisible.

At the entrance of the village, there was a damaged house at the side of the road. The roof had already gone, and the remaining crippled walls were covered with unknown plants in green. I remembered there was a kind old man lived here but I can't remember his face. Even whether there was a man lived or not. I was not sure.

Outside of the house, it should be the place where the yard was. The old locust tree and the ancient well were in the yard. They became one natural divide line in here. One side was the road and the other side was the yard.

The ancient well was made by stone and had a pattern covered on it. But by then it was blocked by plants and couldn't be seen clearly. I just vaguely remembered an old man who passed away said that the ancient well had a long history. It seems to be built when the village was fond. But in my memory, the water in the well was sweet and the villagers who want to fetch water were inexhaustible.

On the edge of the ancient well was the old locust tree which was too old to be researched as well as the ancient well. The diameter of the trunk was nearly three meters and the canopy was about from 20 to 30 meters. In the past, it used to be a good place to enjoy the cool and chatted with others.

Now it looked like a ghost district. Under the canopy, there was no life out of the ancient well and the sunlight was completely blocked. Even a spark of light cannot pass through.

If Witch Yan and Aunt Li began to chatted, it would last a long time. The village had gradually risen the cooking smoke. A man lived next to our family told us across the street that we'd better go back to have dinner, but was rejected by Witch Yan. It seemed that she was really addicted to talk with Aunt Li.

The man left but came back in a while. He brought us some food but asked me to take the food from a long distance away. I was speechless, feeling sad to the entrance of the village which was a holy place in my childhood. But I don't know when it started, there was no one dares to come closer.

Witch Yan didn't reject the food. After eating, she continued to talk with Aunt Li. The conversation finished when the night came. I had no interest in the content that elder people were talking about. I had already fallen asleep on the stone bench. I didn't know when, there was a small sound appeared in my ear and was constantly getting louder.

It sounds like women whispering and the children's playing. Moreover, it also mixed with a lot of squeaks and the walking sound of the animals. I had already stumbled. I didn't hold my body and my head almost fell down.

I looked up hurriedly and sat well again, my hand was ready to wipe the saliva at the corner of my mouth. But immediately I was stunned by the scene in front of me. My hand was on my lip but I couldn't move anymore at that time. Suddenly, my heart seemed to stop beating and I felt like I was choking.

The village has changed its appearance, it turned into daytime. The old locust tree still very big but the weeds which covered on the ancient well had already gone. On the ancient well, I can see some decorations on the ancient well vaguely but weird.

The tall weeds on the road were also gone. The slate on which had been walked smoothly by people was now revealed. The most surprising thing was that there were a lot of people, men、women、elder people and children. Some of them are dressed in historical custom and the other also dressed in suits and shoes. Many children dressed in the suits which from theirs periods, playing around the ancient well.

An old woman was standing in a small courtyard, fetching water. She looked at the children kindly while they were playing. As I looked at the old woman, she looked up slowly and smiled at me. The smile seemed very kind and harmonious.

But my entire body was like being thrown to the extremely cold Arctic. I was chilled and surrounded by the cold called fear.

The old woman who was fetching water was too familiar to me, because the face had been deeply imprinted in my mind.

That was the old woman in the grave-clothes shop who with white-haired. She sold

ghost cash to me and let me get into the ghost house. I opened my mouth but couldn't say a word. I could not help but blinking.

Everything disappeared in all a sudden, as if it was just my illusion. When I look at it again, the old locust tree was still the old locust tree. The ancient well was still covered with weeds. The top was covered with slate. On the trail, except for weeds, there was nothing. The sky was already dark, and you couldn't see it clearly for a little further.

"Ugh". There was a sigh from my ear that surprised me in fear. I turned around but it was Aunt Li.

At this time, Aunt Li had already stood up and was sighing in the direction of the old locust tree. There was a strange look on her face. Aunt Li was saluting to the entrance of the village while I was looking at her in surprise. She didn't turn back and said "I have never seen a village that is so united, as if everyone is fully integrated."

Witch Yan stood up and greeted me to saluted with her to the direction of the entrance of the village. What different from Aunt Li was that both Witch Yan and I knelt down while saluting.

When Witch Yan got up she sighed "If it is not, the village had already gone."

Aunt Li didn't say anything, but she looked at the ancient well very carefully. "Is there anything suppressed under the ancient well." Aunt Li said.

Witch Yan shook her head, her eyes also showed confusion. "I don't know, I guess nobody knows now." She said.

Aunt Li nodded her head. But I was so excited because there was the place that the photos guided us. Was it the place where the photos come from?

"Aunt Witch Yan, these photos are all come from here, aren't they?"

Witch Yan shook head "No". She said.

I was disappointed and frightened. Although I still fear now, no matter how terrible things there would be, if I can stop receiving photos, I was willing to give it a try, even if I die.

Aunt Li comforted me a bit and then asked Witch Yan the situation about here.

Witch Yan brought her eye sight into a long distant as if she was looking through the countless space time and to see the truth.

"When I was a little girl, it was probably not much older than Xue'er. My mother was a witch. So from the time I was born, I was meant to be witch. At that time, I had no friends, No, I had. My only friend was Wu Rui's mother, only she was not afraid of me."

I didn't know why Witch Yan will suddenly mentioned about his past, but when I heard that the relationship between her and my mother, then I put down my guard against to him and then quietly listened to Witch Yan to tell the past.

Three of us sat back to the stone chair. The story of the entrance of the village、the ancient well, and the old locust tree, everything started to spread to me slowly